Bike accident Short Film | use Eng subtitles | how to stop Bike accidents | Channel Fully Faltu

Bike accident Short Film | use Eng subtitles | how to stop Bike accidents | Channel Fully Faltu

subscribe the channel and hit the bell icon for every update from our channel fully faltu hey you idiot dont you liten hey you idiot dont you liten what happen
dont you understant i am blowing the horn and ur with headphone walking on street. is this a way to ride a bike? what happen what is your problem? shut up or else will slap you. wait wait i’ll call my dad wait wait i’ll call my dad now speak to my dad here he is why you beat my child ? do you know what you son has done? he rides bike like a rocket if he would have hitted me or else other who would be responsible that’s the reason i slapped him. son u did worng one slap is not enough u colud have slap twice dad why u slap me? i want every citizen should ride a bike but in proper manner and slowly i have given you bike for ride not to fly hey hey wait wait why u slapped me? every vehicle eg, bike , car,cycle should be driven safely and slowly see boy you have done a great job and go ahead with the same with guiding others i ove to every citizen to stop the people and explain the seriousness of rash driving why you beating me? are u riding a plane or a bike ? be careful you’r driving a bike so drive slowly hey babe how r you? lets go for a party lets enjoy we will have fun lets enjoy hey man u came again now i am riding the bike slowly your riding slowly but why your using phone while riding ? ok from now i will not use phone will riding hey man now whats an issue? u have not wear a halmet also your driving with two guys in back seat ok i got the points will not do rash driving , no mobile phones and no overload on bike hey you blind cant u see while crossing the road your on mobile you must have hitted by bike sorry bro will not do this again and takecare of yourself

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Lets see how many people support this video
    video specially made for youngsters

    Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  2. this is really nice video and deserves respect, but plz change thumbnail so that we can share it on social media.

  3. Thank you all off you and Gixxer …Its an very nice and subject full video…this video will give pain to few people but it will save many people.I love my India and my people i must save my mumbaikars

  4. V nice video. Mere bhai ka b accedent huwa he zinda he shukar oper wale ka but oski ungliya khat di doctor ne or zakahm Ek saal tak hoga kharcha 15 lakh tak Aya. Pls brother s choti ghalti ki waja se Bohot khuch hosakta he ehtiyat kren khud k liye na sahi to apni family ka soche shukriya

  5. रियल लाइफ मे ऐसे चमाट देनेवाला चाहिए ।

  6. Nonsense team did u recognise that is anyone wearing a helmet which is most important thing for every bike rider

  7. Sahi he ye to but koi koi to bol deta he ki tere baap ka rasta he kuch bhi karu me marunga tera kya jata he to kya reaply karne ka us waqt aap batao

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