“Bike Glow” Side Visibility Bicycle Lighting – Bright Lights! – Installation,Test, Review (12/23/12)

“Bike Glow” Side Visibility Bicycle Lighting – Bright Lights! – Installation,Test, Review (12/23/12)

Okay bicycle people, this is the unboxing or the unpackaging of the ‘Bike Glow’. And we’re gonna read these instructions now
and put this on my bike and see what happens. So the first thing the instructions say to do
is to remove the screws from this little battery compartment here. They give you this little philips screwdriver
here which is kinda nice because a lot of times you might have a philips screwdriver
but maybe it’s too big and it might strip the screws. So anyway they give you
philips screwdriver. And we’re going to use it here and
unscrew these screws. And this one’s starting to come off here. So we’ll try the other one. Got that one done. Take the latch off here. And then it says to Put the double a_ batteries in opposite. So you put one of them in like this. And the flat side of the other one it
says it’s supposed to go like this so that the spring on the lid touches the flat side of the battery. And then we put it back in. Grabs screwdriver again. Looks like we’re gonna have to play around with this a bit to get it
back in. You kinda gotta hold the lid down there
to get it back in. But it’s not too terribly difficult. And with that it should turn on and oh in
fact it does turn on. i’m not sure how well you can see that. I don’t know if you can see in the lighting here but it’s fairly bright, and it flashes. We’re gonna throw this on my bike now and see what looks like at night. Okay we’ve got our Bike Glow here. We’ve got the Bike Glow and the chord, and we got the strap, and now first thing we do is strap this thing on. So we’re gonna take our strap here, and it says in the instructions to put it on a seat tube I’m gonna put it right here. On the seat tube sometimes you move up and
down and not too much probably not very often at all but if someone else rides your bike you might so I’m gonna put it right here and there’s a little groove here you can see and basically what you can do now is just strap it right here and I’m going to slide the strap in Just kinda snug it up here a bit. And there you go. Now the next thing we gotta do it says to be creative in how you want to put it on your frame so I’m gonna start looping this around the frame here. Well we’ll take it out tonight when it gets dark and see what it will look like in the dark. Side visibility when you’re riding your
bicycle at night so incredibly important. From studies i’ve seen your more likely
to get hit from the side than you are from behind. So when i put this light the first thing I notice
is its nice. It’s a good lookin’ light. It’s bright people can see you. Is it the coolest light out there? I don’t know there’s so many different side visibility lights out there now, that it’s hard to say but the price tag
I haven’t seem too many of them. In fact I don’t think I’ve seen any of them in
this price range. For about twenty five bucks you’re in
there with side visibility. And so if you’re a budget like I am this
one might be worth looking at. The packaging says it’s durable and it works well in the rain and such. I’m not sure if that’s true or not I have been ridden my bike in the rain with this light yet but i
will likely do that over the next few months and after I do so I’ll post
a follow up video and let you know how it’s going. In the meantime hope you found this useful
and ride (your bicycle) safe.

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  1. I'm not too keen on the flashing feature…though I think it would extend the life of the batteries. I'd be concerned by being distracted with the flashing as I ride the bicycle. I feel the same way with a flashing lamp on the front too.

  2. Super cool Silvaback!!!!!!! I am clueless with videos, etc. I have an upcoming presentation and WISH I could do something so great like this. 🙂

  3. I've sent you a pm, but for the benefit of everyone else it's from xtracycle. just google 'xtracycle' to learn about the extender. I will be posting a review of xtracycle in the coming weeks.

  4. Cool light.. You should wrap under the cable to keep the cable free. Now lets get to that bike of yours. Do a vid on that conversion

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