Bird Builds Nest in New Truck at Foley Car Dealership

CAR AND TRUCK SALES HAVE GONE TO THE BIRDS AT A CAR DEALERSHIP IN FOLEY… A DOVE BUILT A NEST ON ONE OF THEIR BRAND NEW TRUCKS LEAVING MANAGEMENT WITH QUITE A PROBLEM… NEWS FIVE’S DEBBIE WILLIAMS HAS THAT STORY ON THE BALDWIN COUNTY BEAT. RUNS 1:01 A MOURNING DOVE AND HER TWO HATCHLINGS ARE LIVING IN STYLE AT SOUTHERN CHEVROLET IN FOLEY….NESTLED BETWEEN THE HOOD AND WINDSHIELD OF A 42 THOUSAND DOLLAR SIVLERADO. Oh my goodness IT WASN’T THE BIRDS FIRST CHOICE… SUPER Rick Carlisle/Sales Manager :13-:17 “No thoughts of disturbing her until somebody inisted on buying this specific truck.” SUPER Video courtesy: Steven Pengenika :19-:23 THAT’S WHEN SALES MANAGER RICK CARLISLE HATCHED A PLAN…. nats HE WOULD MOVE THE NEST, AND BIRD AT FIRST nats TO ANOTHER TRUCK “We got an identical truck and lined it up. I didn’t know if the color mattered or not to the bird but we got a red one just in case.” ONCE IN PLACE… HE CAREFULLY PUT THE NEST IN THE SAME SPOT…. “Mother bird didn’t seem to mind too much wihtin a few minutes she was settled in like it had never happened.” SHE’S BECOME KIND OF AN ATTRACTION AT THE DEALERSHIP “how awesome is that” BUT IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW TRUCK…. “This truck is not for sale until she’s done her thing with her young doves.”

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