BMW 2 Series Active Tourer – five key facts | What Car?

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer – five key facts | What Car?

Practical, comfortable and sensible MPVs might
not be the kind of thing you’d associate BMW – until now. This is our first chance
to get up close and personal with the new 2 Series Active Tourer, which made its global
debut at the 2014 Geneva motor show. Here are the five top things that we know about
it so far. Now with all the seats in place the 2 Series
Active Tourer has got a decent sized boot. There is more to it than that. There are little
cubbyholes at the side here and here, little hooks up here and you get a very decent amount
of under-floor storage. Unfortunately you can’t set that floor at different levels though. However, when you drop the seats, with these
little buttons here, then you get even more space than you do in the estate version of
the BMW 3 Series. Normally, the back seat of a small BMW, like
the 1 Series, is not a brilliant place to be but that is not the case here – I’m six
foot and I’ve got a fantastic amount of headroom, a brilliant amount of elbow room thanks to
these curved door panels and a brilliant amount of legroom. You can slide these rear seats,
so that legroom does go from adequate, all the way back to absolutely fantastic. Despite the practicality, which continues
up here by the way with lots of little cubbyholes all around the cabin, BMW hasn’t forgotten
the posh bits. Even the basic version – SE – gets a nice metallic finish, but other the
trims, like Sport and this Luxury get things like leather, chrome finishes around the dash
and generally feel as good as the rest of the range There will also be an M Sport version later
on, which will add things like lowered suspension and sports seats in the front. If you want one of these absolutely immediately
there are only two engines that you can choose from – a 218i petrol and a 218d diesel but
there are loads more on the way including one that should take emissions below 100g/km
of CO2 – a 216d that is – and a 220d as well. For more information on all the engines have
a look on here. Now pricing will start from around £23,000
and go up to around £30,000. That makes it about the same as the likes of the VW Golf
SV but a little bit more than the likes of the Citroen C4 Picasso so you do pay this
poshness. Apart from the looks and the practicality,
the 2 Series Active Tourer represents a massive change for BMW in one other crucial way, and
that is the engine sends the power to the front wheels, rather than to the rear wheels,
like pretty much every other BMW. There will also be a four-wheel-drive version but we
won’t know how that, or the front-wheel-drive version perform until we get our first chance
to try them in July.

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  1. I like it. But people are always going to complain, and most likely can't afford one so their opinion is irrelevant

  2. Not good at all?? What Rubbish!!!! ..its a BMW so its gonna be decent. Its an MPV and Compared to other MPVs, it looks smart, will be built well and have great engines with a great quality interior. So why is it 'not good at all' ? and you'd rather have what exactly?..personally I dont like MPV's but this looks a fine example of a car of this class.

  3. next will be a van. let's see if the badge is enough to sell this and to keep selling 7 series as well.

  4. Bmw is known for sporty cars but I guess this is called moving with the times this is the first car I think an M badge can't save

  5. It's a decent car, but I still prefer the B class… If anything though it's good competition for mercedes and will make the B into an even better car in the future.

  6. BMW are a great car maker but have been taking the piss in recent years with trying to make a car for every single possible variant of human. It would be much better if they stuck to their primary target market of keen drivers. All their range needs is a couple of saloons (3 series and 5), a few coupes (2,4,6), one SUV (X5) and ONE practical hatchback (1 series). All this recent bullshit with the hatchbacks (2AT, 3GT, 5GT) and a million small SUVs (X1, X3, X4), is just sullying their bloodline. As a driver of a BMW I don't want to be in the same club as those who need an MPV, a premium sports brand should be more exclusive than this.

    They've been doing the same thing with mini, why are there 8 different fucking mini models?

    Sometimes you need to accept that you aren't going to appeal to everybody and their sister, focus BMW! We all know restaurants with 10 killer dishes is always better than a chinese with numbers hitting 4 digits.

  7. I Like this 2 Series Active Tourer 
    I prefer the Luxury Model as it is perfect i can think of any this i dislike on this car 

    I Give it a 9/10 

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