BMW 335i Review (N54) – Should you get one?

BMW 335i Review (N54) – Should you get one?

The 3-series doesn’t need an introduction to most car enthusiasts in fact the 3-series has been BMWs top-selling car for years now combined power good looks and a never aging body style and you’re left with a car That’s sure not to disappoint anyone that ends up owning it despite the age of the n54 engine BMW 335 some prefer over the newer body styles why is this car a top choice for those looking to purchase a used car Quite simply big bang for the buck has an owner of this BMW 335 I know what you’re thinking I’m being biased well, that’s the thing I’m not being biased regardless if I own this car or not this car is a Phenomenal car I do know that the BMW is not the perfect car out there It does have his flaws But I really think that this car Has so much positives that it outweighs the negatives by far one of my favorite things about this car is that even though? This is a 2008 model. It really doesn’t seem too outdated Funny because I know a lot of people that maybe don’t know much about cars But come up to me and think that this is a brand new 2015 and up model But that’s just not the case it’s BMW. It looks expensive And it also looks sporty. It’s perfect for somebody my age. It just has the right mix between Luxury and sportiness I remember when I first purchased this car three years ago I was absolutely mind blown not only is it a good-looking car But it’s a very powerful car it has an inline six a three litre Twin-turbo engine it produces 300 horsepower and 300 pound feet of torque. It’s funny because some people call the n54 engine that’s in this car The German version of the 2jz what’s beautiful about that and that the turbo lag isn’t that bad most people prefer? naturally aspirated engine because of the Torquay the feel that you get from it and They get power to the wheel almost immediately, but the n54 engine on this car the turbo lag Isn’t that bad not nearly as much as certain other cars here? I’ll show you what I mean since we got a clear strip right now That never gets old oh my god This car is very torquey it pulls off so fast you get the power almost immediately So yeah the car is very very fast Very torquey lots of power, but see that’s where the gas mileage kind of suffers especially in the city I average about 17 and a half miles per gallon and let me tell you I don’t ever floor the car I baby a grandma sure, the n54 engine is actually known for having some issues some very common issues that probably wouldn’t be the best thing to deal with if you were to purchase this car I actually made a video on that for common problems and Reliability issues for the BMW 335 if you guys want to check that out I’ll put the card up here And I’ll link it down into the description if you guys want to check that out after watching this video I don’t want to get into that subject in this video So if you want to check that out just click on a link in the description so the car is fast It looks good, but is it comfortable right? It’s a BMW it’s supposed to be a luxury vehicle and supposed to have some kind of comfort in my personal opinion and like I said, I’m not trying to be biased, but it is a Comfortable car I recently took a trip over to Savannah, Georgia Which was four and a half hours for a two day getaway, and I had no complaints to be honest the seats Do have an extensions offer your thigh support, which gives it a more comfortable feel the seats are somewhat bolster It does kind of keep you in place while you’re driving Also, they’re not too thin. They have just the right amount of cushion to keep you comfortable. It’s not all positive It’s very subjective while I find it comfortable And I’m used to the interior and everything some people don’t find it quite comfortable Especially getting in and out because the car is so low and it’s not that I’ve dropped the car the car Originally comes at low from factory the car has a sports tuner suspension So like if you have back issues and you have Difficulties bended down or have issues getting up from a lowered position Then this car might not be for you another positive thing about the interior this car is Back when it came out leather was actually standard on BMWs compared to what’s going on now Where BMWs all come with like standard a synthetic leather And you have to pay extra to get the leather seats obviously the leather sheets I have the color that income standard that was an upgrade, but you would get like the standard Cream color or the black colored leather this car is automatic and it does have the paddle shifters But you can also find this car with the 6-speed manual if you want to have a little more fun This car is rear wheel drive so you can have tons of fun on it especially if you’d like to drift according to the cluster here apparently this car goes up to 160 miles per hour I haven’t tested it yet, so I’m not sure if that’s BS enough, so I’ve had this car for a little over three years reliability has Pretty much been acceptable for the most part with the exception of a few things Like the electric water pump that went bad My washer fluid pump that went bad. What else and I also had some misfires But after I changed the coils and the spark plugs The car was no longer misfiring I know a lot of people talk bad about being BMW that the maintenance causes this and the mains cost of that and and to be honest if you take care of your car and this goes with any Car you’re gonna have less reliability issues The car is low so it has great handling talking about the handling That’s probably one of my favourite parts of this car because it has that iconic German a heavy steering while most people can probably drive a regular car like a Toyota and Honda and Turn the wheels with just a one hand It’s a little more difficult to do that with a BMW car like this one Where the steering is very heavy, but I appreciate it because you can feel the road you can feel the tight turns You can feel the speed that you’re going at and plus it has a higher sense of control as well I’ve never been a fan of the the loose steering that us most cars actually have nowadays this particular car is a convertible hardtop version is slightly less practical than the coupe version of the 335i the practicality and a 335i for the coupe and the convertible not that good I’ve rarely ever put more than one person in this vehicle And that’s because there’s really no room to hold an adult back there It seems like they’re just there for show to be honest, or if maybe if you have any kids I just use it for space to store some of my luggage and that’s it the trunk doesn’t have much room and it does have This latch thingy that needs to go over if you want to use a convertible and even when you lift it up It’s not that much of a room the glovebox is really small probably holds the manual for the car And that’s it do get some really cool side pockets at the side of the doors And you can stuff some documentation some cards or whatever small things you needed to put away you get three cupholders inside to that come out of the interior, which is pretty cool and One in the center console. I mean this car is great. You get it all it looks great. It’s fast It’s not too expensive to own you can easily modify the car while the gas mileage Probably isn’t the best it’s also not the worst and even though this car is not a brand new car It still gets people’s attention I get attention pretty much on a daily basis. I get questions, and I get compliments all the time I’ll tell you something I mean who’s this car for this car can easily be for somebody that’s trying to get into a luxury brand I mean BMW is very well-respected if you want some speed if you want to have a Project car and maybe tune it in the future. I’ll give you some of the pros it looks expensive While it’s really not It’s very fast torquey. You can modify the engine really easily. It’s BMW. Just kidding. That’s a biased answer there I’ve always loved to BMWs It’s actually one of my dream cars when I grew up not specifically this one But just the BMW and Jen well guys that was my review for the BMW 335 with the n54 engine I hope you guys enjoyed it I hope you guys liked it if you did hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe I do have more content on its way. Anyways guys. Thanks for watching. I really do appreciate it I will see you guys next time

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  1. I see you got the chrome trim around your windows so that means no sport package? If no then the 19 inch 5 spokes was added on by you?
    If you get some updated headlights with LED rings then it will be even harder for people to know that it’s an 08.
    My friends $3000 2004 330ci sport looks like a 10-15 grand car,they had the face lift in 04 so they look much better then the earlier e46 models. Those sport package little add ons really gave BMWs a nice look that would age well but the suspension would annoy me here in NYC and the roads here would wear the sport suspension really fast resulting in annoying clunks and squeaks from your bushings,tie rods,control arms etc. etc.

    Your video is making me miss my 2007 335i sport. I didn’t think the gas mileage was bad but I was coming from an E39 540i when I got my sedan and then I followed it with an e60 550i so that n54 was like a 4 banger Camry gas mileage wise.

  2. A nice car. You are in love with it, but it'll get you eventually.

    A german version of the 2JZ? Absoltely NO chance this car is anything close to a 2JZ, that is the most reliable engine ever made. I owned this 335 for 3 years and it was hands down the biggest piece I've owned. Injectors, Turbos, wastegates, fuel pumps, water pumps, ventilators, vanos… Stay away from German direct injection engines.

    I still drive BMW, but no direct injection ever again.

  3. i'm looking at purchasing a 2009 BMW 328i from a friend. At your cars current year and mileage how much would you sell yours 335 for?

  4. I own a 2007 335i Sport – its still awesome and I still get comments – as you say people think it is new. Mine has 187K miles on it; I have had to do a lot of maintenance starting at about 110Kmiles. I had oil pan leak, oil filter housing leak; replaced the plastic tubes for Coolant (they basically crumbled), replaced injector coils, now I have another oil leak (need to take it in and find out where), replaced ball joints and controller arms, it goes through tires pretty fast but I have those low profile tires. It does seem expensive everytime I have to do a little work, like its $600 every time I go in LOL! But I still love the car for its driving characteristics… its just so old now I'm shelling out a lot of cash to keep it on the road. I am passing it on to my daughter and hope with her much less driving I'll get some more time out of it. But I love the car… its fast to start, fast in a stretch and corners like crazy… all around great driving experience… probably next time I want a sports sedan I'll look at another one with about 40-50K miles (newer model) used and sell it at 80-90K miles before all that works starts again.

  5. I mostly agree with this 335i video. It is a wonderfully engineered automobile. I don't agree with the steering wheel cover. I'm not sure why anyone agrees that a steering wheel cover is OK.. sigh

  6. Steering is controlled by a servo that adjusts in accordance with the speed and the drive mode selected. Its a nice feel.

  7. Had one and loved it, but its stupid heavy on fuel and be prepared to replace the Following :HPFP, Injectors, Waterpump, Coils,plugs,Thermostat, Front crankcase seal, Turbos, in other words take out a loan for maintenance

  8. Turbo lag is a positive. Just like a manual, its often slower, but it creates waaaayyy more character than a new vacuum cleaner sounding motor that spools at 2200. Singleturboftw.

  9. Was actually thinking of getting a 335i amongst other choices I had in mind. I ended up getting a 2018 Audi A3 quattro instead. Sure it's not the cool factor choice, but peace of mind in maintenance and $7000 off on MSRP is what drove my decision. Plus it's just a tune away to getting it to 300hp. 335i is my fav BMW. Wished I owned that car, but I feel I made the right choice for where I am right now in my life.

  10. The color scheme you have (exterior and interior) is the same as my e60 530i. I think it is by far the best looking color combo with the added benefit of only being very mildly ostentatious. Classy choice my dood.

  11. Having owned a 07 335i (n54)for just over 2 years I can agree for the most part with this video. It’s really great car and it doesn’t seem like it will ever age but reliability is absolute shit. I’ve fixed everything from the cylinders to the starter and it seems like every week something new goes wrong. Also being 19 and feeling like I’m going to live forever, I can confirm it will do 155

  12. Mine has been quite reliable so far, just replaced some normal wear parts. Only bigger issue has been transmission oil replacement and shocks but those happen in any car.

  13. Bought a used 2012 in 2015. My water pump went at 41,000. Solenoids barely a month later. Sure hope the turbo isn't next. But lots of fun to drive, decent gas mileage. And yes, weirdly, people have complimented the car. The dealership wants to buy it back and get me to purchase a 4-series coupe. Not interested.

  14. I've owned my 07 335i since November of 2014, and every time I get in this car, I love it more and more. Everything about this car makes me happy. It has great, timeless body styling. It has a classy, beautiful, modern interior. It makes great power from the factory, and the N54 comes with forged crankshaft and rods, and is capable of handling around 700hp with stock internals, although don't quote me on that exact number. The car handles like a dream, and like you mentioned, the stiff steering is actually amazing. When I think back to the cars of the 90s that I was obsessed with as a kid, Supra, 300zx, 3000gt VR4, this car reminds me so much of those. When I hear this car start up in the morning, I'm taken right back with the sounds of the engine and the pull of the turbos as they spool up. Personally I went with the sedan model, and the versatility of this car is amazing. It's a fast sports car when you want it to be, or a classy, comfortable family car when you want it to be. The only weakness is winter weather, but you could go with the 335xi if you really wanted! Would't trade this car in for anything, and will probably drive it until the wheels fall off, even if someday it just becomes a weekend cruiser.

    On a side note, I would be prepared to put aside about 2-3k a year for emergency repairs and maintenance if you're over 80k miles, plus more if you get that modding itch. Of course, that estimate is just based on my experience from 80k miles to 115k miles currently, over about 4 years. To me it's worth it though.

  15. Have a 335xi since 15 and yeah I’ve had the basic n54 probs, gaskets, coils, fuel pump, nothing to crazy, still love it, handling is fantastic, easily modded, but turn signals though!!!

  16. E92 335i aka German MK4 Supra. Ever since seeing Adam LZ’s car. Always wanted to own one. Made it a goal to own one with 600HP under the hood running 10s in the quarter as well as mad skidz at the track

  17. I recently brought a 2018 Mitsubishi. I honest to god hate the loose stirring wheel now. Especially when I hit potholes, I feel like I’m going to drive off the damn road🙄

    Most definitely will look into the BMW brand. Especially because my boyfriend got my attention with his.

    Thanks for the video. Very helpful.

  18. love the whip! I got my, hands on an e38. I got my hands on an ecs supercharger for less than a quarter what they retail for. I have replaced the rear end with a 3.15, bought the bigger injectors, slightly hotter plugs, and the intake..its only running a little over 400 at the wheels, but its addictive.. I have finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of power sliding a luxury car with the a/c my kids are old enough to drive now, and my wife loves her camry, so ive taken the liberty of adding 2 15s to the trunk.. I wont be grocery shopping in my car fun with the tuning!

  19. My 2010 Lincoln mks Ecoboost smokes my cousins 2011 BMW 535i all day in a straight line, and the lincoln has been far more reliable. Only thing that went out on my car is the sunroof switch, his bmw has already went through a turbo, electric water pump, ac compressor, alternator, some plastic hoses and he has a check engine light on as we speak, my cars dash has no lights. Bmws handle better but are trash at reliability.

  20. I had one before with N54 and it leaked oil like no tomorrow. A friend of mine works as a salesperson at Porsche and a 2012 335i coupe with M package got traded in for a Cayman, and before it ended up as a “Porsche reject” (they don’t want non-Porsche used cars on their lot so they boot them off to auction) I traded my leaky one in for it. It has N55 and it’s miles more reliable.

  21. That e92/e93 body style is gorgeous and the wheels you have are in my opinion the most appealing for that sharp look. I have been second guessing this car for “reliability issues,” but quite honest you got me motivated and worry free to get myself in one of these. I like your videos btw… keep em strong 💪

  22. What a very good review. I'm enjoying my 2012 BMW 328i convertible with M Sport. Black sapphire metallic and dakota red leather interior with 50k miles.

    I love everything about the car's personality. Love the N52K engine, love the hard top roof convertible mechanism, love the Harmon Kardon sound system and it definitely does turns a lot of heads -people even stop to ask me questions. Lol people even dance to the music I play whenever I'm stopped at a red light. It's so much more fun of a driving experience with the top down. Yes, people also ask me what year my BMW is and they always tell me they think it's brand new.

    Only cons I have is the cramped rear passenger space. It's very cramped but it's doable. I'm 6' tall and I sit comfortably without anyone in the back, but if someone is sitting behind me..I am noticeably uncomfortable. Like you said, I just use the rear seat space for placing groceries, luggage and my backpack.

    A suggestion I'd like to offer to anyone who has or is looking to get one, maintain care of your top before something happens to it. Nothing bad happened to mine…but it's expensive to fix if it ever does go bad. To take care of the top, you need to apply quality lubricant along the rubber seals and even a permeating oil like Kroil Oil onto the joints within the convertible mechanism. This ensures a smooth operation during the open and closing sequence of the convertible roof and less squeaking noises when driving.

  23. If you a a car guy, there will be no problems for this car. You know how to take care of it and give you miles and miles of driving pleasure.

  24. current owner of a e60 535d touring and a chipped lci e60 530d @316hp ,looking forward to getting a 335i ,defo future classic too

  25. I love my M sport convertible… goes well and still after 8 years turns heads.. I’ve only put 44,000 kilometres on it since new so still drives like a dream

  26. The fastest I ever went in my 2006 bmw 325i was 140 mph. The strong build Bmws have is unbeatable. I’m looking to buying a 335i and am hopefully expecting the same performance. Once you drive a BMW, it becomes an addiction.

  27. Hey Bro !! WTF you need attention for , I don't want to show of or attract attention , I rather sneak around in a Ford Focus hatch ain't no cop or other people look , way to go , 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪👰🏼

  28. Outstanding video, Christian! Sold! Mine is same as yours, but 2010, 6 speed manual! For super cool young at heart peeps in the the know, are true drivers, knowledgeable car folks

  29. I don't know if it can hit 160, but i wouldn't doubt it. I don't know when BMW cuts it out at. My MR2 from 1985 has a speedometer that goes up to 150. But power cuts out long before that.

  30. Found a used one with great mods but 135k miles for around 8k. Could this be worth it? I could do all of the work it needs in the future myself.

  31. These e92/e93 are timeless designs, BMW always did amazing looking 2 doors. THese specifically always catched my attention, i now own an e92 and i love each time i look at it, each time i sit on it. I get compliments and i turn heads while driving a simple 320d m sport . Yeah the only problem i find is that it is not very fast, i wish to have a 6 cyl gasoline engine on it but its too expensive, anyways, it moves itself ok, and i am happy with it.

  32. I've had my 2010 335i 6mt for 1 1/2 years and I've put $4100 in repairs, probably not worth it but fuck I love this car

  33. My favourite car of all the time i love this model specially m3! I have a question that is this car good for daily driving? Means that is it very expensive to repair? And is it reliable

  34. Should I buy one? It is a 08 coupe 80k miles for $6500. It comes with a bunch of options and is up to date on maintenance

  35. Had a 2009 black e93 335i, same look as yours, bought it with 50k miles and it had HPFP failure and turbo wastegate was having issues. Bought a 2009 e93 m3 with 65k in Melbourne red and has been nothing but reliable. One thing I miss about the 335i despite its problems was the n54 engine and it’s torque, I had mine tuned to 500 HP and paddles shift instantly with a stage tune. Car is a beast. M3 can’t be tuned nearly as well😂But the high redline and DCT make up for it.

  36. Man I’m so tempted to get one of these. I have my eye on a 2009 335xi coupe alpine white in colour. It’s got 108 miles on it for $9500. The car fax shows it’s been religiously serviced at bmw all its life but nothing’s been done to the turbos. I want to pull the trigger on this badly but am being cautious. At the current mileage should I be worried about anything? I drive my cars hard when I want to have fun but I also drive calm and relaxed it’s 50/50.

  37. I’m 21 and I’m looking to buy a 335i or 328i coupe it’s gonna be my first car can I get some more in-depth advice before I make my decision

  38. Please do not buy this car. Absolutely loaded with problems. Great when it works but i had issue after issue. Sensors going off all the time, hpfp issues, oil leaks, serpentine belt eventually went and wrapped up God knows where. Reverted back to the E92 coupe. Solid and reliable. Its put me off newer model cars forever. I was hit hard with repair bills before I was able to sell it. Oh did i mention the twin turbo popping once a year? Just drive it full throttle when it takes your fancy and watch the yellow sensors light up on the dash. Mine was a 2009 model which i bout in 2013 and kept for 5yrs. I absolutely hate this car. BMW should be ashamed of itself.

  39. I’m thinking about one of these 335i.The other car I am interested in is the e60m5 but it’s more expensive and supposed to be very unreliable.

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