BMW E46 M3 Aftermarket Exhaust Comparison (Agency Power, RE El Diablo, Status Gruppe SCZA)

BMW E46 M3 Aftermarket Exhaust Comparison (Agency Power, RE El Diablo, Status Gruppe SCZA)

here fishy fishy fishy everybody I want
you to meet Willard Willard is the newest addition to the ideal cars family
and he’s rolling in style he’s got a Pagani Huayra anyway
Willard I rescued him he was gonna get flushed down a toilet and so I picked
him up and he helps out with editing so that’s not the point what up guys I hope as usual you are
having an ideal day now today before I actually begin talking about an ideal
exhaust for the e46 m3 I kind of want to have you guys understand that there is
no ideal or proper exhaust it’s gonna be different for each person so keep that
in mind what I’m gonna do today is run through a couple different exhaust
setups that I’m considering for the ideal car giveaway wide-body m3 drift
car oh if you didn’t know already the e46 m3 is completely oh and as always in the comments let me
know what you think would be the perfect setup for an exhaust system on the ideal
cars wide-body m3 drift car so without further ado let’s start off with number
one now you can pick up the status group SCCA for roughly eleven hundred bucks
and the overall build quality is pretty good at stainless steel everything and
it seems to line up pretty well that being said though the build quality
isn’t as good as like a super sprint or even the factory OEM exhaust that you’re
swapping out but honestly who cares what it looks like if it sounds good
because we all know that looks aren’t everything and to me in real life the
the exhaust sounds a lot deeper than the stock exhaust up until about 4000 rpms
and then the baby just screams so let’s hear some reps okay that was awesome and it would
definitely impress the kid with the ice cream cone at the car show second on the list is the agency power
stainless steel with titanium tips you got to love that blue build quality is
not the greatest especially when considering that this thing costs
roughly twelve hundred bucks but don’t worry Willard because this
thing makes up for it in its singing ability and if you like really really
really loud this one is your fix-it ticket and I’m I like really loud I mean
considering my 911 runs no mufflers so let’s give her a listen not bad
so now let’s carry on to the third pick and probably my absolute favorite
and the reason why is I think that this exhaust is kind of the best of both
worlds it’s definitely not as loud as the agency power but when you get on it
it almost sounds exotic and it’s one of the deepest sounding exhaust notes out
there for the e46 also around town at cruising speeds it gets pretty quiet
and I have to tip my cap to rogue engineering because it looks great and
it will run you roughly twelve hundred and forty-five bucks
so let’s listen to what all the fuss is about yeah and when you compare the sounds of
any of these to the stock s54 they all sound intoxicating so my question for
you would you install one of these three onto your e46 m3 or would you pick
another choice let me know down in the comments what your ideal exhaust is for
the s54 I want to know and Willard does too and gang thanks for hanging out with
me today I truly appreciate it and so does he if
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  1. Hey guys thx for watching this vid about the e46 m3 exhaust! What is your Ideal setup?! Let me know below!

    Also, if you wanna learn more about the strategies I used to make money driving 2 Ideal e46 m3's, check out the Ideal Car Strategies –

  2. I believe the Agency Power has the best sounding tone, it's deep and powerful. Im currently running SCZA which came with the M3 when I bought it. But I believe I'll be switching over to AP

  3. Does anyone know if the agency power exhaust had anything else done to it for it to sound like that, or just the exhaust?

  4. Hey the dashboard footage at 2:37 is that manual or smg? I have a 04 6 speed I just got but mines doesn’t show what gear I’m in

  5. Agency power all the way. However, is this full exhaust or just muffler? Without knowing full exhaust set up it makes it hard to make a decision. I just got a E46 m3 and I’m looking hard for videos showing full setup. I’m looking for a full titanium agency power exhaust. (12 pound version) with stock headers and stock section 1 and 2. With just muffler sound. Eventually getting ap headers and a rasp pipe. Great videos though thanks for the upload.

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