BMW G 310 GS | Everyday Adventures: How-to pack your bike

BMW G 310 GS | Everyday Adventures: How-to pack your bike

Hi, I’m Michael. I’m just here to give you some tips on fitting your motorcycle with luggage for an Everyday Adventure. What we have here is the BMW rucksack. It’s easy and light and accessible to put on your back. When you get off a motorcycle it’s easy to carry around, so you got your stuff on site and not fixed on the motorcycle. Please do not pack the backpack too heavy. It may be a bit heavy on your pack and heavy on the spine on a longer trip. What we have here today is the BMW tank bag. It’s nice and light. It’s easy and accessible for all your lightweight things like your camera, your cellphone and all the accessible things on a motorcycle. When fitting your motorcycle’s tank bag, please make sure you’ve got it nice and secure so it doesn’t move around when riding on a motorcycle. Also make sure that you’ve got your line of sight to the instrument cluster and there is no obstructions when riding on a motorcycle. What we have next is the BMW luggage roll. It is 50 liters in capacity. The bag is water-proof. Make sure when packing your luggage roll to pack the weight evenly across the bag, so it doesn’t affect the dynamics of the motorcycle. If you want any more information about the soft luggage, you’re welcome to visit your closed dealer or go onto the local website.

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  1. Audio is terrible, I don't have a problem with the accent so much as his voice gets a little lost amongst the background noise. Good idea for a video tho.

  2. Bad audio quality + accent = barely understood anything he said. Anyway, can't wait to try it on 310 gs once you launch it here

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