BMW i8 scary reaction – kids driving cars

BMW i8 scary reaction – kids driving cars

that’s the best place Hey look man I’m
out here with my peoples man matter of fact Imma let introduce yourself man
y’all know I’m Evapors man this is my family right here talk to him my name is
AJ nice to meet you guys all right mark my name is Oren nice to meet you gosh
you win and I’m now toe now toe hey what’s this my family right here man
and we just out here man another day in Spring Lake North Carolina man we’re
trying to everybody wants not everybody want to try to I eat man but you know
i’ma let food dry – I eat man you know it’s just a car right I remember
somebody inbox me say it’s just a car why are you talking about that car at
the time cuz I like it okay I like Pacific when we had the Civic
right want you to ride that city man I like the full runner the payphone full
running y’all y’all seen that video on YouTube man is paid for cash same day
you know how we do all right man so look on boy AJ we bout to get in here and
he’s gonna AJ driving we’re gonna see what’s gonna happen man he’s sweet it’s
gonna be sweet man let me see you get in that madness let’s make sure he can get
in I don’t gave you instructions on how to get in all right he doing good so far
he’s following the rules he sat down first
oh he’s a pro see I gave him the class I shouldn’t have given the clay I should
let him of his head oh mama man let me not bump my head getting in on the
patents I’m not used to getting on this side but here we go
all right we’re gonna do passenger side and best friend right all right man so
put on the bread you already know right hit the start button the spaceship is
activated all right so right here right here
you just gonna have to squeeze the left side it’s a button you feel it on the
left side so you squeeze that and pull it down to the drive let’s go sport mode
so that means pull it to you to you you feel that now the gate the gauges are
ready now that’s nice yeah so just give us
some games you know ain’t none come and I go there you go hey a man I love
spacious it is man and I’m not just saying cuz my car like when I first test
drove it yeah probably the feeling you’re feeling right now that’s what I
felt me just coming straight out of the arm out of the sport mode with man hi by
feeling control of this car yeah left turn left yeah yeah absolutely so let’s
do this man let’s switch it to uh well switch it to our electric motor down
here and we’re and we’re going with 3035 like 35 miles per hour man like it it’ll
get you that quick dump it floats to mm and thank you for being nice on the
speedo my sure appreciate that you know let’s switch over to uh the
electric mode thank you so he’s pulling echoes you’re right you had to stop oh
yes this autumn at you as you’re going yeah it’s kind of really restful like
it’s fully well now you need to hit a drive you drive you drive alright and
we’re gonna go one more level straight let you EcoPro yes so we’re on all
electric right now Wow Yemen no motor at all when it’s on all electric only the
front two wheels are turning yeah so just the front two wheels are
turning right now all the lettering and right now it’s saying it has six mile
range a little six six right there yeah yeah so on the blue side that gives you
your battery management so it’s saying you can go about six miles on
all-electric now when you take your foot off the gas
take you forever gasps look at this needle it’s charging
yeah it’s charging every time you take your foot off the gas it’s charged that
okay so we’re gonna bust a left right up in here I like it Oh see I feel
comfortable yeah if I’m looking for something in a car I’m looking for a
nice comfortable interior yeah yo control of the vehicle
yeah it’s got a nice pickup but it’s not aggressive yeah yeah yeah and it’s like
sit back in the seat you can be aggressive when you want some sports
cars it’s like full throttle all the time
and you barely touch the gas it’s gonna throw you into another country you know
what I’m saying yeah but you know this car you know you can you can control
every aspect of it you want to be super aggressive you can be influenced port
mode like right now yeah we’re in all it let you right now so just a frontal
attorney but the comfort mode is a mixed mode of gas and electric man so the
computer decides what to use at the specific time cuz it’s a nice perfect
blend of being comfortable yeah you’re getting on in just yeah yeah if you want
to floor it you just press it little press the throttle and you’ll take off
yeah then you’ll be in the whole nother zip code and in a matter of a minute she
does it exactly hey I love to engine the the wind of the battery yeah it just
feels like I’m gonna Space Shuttle seriously and I literally just got new
tires on Friday and I wish you could’ve rolled in
here before I got the tires it’s night and day when you put that new rubber on
there man it’s just extra smooth Oh straight it would better turn on it it’s
extra smooth and silky man when you put on I put a new tire than that yeah yeah
and I love the interior I mean great color scheme love the lights and
everything oh yeah and I was gonna say look good inside of it feels yeah I’m
enjoying it it’s a fun car just about every aspect of this car man
I love it maybe nw8 man it’s a great vehicle and right it’s fun man it’s fun
and it’s it’s cool I never get to sit over here yeah I’d literally hardly ever
my wife don’t even driving like that you turn right right here yes you drive it a
lot no I’m trying to think the last time I
was over here and I’m having a hard time recalling I definitely haven’t recorded
over here before this is you’re the first person to drive it with me
recording man so honored hey Jay I appreciate you man you’ve done a good
job man definitely preciate you man and on my channel you just pull it right to
the driveway yeah and on my channel I always say we swipe up around here yeah
all right so here we go man AJ man all right hey Ron here we swipe up alright
we made it back safe whoo we made it back in one piece man and we didn’t want
a piece man so let me see you get out what makes you get out in one piece oh
man he got out I shouldn’t have given him a class I needed him the bumpers
here to fall to fall down the trip to do something something bananas man I needed
something crazy to have a man put and we decided living life man I got my Liberty
University folk in the house man we just we family man we family this point man
BMW i8 baby that’s what we do man hey we’ll see you next time around here we
swipe up they will have a new driver when you
come back man public service announcement subscribe to
my channel hit it notifications bill I think you’ll enjoy you get to see stuff
like this right here yeah we made a dream come true around
here man what we do man whose neck yeah I’m in Fayetteville North Carolina with
my boy Eric driving a BMW i8 you got some dope stuff
on his channel so subscribe I think you should see y’all it you

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