BMW vs Mercedes, Which is Worse

BMW vs Mercedes, Which is Worse

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
talk about BMW versus Mercedes, now in 2018 mercedes-benz was rated number 14 in
terms of reliability they were rated more on reliable than Volkswagen and
Tesla but they were rated more reliable than BMW, now these ratings always change
over time that’s 2018 but still it’s only 14th so it’s not that great to
begin with, and to understand the history of BMW Mercedes at least here in the
United States, we go back decades BMW was a sporty car
they only sold little bitty four-cylinder ones, they were kind of a niche car
people use them for rally cars and stuff where at the same period in time
Mercedes in the United States, it was more interested in selling luxurious
comfort cars to people, the cars that I worked on back then we’re generally
owned by doctors or lawyers they paid a ton of money relative to what other cars
cost and they were pretty solid built cars comfortable, they had much better
suspension than the junk that the American cars had on in those days, you
certainly paid for the quality but the quality was there, things have changed
quite a bit check BMW they still tout themselves as
the ultimate driving machine, they’re not little bitty 4-cylinder engines, BMW
makes the 12 cylinder engine that is used in Rolls Royce, of course BMW owns
Rolls Royce now they’ve had their BMW engines in Rolls Royces for a long time
and BMW is making their cars ride better with fancy computer-controlled shock
system, much improved handling over the old ones become a more luxurious car
company and Mercedes they’ve got more into speed specially those AMG Mercedes
they had a lot more speed than they used to have, their still comfortable and all
but of course if you get a really souped-up AMG one it’s not gonna be as
comfortable as the S series it’s all luxurious, because they’re going a little
bit more for speed than comfort, but in making such changes both BMW and
Mercedes over the years have become higher and higher tech cars that cost
more and more money to repair when they break,
Germans always had a prerogative towards going for unique software so it’s very
hard to analyze the vehicles, unless you work on them all the time and have their
very expensive twenty thousand dollar scan tools on them, that’s just how the
Germans have always been, the cars never were cheap to work on, but now they’re
super expensive to work on because of their technology, and especially in the
case of BMW, they have made a combination of electronics and the overuse of
plastic parts to create problems that are even worse than the Mercedes repairs
are, cheap plastic parts are the bane of any BMW owners car over time if they
keep them, because they just start cracking, they’re brittle, and they cost a
fortune to replace, last year I was working on a BMW and the plastic cooling
hose under the intake was all brittle cracked and leaking, well the old BMWs
guess what they had steel hoses there, they lasted forever, well they went to
plastic cuz it’s cheaper to make them of course, and not only was that stupid a
little piece of plastic one hundred and seventy-five dollars, you had to take the
intake manifold off to replace it, so it ended up costing a whole bunch of
money for something that shouldn’t have broken in the first place, here’s a
story that’ll show you the real problem with BMW, one of my friends was also a
mechanic and he specializes in European cars, he said hey Scotty look at that BMW
out there I just got a great deal on a used BMW from one of my customers, and I
thought huh maybe working on those things all the time is affected his mind,
about a year later I saw him in another auto parts store and I said, hey Joe
how’s that BMW working out for you and he said that plastic piece of crap, I got
rid of a month ago it was costing me a fortune all the plastic kept breaking on
it, BMW seem to have more quality problems than their later model cars than
mercedes-benz does, not that Mercedes don’t have problems, but they don’t have
them to the degree that BMW has, now when it comes to safety in the modern BMWs
and Mercedes, they’re very safe cars Mercedes and BMWs were always into safety,
last year Mercedes had one perfect 10 out of
10 for safety and BMW had perfect time for tents for safety, so
they’re both very safe cars as long as all that electronic stuff works
correctly, BMWs got a little edge on that, now both BMW and Mercedes are expensive
cars there’s no doubt that, hey a new 330 those things can easily top fifty two
thousand dollars and that’s a four-cylinder BMW, and if you compare
various Mercedes with various BMWs you’ll find that sometimes the BMW cost
more, sometimes the Mercedes cost more and of
course mercedes-benz is now pushing their c-class that costs a little bit
less and they’re even going with their new a-class, new a class mercedes starts
at thirty two thousand five hundred dollars price, it’s very back and forth but
if you’re planning on buying one or the other
here’s my real advice, I wouldn’t buy either, I would lease, and I go to our
neighbors to the north Canada for this one, in Canada with BMWs most people
lease them they do not buy them, 80 something percent of the people lease bmws
in canada and i tend to agree with them, yes
normally I say leasing a car is a waste of money,
but if you buy either a new BMW or a new Mercedes they lose their value so fast
that you will actually lose less money if you lease one for a couple of years
than if you buy one and then sell it after a couple of years, Mercedes and BMW
have been pushing leases like mad and advertising for that reason, after it’s off
least they’d send them to some place, sometimes they
send them to other countries and sell them there, but if you’re wise you
wouldn’t buy either of those cars you would lease it, so if you wanted a car
that’s the driving machine maybe you’d get a BMW, or if you wanted more luxury
you buy a Mercedes, but you don’t want to be in it long term because the values
dropped so much you lose so much money, and sure the leases paying a reasonably
money for those cars, but you know exactly how much money you’re spending
and believe me if you bought one and then sold it when the lease was up, you
would lose so much more money, as an example I had a cost
they had an S series Mercedes is nice luxurious car there’s no arguing that, the
sticker price one hundred and twenty six thousand dollars when it was eight years
old that car that went for eight thousand dollars cash
now both cars BMW Mercedes are fun to drive I love driving them once I’m done
working on a customers car, and with my own customers truthfully a lot of
them do lease the cars, their doctors lawyers and they have a deal where it’s
leased through the business so it’s a business expense and it’s not even put
on their taxes that they have to pay their after-tax money to buy the car, the
business is leasing the car, that’s why you want a lease one it’s got a full
warranty on it, then you don’t have to think about anything, and if the car is a lemon
what the heck you don’t own it, but whatever you do don’t do what I’ve seen
a lot of people do in the last 50 years, do not buy a high mileage use BMW or
Mercedes thinking I got a great deal because odds are it will bite you in the
rear end if you keep it any length of time, so now you know what I think about BMWs
and Mercedes, and if you’re really a fan what you
should do if you want to get your hands on one of them, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. A straight-6 2003 330i was VERY reliable for me!!! I had over 300,000 before I sold it! I bought it when it had 173,000 miles! No motor problems or transmission problems except for changing the thermostat and the timing chain and waterpump which I did as a preventive measure! So your statements here hold little weight for me!

  3. Anyone else surprised when he didn’t say to buy a Lexus instead of a BMW or Mercedes? Love your videos, Scotty!

  4. Once again Scotty is telling the truth few people would. I am a used car dealer who loved BMW but got frustrated on keep replacing cheap plastic parts that were not supposed to be in critical places. BMW is the biggest culprit among all German makes but their buyers are normally young and less rational so its working out okay for BMW.

  5. Dear friend of your audience, STEVE KILMER, I wish our politicians would be half as honest and as smart as you are. I enjoy your videos and I feel even smarter today than before, because I heard you talking about Toyota and I do drive a Toyota Rav4 Limited edition 2007 with 50,400 miles and it drives as good as new, although it has been recalled 5 times, for fairly minor things and I had to change the water pump and the timing belt at 30,000 miles and at 46,000 replace the engine gasket that was leaking some oil: ALL ORIGINAL TOYOTA PARTS. I could afford to buy a $126,000 Mercedes Benz as the one you mentioned, but I feel much better driving my Rav4 that serves me the multiple purposes and I find it very comfortable, reliable and cheap to maintain . The one negative comment is that my left rear tire blew up at 30,000 miles in the freeway when I was going 70miles per hour in a busy freeway, there was this stressing noise, however, I was totally in control of the vehicle all the way to the shoulder of the road (three lanes to the right), the vehicle didn't even flinch a bit, I was impressed, I change all four tire at Costco, the clerk after looking at the Costco computer specifically recommended the Michelin tire for Rav4. Thank to God that I was driving a Toyota. Again thank you for your videos.

  6. Absolutely correct, we owned both cars and the BMW had plastic parts breaking down on cooling related area, like radiator and drive belt that cost over $500 to repair and the Mercedes had its own electrical issues. Bottom line, both cars are great till they reach 50,000 miles and they start to breakdown, so it is for rich people that don't mind paying the repair bills.

  7. BMW and Mercedes have better resale value here in EU and they are all made in Germany but still I m lesing it ?. No strings attached

  8. even back in the day Mercedes were uncomfortable cars, and never came close to the Chrysler Imperials, Cadillac's or big Buick's & Olds..they have always been over engineered unpractical hype like most foreign cars and double the price..

  9. Then what should i buy as my first car ever? I was thinking mercedes cla or bmw 3 series. 2012/2014 model used on both. Am 27 years so i want something cool

  10. Older bmw where so nice and actually really reliable well at least the 3series from early 90s to 03 from there on they are driving computers

  11. I bought my bimmer used because of the fact they lose value so fast, you can get em a few years old for pretty good price. But after owning it for only 6 months now, I can say it's been a ton of fun but I am definitely getting a Lexus or Acura next.

  12. Yup. He’s not wrong. I’ve owned various BMW models from the 1980s….still have my 1987 635Csi. I would NEVER buy a BMW from 2000 or newer. This warning came from my own BMW mechanic friend a long time ago, LOL! Plastic impellers on water pumps, plastic radiators, the list of bad ideas goes on & on. Even with the older cars, it’s better for your bank account if you’re somewhat mechanically inclined. Parts are still expensive.

  13. scotty how come you have customers that have leased Mercs and BMW's ? I mean if someone have a Leased BMW or a Merc they take it to the dealership because is free !!!

  14. This is some SOLID information here. Anyone thinking about buying a car should watch this video. Here is something Scotty didnt mention about BMW. Newer (2015+) BMW's are using steel and alluminum in their components that are sourced from China! Anyone with a room temp IQ, knows Chinese products are inferior and slave made. By the way, BMW was building 4 cylinder engines in China, so buyers arent even getting German made engines ( not all of their engines. just some )

  15. This is why I will never buy a BMW, Audi or MB. I just don't want to deal with the repair work later on, ain't nobody got time for that

  16. Hey Scotty … love all your videos mate … I have a 4 year old Toyota Corolla hatch (bought new) and it’s reliable and economical … so happy to hear of your big ✔️ with Toyota .. love the humour you put into your videos ????‍♂️?

  17. yet again, the title deserves a thumbs up and/or sub if you haven't already.
    BMW E46 M3 manual coupe.
    Most over rated pile of crap ive ever owned. The Getrag transmission is the most horrible, notchy thing ive ever used. Getting back into my Ford Connect Sport van felt like a dream.

  18. My neighbour bmw x5 is always being picked up and trailed away to dealers for fixing lol 5 times this year, junk

  19. I know scotty ya like Toyota and Honda, I also like them too the 2001 Lexus ls430 last me till now but I also have Benz 300 from 2011 so far I only put 90k on it other than the maintenance fee that seem way more higher than the Lexus I'm still happy with it.

  20. Bought a E92 M3 (in 2011) with the competition package. Ended up selling it after 6 months and lost almost 10k. Never again will I buy one. Trash af company

  21. Have to correct that (even tho he's RIGHT 110%). My 01 330 is NOT a 4cyl. It's a 6.
    Idk which BMW even has a 4cyl engine after the year 2000. AND to be picky, my plastic is not completely falling apart but I don't live in a place where it gets over 80 degrees in the summer. 180k miles and my manual 330 only has: a leaking main seal, a clunking diff, suspension out, wheel bearing going out, and the oil filter housing gasket is for sure leaking too.
    Other than that, I wish i had an Acura TL instead. But the BMW is funner than ANY car I've ever had!!

  22. It’s funny how I see many of these people who drive these expensive cars and don’t know anything about ? I just feel bad for them!!

  23. My mechanic of 12 years – who specializes in only foreign cars – says the same thing. Mercedes are turning into junk and BMW's are grossly expensive to repair. He told me it took him two hours once just to get to a bolt in the engine compartment to proceed with a repair.
    When I asked who actually makes the best cars, he plied, "You're driving it – Lexus".I have a 2004 GX470 and I love it. I will keep it until it falls apart on me. However, at my age I might go to room temperature before it does. LOL

  24. Currently BMW is a better car. Usually they have better quality, the Ms are faster then the AMGs, and BMWs usually have better tech. The plastic inside scotty is taliing about is mainly 2000s, BMWs. If you can afford these cars, get the BMW. My dad has a lot of cars not to flex, for example we have an M5 competition, and other cars. A BMW will be fine to 80k miles. Nothing will break and thats the point, thats when you sell the cars, if you can afford it. Luxury cars are just not to be driven to 200 thousand miles like other cars, and if you cant afford that, you cant afford a BMW, or Mercedes.

  25. hello Scotty, how about a Golf 4 1.9 TDI 81 KW. they are very popular in the western Balkans .. nice greetings from the bloody Balkans 😉

  26. I disagree with you Scotty!! I have owned Mercedes since the early 90's,
    never had any problems with them! Depends on which car, like the S
    class, yes it can have problems, airbag suspension, etc! I have always
    bought the c class and e, best cars ever!! My last Mercedes was a
    2009 e350, 241k miles, not one problem, not one check engine light! If
    you put premium gas and full synthetic oil they will out last any
    American junk and Japanese! My father had a Mercedes with over 600k
    miles, no rust, original engine and transmission (no rebuilds), no major
    problems! Some people dont take care of their Mercedes right, so know
    who you are buying from when getting a used Mercedes! The best or
    nothing!! 🙂

  27. It's funny to read so many comments trashing 2 of the best auto makers in history. But….95% of the population can't afford them and have never owned one so I'm not that surprised. We've had an Audi, 2 BMWs, and a Porsche with literally no issues.

  28. List of my BMW's and mileage.
    1973 BMW 2002 256000 miles
    1975 BMW 2002 218000 miles
    1984 BMW 325 es 187000 miles
    [1984 would have been more car was in a crash]
    1986 BMW 325 es 327000 miles
    1994 BMW 525i 267000 miles
    1996 BMW 740il 297000 miles
    with no major problems
    presently restoring a 1968 BMW 1600

  29. Hey Scotty, I bought a 2008 bmw 528xi with 109000 miles and got a extended warranty that took care of 3 expensive things to fix and it’s been a great car and dependable to this day. The car now has 177000 miles, mind ya I do have some front end work todo but that’s expected. My question is, I want to get a 535i with drive but a newer model. What year do you suggest to me to buy

  30. Neither one any more…had 2 320's in the 80's, bought a 530 that disappeared with ex wife. All were great. The 81 320 was almost like a 2002 to me.

    Bought a 99 E300 MB in 2007 with 172,000 miles on it. BULLETPROOF…hardly anything except routine maintenance, 30 mpg in town, 39 hwy. Mechanic said not broken in until 500k on diesel engine. Ran like a top, quicker than most gas cars too.

    I gave it away to a disabled veterans organization in June of this year, 376000 miles on it.

    Just tired of driving it!

  31. I owned a number of both cars and the secret to keeping them running is proper maintenace.
    Take them to back street garages and they'll go down quicker than a 10 dollar hooker.

    My 560SEC was 20 years old when I sold it. My last Mercedes had 150,000 miles on it when I sold it.

    The back street garage is the GP of the car world. If you have a cold or a sprain your GP can offer you treatment. If you have anything more serious he refers you to a cardiologist or ENT specialist.
    The difference with back street garages is they don't have the required equipment but insist they can do it anyway.

    If Mercedes and BMW were properly maintained they would last a lifetime.

    If you're going to buy the ultimate driving machine and expect it to last, of course the maintenance is going to be more expensive than your Corolla. Same with Mercedes.

    If you can't afford the maintenance you can't afford the car.

    As for brittle plastic that's usually a result of overheating. Another symptom of a badly maintained vehicle.

  32. Her at BMW we make sure you come back and give us more money. We want to build strong relationships with suckers from all ages. So hand us your wallet and bend over and take it a good obedient costumer… This is BMW officials! Sorry about that. We just fired that announcer for telling the truth. Can you believe that. Here at BMW we care ?

  33. Bought a 2018 bmw 440i with the b58 (supra engine). Tuned it with bm3 software and it was cranking out 405 whp. I redline the car everyday and i drive it like a stole it. It has 90,000 km and where i live its 45 degrees celsius. Engine has no signs of breaking and i only had to change spark plugs and oil. I do all my service at bmw, it’s expensive but you wont find a better drivetrain anywhere else. If you cant afford bmw maintenance then you cant afford a bmw. Also, if you plan on buying a 4 cylinder bmw than you’re better off buying a honda accord.

  34. Okay. I'm getting ready to retire soon. I'll buy another Toyota as my daily driver and get a Lexus as my luxury weekend car.

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