BMW Vs Toyota Reliability – Are BMW’s as Reliable As A Toyota?

BMW Vs Toyota Reliability – Are BMW’s as Reliable As A Toyota?

welcome back everybody its Mark with
exotic car play place again coming back at you for more discussions around
reliability and when we talk about reliability and we’re talking about BMWs
there’s lots to talk about of course and firstly I want to say thanks everybody
who returned a lot of positive comments on my last video when I talked about
reliable M cars and of course I challenged some discussions that Doug deMuro had earlier on in a video just before mine and so I thought I felt
compelled to actually address some of those things that that Doug had spoke
about on the e60 m5 but either way with all due respect Doug’s a great reviewer
and you know I certainly just wanted to address some of the things that we were
talking about but aside from that today we have to ask the question is a BMW as
reliable as a Toyota that is a question here that a lot of people seem to have
an issue with I know in a lot of video responses that I have in the comments
people really continually question BMWs reliability and we talk about you know
the the reliability of BMW vs. Toyota versus Lexus and Honda and everybody
says you know if you want reliability you go to the Japanese cars so I have to
make a point today and we’re gonna talk about one specific drivetrain that’s
coming up today and it’s actually coming up very soon and actually there’s an
engine right now that BMW is utilizing in a lot of their cars and it’s called
the b58 engine so we talk about vehicles at BMWs producing with engines
like this the xDrive 40i so here we’re talking about the
x3 which I reviewed one here about a couple of weeks ago this one utilizes
the b-58 engine the m-40 I of course which is a great new engine and if
you’ve watched my videos you’ll know that that is an awesome engine to be 58
so not only is that the engine that replaced the n54 and of course the n55
more recently but that’s the engine that is also coupled in the new Toyota Supra
so the engine in this car here we have a 340 eye right here and this actually
features the b-58 engine and what’s special about the b-58 well the b58 is the turbocharged single turbocharged direct-injected inline
six-cylinder engine that is used in all of these different models like the 340
the like this the 440 of course the x3 the x3 40 M for Ti
it’s also in a whole host of other cars like in the x5 that uses the 40 I it is
utilized in a lot of their engines now it’s their new six cylinder turbocharged
engine that replaced the problematic and 54 and of course ultimately the last one
the n 55 those cars are gone now this new one actually features some great new
elements to it of course it runs more boost it has a heat encapsulation system
which ultimately reduces emissions on startup and helps prevent wear on a cold
start of course so it has that going for it it has an improved engine that runs
cleaner than previous models of course and if ultimately whatever BMW owner
likes to hear is it produces more power of course so they’ve done a lot of work
to try to improve the reliability on the b-58 over the previous n55 and I think
they’ve done that so the ultimate question is how do you know they’ve done
that well time will tell firstly so these two are classic examples what do
we have here we have a 340 I and we have a 440 I this of course being the coupe
that’s the difference between a 3 and a 4 40 i the 440s of course have the 2
doors and the 3 40s of the 4 doors now these both utilize the same b-58 engine
slightly detuned from what is going in the Supra is estimated to have
closer to 400 horsepower while these cars are down around 335 slightly
detuned nonetheless same basic infrastructure as far as engines go now
these are some classic examples of some cars that utilize the same drivetrain
you have to realize I would personally believe that these engines are going to
have a significantly improved reliability for what we saw in the
previous generation like 335i’s for example like this other car over
here here we have a 335 of course it’s got the dual exhaust and of course these
cars here were awesome to drive but the reliability wasn’t entirely there
so really the b-58 engine that is going in the new Toyota Supra is the same
engine that you get in the new version of essentially this now of course this
is the 335 this utilizes the n54 and that was a problem for the most part for
reliability lots of fun but not so reliable so how do you know that they’ve
fixed the reliability issues with the new b-58 engine that BMWs producing well
we don’t know that and time will tell you know maybe it’s gonna take months
possibly years to figure out whether there is an inherent glitch in this
engine or whether there’s a chronic problem in the b-58 engine are there
issues we will see time will tell but here’s some food for thought now when
you talk about reliability I constantly get people commenting about Toyota and
Lexus being the pinnacle of reliability well did you realize this new b-58
engine that is produced by BMW is the same engine that is actually going in to
the new 2019 Toyota Supra as well as the z3 of course BMW but
that’s no shocker so the big thing is this is an engine going into a Toyota do
you think Toyota would risk their reputation by putting in a substandard
engine into one of their cars especially one of their classic cars the Supra has
a moniker to it that is honestly it’s placed on a high pedestal the Supra is a
car that’s going to not just last the first three or four years we all know
that the Supra is already a legend before it got started and because of
that they do not want you think do you think Toyota would risk having a weak
engine that had problems galore do you think they would risk that I’d have to
believe that there’s no chance that they would risk that why would they
Toyota’s been around long enough to know that reliability and
Toyota and Lexus go hand in hand so they in my mind would ensure that they’ve
worked closely with BMW to ensure that they have a drivetrain that is going to
satisfy the reliability of your typical Toyota but you can also hey here’s
another example here’s a four-door but it has a 440 designation but that’s
because this one is the Gran Coupe the Gran Coupe there as you can see gives
you the four doors of course but it still carries the 440 moniker on that
one what a beautiful car I must say so
thanks everybody for coming back to the video I just want to share with you
BMW quality can be in fact as reliable as what you’d expect from Toyota and
Lexus because this has to be in my mind proof in the pudding so again I want to
thanks the great folks down here at Edmonton BMW through allowing me to
check out some of the great new cars here but thanks again everybody make
sure you give me a thumbs up like share with your friends and of course
subscribe to the channel thanks again I’d love to talk to you in the next one
see you soon guys bye bye

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  1. Toyota are seeing if BMW are up to the job.. Ive 250,000km on my 1991 St185 and it still runs sweet..

    Time will tell…

  2. I own a BMW F30 2.0D 2013.
    Never had Problems with it. It runs perfect. I heard many drivers in the US have problems. Are BMWs built different in the US or do you have more city traffic. Maybe its built for german cities and german Highway (Autobahn)?

  3. Just because that engine is going to be on a Supra doesn't mean BMW is as reliable as Toyota, they can make mistakes too. Time will really tell.

  4. This guy needs to check the reports from the Motor Industry Association, then the video would be very short saying the past 10 years Toyota vehicles are far more reliable than most other makes including BMW. Which are shown to be way down the list. These guys need to do there homework.

  5. yeah bro you’re right ever since I was growing up in my country Jamaica I’ve being always hearing about Toyota and Lexus reliability’s and now am here in the North Pole and still hearing about it..which simply means they staying on top of things.. and for the Supra like u said only time will tell for that new engine

  6. That BMW engine is not going into a Corolla , Camry , Avalon, Prius, Rav4 , CHR, Yaris,Prius and what normally people would purchase. If Toyota wants to use a BMW engine that is okay. Pagani uses AMG.

  7. On Mars maybe! I agree with you but the engine alone doesn't make the car goes. I have Mercedes ml350 bought it new. . The ML engine is excellent but there were
    Problems : warping rotors, brake sensors, failed windows motor, alternator, ignition, overheat, premature rear shock failures, rust, instruments panels burn screen, light bulbs shortout, other electrical failed, failed water pump, burn oil, oil leaks, driveshaft fail, front shock replaced, upper /lower arms replaced, brake sensors failed, brake switch failed, right rear spring broke, oil gunk (pudding) formed, brake pads too small, traction is a joke not a true AWD. Now I drives 2015 Porches cayenne. The problem :HID lights mulfunction, lost coolant, stopped and go failure, check engine light came up, push buttons cracked, traction is a joke in snow, wifey loves European cars it makes her looks good so I can't win.

  8. What was the point of this video? Your entire argument was based on “time will tell”. The engine is only one piece of a car. Electronics, transmission, and every other component make up total reliability.

    Very awkward video. Bring more facts next time, less pointing at cars.

  9. what's your opinion about the z4m? Could it be reliable? I'm planning to buy one very soon, no bias but I'm not a fan of Toyota.

  10. You repeat yourself a lot. New supra is not a legend anymore. Toyota ruined their reputation when they partnered with BMW. From a cost perspective, what's the cost now on replacement parts for the supra or any vehicles with a BMW drivetrain. Stupid move on Toyota.

  11. People complain about cars a lot things have to do with not taking care of a car. Driving it ruff all the time pushing it to the limits. I have never had problems with my bmws had the e60 only did coils and plugs oil and brakes. Now the F10 I have and so far no issues.

  12. I was reading some Japanese article on the Supra and the Toyota insiders don't know how reliable the B58 will be. They did calculate higher than normal warranty cost for the Supra. So contrary to your assertion, Toyota doesn't know to your question.

  13. germans engines are very realiably. Its everything else around the car that seems to break down there is rarely ever any issues with german engines.

  14. Toyota ended up breaking majority of the engine provided by BMW during quality testing for the supra, the engine had to be redesigned to meet Toyota’s quality standards. It doesn’t mean the same engine is being installed on the bmw cars. Watch the supra documentary

  15. If u wanna keep something for the long haul10yrs plus , get a aYota.
    If u want to enjoy a pleasurable driving experience daily then get a BMW , just get rid of it after 3 to 4vyrs and get hosed on getting another one.

  16. I thought reliability is assessed over time. You are simply describing this engine. Toyota has developed and used engines with Subaru Yamaha and Daihatsu and most of them have been problematic. The same with this BMW engine it will be a flop coz it moves away from the ethos of Toyota engines developed in house that is conservative output but great reliability. Generally all Toyota engines are underpowered deliberately and even turbo petrols are not common if it were not for stricter emmisions control forcing engine down sizing. Take note cars manufacturers may collaborate on vehicle design and building research and development to cut on costs of new models which can run into billions and this can cause compromises to brands while some which are inferior gain. It's business

  17. The answer is no, BMW is not and will never be as reliable as Toyota. The Japanese have much more refined manufacturing methods that Europeans and Americans don’t have. Japanese don’t cut costs, and manufacturer most of the parts that are installed on the car.

  18. It's a reliable engine that was co-engineered with toyota after years of development. It has toyota style closed deck engine design as opposed previous bmw engine.

    But engine is not everything. For example lotus elise has toyota celica/corolla engine. The elise blows engine head gaskets (due to a flawed cooling system but celica don't

  19. Great video, and I believe the B58 engine has won a couple awards if I am not mistaken. So I have a bit more confidence in that engine than previous ones. My dream garage would be a Lexus ES and a BMW m4 coupe.

  20. If I want a BMW I'll go buy a BMW not a Lexus with a BMW engine. Dumbest shit they could of done. I will not be buying any of these cars.

  21. Reliability has to include other areas like infotainment system, electronics, rattling sounds etc. and not just the engine. Anyway, Jaguar Land Rover is the worst and a brand to avoid.

  22. BMW are not reliable. They are money pit? Your argument that the BMW and Toyota did work together, however Toyota change a lot engine that BMW was using because it did not met the standards for the Supra!

  23. BmW are more fun and awesome to sit inside 👍

    But I've got a Toyota Corolla SE Limited 1500cc from 1995

    I've never got any issue with the motor or gearbox, it just works, no leaks, nothing rather than standard service, I already abusing it some times and be late in terms of oil or suspension services…but it just work

    BMW are known for leaks and faild gaskets and some weird stuff for the motor and transmission…I was stunned because I was thinking that BMW and German cars in general are more advanced in terms of reliability and long term usage …

    I'm thinking of buying this awesome 2009 e920 320i …the 3rd series, That's why I started watching Youtube videos and found your awesome channel 💖👍

    My old weak Corolla never fails me to be honest and not biased at all, yet it's too old and it's 140,000 KM, runs like a hero… I've run over 180 kM with it twice lately… which is the end of the gauges already 😂

    That's why I wonder how BMW, Merc, Audi are so weak in terms of reliability…I was the only guy on the planet that was thinking that they are even better than Japanese cars and Toyota …I was thinking that BMW is the most reliable car in tye planet like, what a goofy person I was😂😂

    Still dreaming of a BMW F30 anyway 💖🥰

  24. Iv got a 535d f10 had to get new crank shaft , big ends went time and chain had my engine rebuilt at 70,000 miles iv spent a fortune on it problem after problem !!

  25. And the engine supposed to be built proof what a load of shite I won’t be buying another one that’s for shure

  26. Is not the same engine toyota destroy four BMW engines and send the parts in Japan for testing and return to BMW to change it, bmw are stunt about toyota coomitment about reliabality

  27. Don't screw up the B58 BMW, and people might start to believe in you again. Let's hope Toyota have done their due diligence on that engine. BMW have got away with it so far because a lot of buyers are corporate who take them for 3 years and the poor private buyer in the used market then has to cope with the vehicles from year 4 onwards. Well inside a Toyota body, they are expected to be reliable for a very much longer. All eyes are on you BMW after all the 335 N54 horror stories!

  28. This guy loves BMW and defends the BMW brand even when he know they extremely unreliable. Toyota is better because it last 3 times longer than BMW.
    About the Supra; I am sure Toyota engineers already fix the unreliability on the BMW engine.

  29. How will you know if they have fixed the B58 reliability problems, they send BMW B58 parts to Toyota for quality control, simple. Do some more research on the joint Supra project.

  30. Engineering for performance is not the same as engineering for reliability and economy. That is why BMW is more maintenance heavy. They are engineered with focus on performance, which is what people like me want. I'm looking for a f30 335i right now 🙂 6 spd mt, m sport, premium sound, silver or blue, and black interior. Beautiful car in and out, fun to drive. I'll do the repairs myself and replace as often as possible with aftermarket parts that are better than OEM. For me it is worth it to drive a car I actually like.

  31. BMW? Yes, they are rubbish. BMW engines (only the engine) may be reliable but those associated parts that made and designed to destroy the engines such as rubber hosts, water pumps, radiators, heater that use warm water from the engine, ECU etc, may not be the same as those used in the Toyota. I don't think Toyota is going to use them.

  32. Bmw reliability is a moot point if you lease which you should do to avoid depreciation and out of warranty concerns. If you lease a bmw the maintenance is also included. It’s a win win situation.

  33. No. A BMW can't last as long as a Toyota in >99% of the cases. If it is my money, considering reliability alone, I'll buy a Toyota Corolla Hatchback (which is made in Japan).

  34. Bmw is garbage and this guy works for bmw guys. I havent seen a decent bmw in recent years.

    The old ones fine the new ones have horrible seals cheap plastic parts etc. The interior and outaide look great but the engine has some really shitty parts in it that are purposely made to last only the warrenty.

    Notice in this video he says the engine before this was "problematic" lol thats putting it lightly.

  35. This guy is just chilling at bmw making videos avout reliability? You work for bmw. They have sold crap for yeara and it might have taken years but people are starting to stray from the brand. I hope one day soon they file for bankruptcy which should happen to any auto maker that sells such low quality cars at a premium.

  36. Why don’t you discuss if Supra is using plastic coolant reservoir tank or not? BMW’s failure by using plastic parts in the cooling system was a bad idea and costly for customers. Hope these engines have better valve cover gaskets.

  37. IF YOUR COUNTER TO IS BMW RELIABLE IS THAT THEY SHARE THE SAME ENGINE AS THE SUPRA AND THEN SAY ONLY TIME WILL TELL YOURE STUPID! It’s not the same car yes working on the new engine and drive train was a project but that’s all. they split after that

  38. BMW built the engine for the supra under very close supervision by Toyota nice try, the day a BMW is as reliable as a Lexus/Toyota is the day pigs fly. “German reliability” lmao. It’s the truth and always will be.

  39. Great video. Very well done. The 440 is really a great car. Maybe one day I will have one. We never know. Could you do a video about BMW vs Volvo reliability?

  40. Toyota is the best brand all in the world ❤️💕🌹♥️💞💖💓💜💋👍👌 Bmw i don't accept 👎

  41. Good. Toyota and BMW joint together to produce high-performance , more quality engine , so we can see recently. Toyota indroducing high performance car aslo BMW last 2 year quality and reliablity is coming up ,


  42. The only Toyota that uses BMW parts is the Supra. And it's not really even a Toyota. It's a BMW with Toyota badges on it. It's a BMW. I wouldn't buy one. The older Supras were made a lot better.

  43. I watched a show it was round table discussion of auto journalists who worked with the Toyota engineering team in for the Supra. They discussed what they learned from them in collaborating with BMW engineers.

    Basically, BMW relies to a much higher degree on computer modeling for product development. They do much less actual testing and verifying their designs. They tend to wait till as much of the work is done on the computer before the event begin making physical copies of that which they test. But they don’t test it as comprehensively or exhaustively, they rely on those computers to do that.

    This approach saves them a lot of money and development time. There are clear benefits to this, but it’s a risky strategy. As long as those computers are stimulating correctly the actual environment and all the variables are accurate. There shouldn’t be any issues. The risk obviously is in failing to account for some variable and not aren’t simulating correctly. If they fail to exhaustively test everything under every environment, the flaw passes quality-control and goes right into production.

    So BMW is not inherently a bad or unreliable carmaker, baring the occasional oversight, those computer models should getting more refined leading to better overall Q&C. Which I think is evident in latest BMWs.

  44. This is a great video, Mark- and I'm glad that you made it. Average guys often don't know these details and rely on people like you to tell us. I learned a lot, and I thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!!!

  45. All I heard you talk about was a comparison with BMW and the Supra. You were describing Toyota as a whole based on 1 car from Toyota. Not many people buy Supra's so why do they care about that. You talked mostly about the engine but not about anything else that could be problematic for both parties.

  46. We own a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser cost 14k and a 2005 BMW X5 cost 6k. Both these purchases were financed 100% as I wanted to confirm the risk the bank was willing to take. Both were paid off in 2 months. The cost of each was right in line with the banks valuation. I service all my vehicles and keep logs on cost of ownership. The BMW offers blue tooth, A/C that with freeze you out, more powerful engine, sport mode transmission , leather seats. people think it costs much more than it did. To be honest the BMW impresses me much more ! Today we live in a throw away society.Few owners work on their vehicles, few maintain them. The Japanese have perfected products that require minimal service. They are basic with few options .Look at a new Tacoma the seats have a manual bar under the seat. I'm not paying 40k for the one I wanted . Give me a used FJ for a 3rd the price. It's raw like my 1984 Porsche 911.Simple requires less service !!! If I want to take my wife out in style ,BMW X5. On a hot day the FJ's A/C can barely keep up, but that's all it can do.I believe if you personally keep up on servicing your own vehicles BMW will out perform out function and out class a Toyota. If you don't service your vehicles which is financial irresponsible and lazy ,spend twice as much for a used very basic no frills Toyota.There have been many weekends where I am tried of servicing my stuff, but I do it with pleasure after looking at the prices of new vehicles.You see Toyota figured out the American market.P.S. I also have a Dodge Durango it has served me very well. Learn to service your vehicle. It's a great way to beat the bankers, So many vehicle made in the last 20 years will run for many many more years if they are serviced. These new vehicles, they don't want you servicing them !!! They want you making payments!

  47. how dare you bring toyota with the Buy Malfunctioned Work (BMW). you can compare toyotas with war tanks. but BMW, maybe with toilet papers. come on, are you advertising for them? this is the worst car on the road, ask others to assure yourself

  48. I can tell you're one of those guys that believes in marketing hype instead of actual research. BMW engines are crap because of the excessive plastics they use in ther cooling systems—plastic water pumps, radiators, cooling system passages…they go bad in 5 years or less, and cost a fortune to fix. But you ask; would Toyota risk their reputation? YES, yes they would. Let's not forget that the 86 is nothing more than a Subaru BRZ, a car that is known for blowing head gaskets. Please, do your research.

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