Bobcat Utility Vehicle (UTV) Walkaround

Bobcat Utility Vehicle (UTV) Walkaround

The Bobcat utility vehicles come in four
models: the 3200, 3400, 3400XL and the 3450. They come with liquid-cooled
engines. The gas 4X4 models are powered with a 32 horsepower
electronically fuel-injected engine, while the diesel models deliver 24
horsepower. The increase in power means you can travel up to 30 miles per hour.
The four-wheel independent suspension provides an exceptionally comfortable
ride. Customize your rear suspension with two mounting positions. In either
position, you can adjust the suspension further with a turn of a wrench. You can
choose between a high or low transmission range and three different
drive modes. Turf mode is the least aggressive and allows each wheel to spin
independently, resulting in minimal ground disturbance when you turn. In 2-wheel mode, the rear differential is locked. Both rear wheels receive equal
torque and spin at the same rate. In 4-wheel drive mode, the rear
differential remains locked at all times. As needed, the front wheels receive
torque to power you through the slippery terrain. The vehicle rated capacity is
1600 pounds. This includes occupant weight, cargo box load, and the weight of
the accessories. All models have a towing capacity of 1,500 pounds. The seats are
comfortable and the 3-point seatbelts have a shoulder harness. The controls on
the dash are ergonomically designed. The gear selector and accessory panel are easy to reach, plus there are cup holders and a glove box for more storage. On
electronically fuel-injected models, the parking brake has an override system
that triggers a warning light and prevents operation after the machine is
put in gear. There’s also a check engine light. The large composite cargo box
resists corrosion and won’t show dents. The single-latch tailgate is very
convenient. You can operate it with just one hand. A gas cylinder makes it even
easier to lift the cargo box manually, or you can add a power lift accessory to
avoid shoveling rock, wood, dirt and other materials. Optional tie-downs are
available and integrated inside the cargo box. The 3450 has our trademarked
RapidLink system and can operate five Bobcat attachments. Standard protection includes a sealed CBT cover to protect the drive
belt, full skid plate to protect the undercarriage, CV boot guard, and a
radiator guard that shields the front-end component. For additional protection,
you can add the optional integrated frame mounted brush guard.

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