Body of 5-year-old boy who went missing on Christmas found in pond

Body of 5-year-old boy who went missing on Christmas found in pond

Today we had a search going on, and actually it started
yesterday, for our missing five-year-old boy. And he had wandered away from
home. We went out, we had hundreds of volunteers throughout the night, in
through today, and the search ended today when he was found in a pond near his
house, deceased. How far away from his house was it? You know I was not out at the
scene to say with certainty, but it was, it was close, is what I was told. About what time did they find the body? Today, that is a good question. It
was, let me see what time it is now. It was about 45 minutes ago. So approximately 1 o’clock. Was that a dive team? Michigan State Police Marine Services
unit found him. Was that a swimming area do you think? Just a pond. Just a pond. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family during this very difficult time. Thank you to all the volunteers and the supporters in the community that came
out, not only to help volunteer with the search, but there was food that was
donated, people that cooked it. So the community involvement was outstanding in
this tragic time.

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  1. Okay, something bothers me about this. How does a 5 yr old just wander away and end up in a pond? And they won't tell us how close it was to the house?

  2. Poor baby on Christmas….R.I.P. little man….he's one year older than my son…..I can't even imagine going on another day after something like that… little man is my best friend in this world……many heartfelt condolences πŸ™

  3. negligence of the parents. what kind of parent doesnt make sure their 5 year old cant make it outside? everyone knows how kids are. so sad that this had to happen. but thats natural selection for you.

  4. An in womb autism test can't come soon enough. Parents should have the option to abort these defective children like they do with down syndrome.

  5. Man just the feeling of losing someone that you care about on Christmas is really heartbreaking. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜žπŸ˜”

  6. as a 2 year old kid, i remember this time i went on a walk with my dad, and while we passed a pond, i wandered over to it wanting to see if i could stand on the ice. my dad panicked, yelling at me about the danger. just as well because the ice broke beneath my feet as he pulled me away. i didn't understand the danger, but i understand how kids can die this way. my dads fear and what i thought was anger is why the memory burned into my mind. it was a very emotional event.

  7. I'd like to apologize to this family, its extremely unfair on how what you love and value that's precious to you disappears immediately in its first stages. I saw this on my firestick and didn't hesitate but got on my computer to review this once more. I am very sorry that something like this would EVER happen to you, may God help you bypass this loss. I hope that he enjoys heaven for the rest of eternity. This is just wrong and shouldn't of happened, I have autism you see and I usually do not get to simulate others feelings but this is truly something I can feel and picture, as well as the dreadful pain. Poor soul, may he rest peacefully.

    One day we all will regroup in the heavens, but yet we will remain here in this fucked up society where people harm others and cause damage to them just to please themselves. Therefore I too can experience the pain you're going through, this is just messed up.

  8. Why arnt the parents arrested for neglect of a child? I understand what parents r going thru everytime something like this happens. But that does not mean they do not need to be held accountable for their lack of parenting. Like wtf. Prayers to them…. How about cuffs?

  9. I can't either like or dislike this as it feels either way would give a wrong message….My heart and prayers go out to the family…So sorry for your loss…my heart is breaking for you :'(

  10. May the Belson family find their way through their grief to know peace in their minds and hearts, and may they forgive the world for taking their son from them. No one has ever been guaranteed another tomorrow, and everyone dies in the end, so remember that life is precious and fragile and can end in the blink of an eye. I pray that the world shows them compassion during their worst of sorrows.

  11. So very sorry for this families great lost. Of this littel guy Boue . Only God can comfort him now. And I am a believer . That I feel God knows more than we . And takes the paign away before the worst begins. Happens happens to the children of our earth. My God is a good kind God. Loves the
    Littel ones for he holds them most close to his ❀️.So please believe He's in God's arms now. Protected by the highest. When ever yourein doubt. Please holdon to one another's hand and look to God. He is listening . πŸ™πŸ’™

  12. I really wish I could trade places with any of these poor kids who never got a shot at life .
    I got a shot already and I’m in complete misery for almost a decade now .
    I’m too much of a coward to end it myself , so I wish god would trade places with me for one of these poor kids one day .
    10 years ago I was diagnosed cancer , and a week after they told me my fiancΓ© and the only woman I’ve ever loved left me before I even had my first surgery . As much as I’ve tried to move on and get past it , nothing ever seems to help . I’m still just as crushed today as I was the day it happened . Last week they scanned me and I have a new node as well , so I’m about to battle the reoccurrence for the 4th time . And every stupid medical trip reminds me of my fiancΓ© that bailed . I really have been in misery for a decade now , and it’s getting old .
    Since I’m too much of a coward to put myself out of my misery , this New Years I ask that God saves one of these poor kids from an accident or health problems and take me instead πŸ™πŸ˜ž

  13. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  14. i ran away at 1 and they found me the same way but just in a diaper
    the memory i still have is a state trooper with that fucking hat was picking me up and sirens
    i don’t remember anymore sept at 3 i got my appendix taken out

  15. You know it's so sad that they've created such a toxic environment in this country, but one of the things that came to mind when I was listening to him is that your typical outraged twitter leftist would be more upset and pissed off that he said "thoughts and prayers" than they would be that a child died. On top of that β€” and it's really horrible to even say but holds true most of the time β€” many on the left probably don't even care or they're even cheering because it's one less white male.
    Sorry, but this is the only type of behavior I see from the left so it's impossible not to think about it in these circumstances. If this genuinely doesn't represent you then more people on the left should speak out against this type of behavior because as it stands, no one ever does, and it leaves us to think that these kind of beliefs are ubiquitous among the left. The right doesn't have this problem, they immediately self-police and admonish anyone who says genuinely disgusting things on their side. Emphasis on the genuine part, not sanctimonious virtue-signaling and pseudo-outrage for digital back-pats.

  16. Sad for the family, gotta keep an eye on your kids no matter what is going on in the house. Lessons can be learned from this tragedy.

  17. and I thought my family had a rough christmas. My uncle died in a house fire the day before christmas eve. I couldn't imagine this. I'm so sorry for the boy and his family. Prayers to you, may your future be better to you.

  18. I lost my son in 1988 & I think about my boy everyday. I feel so fricken bad for this mom. This will forever change her..its like you're left with a part of you gone. Its unnatural to lose a child.

  19. Was this on the news at all ? If the answer is no . Then my next question is does this concern you? All of america would have prayed for that kid and sent their condolences to the family. We would never forget him .. i dont even think the lieutenant said the child's name or the family name to represent the boy

  20. This is exactly the sort of thing that parents fear when they don't know what their children are at especially their little children.

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