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  1. Why can't you use the imperial measures as that's what most of us understand, its not as if we are in the EU now !!!!

  2. It looks like Edd was supplied some great Bott products. I'm sure he had a deal to make this commercial/video showcasing these products. Edd China…the most popular mechanic in the world!

  3. yess.i like ed.heart and brain from WD!
    also, he speak english so clear and i mean he say word end not cut it half like examples do so i understand and can follow him.
    ed,i hope you start you own WD series!

  4. All you need is a hammer, an adjustable spanner and a jack. I you can't fix a car with that, you're not a real man.

  5. You don't work for wheeler dealers any more and now just selling your self to any advertiser who you can get paid from

  6. I for one will not be watching the new WD without mr.edd China sorry but he made the show what it was very disappointed i cant watch the genius work

  7. Estimado Edd estaria bueno incluir subtítulos o doblaje al español ya que somos millones los que te vemos y admiramos… abrazo y sigue asi, invitado a argentina cuando gustes, gratis obvio

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