BOX FORT CAR STORE WIth Working Cars! 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge Day 4

BOX FORT CAR STORE WIth Working Cars! 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge Day 4

where this rollercoaster down you can
keep your own plate but do something else you too
hey nice hey what’s going on everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a
brand new video and it is day four here in box fort city keep it down keep it
down on the down low it is currently day four and we are hiding out inside the
arcade because well as you guys know some things are going down here in box
fourth city I mean the mayor is acting extremely strange were not allowed to
leave the city no junk food is allowed no one’s allowed out past 10:00
we found a mysterious book that turns out to be a safe we all the bank money
Jake and when we showed the bank manager the book he knew about it and wanted to
take it from us so it’s safe to say some weird stuffs going down here box for
city but we do have a plan Logan tell him our plan okay well our last plane
didn’t really go according to plan we kind of made a roller coaster that was a
little dangerous and got shut down by the man eat all the gumballs right right
my theory Logan is the Mareth up to something and is trying to attract
people the box fort city for some reason and trapping us here we need to get to
our office guys now you guys have been having a ton of theories as to what is
going on here in box for a city and honestly I have no idea and that is why
we are going to get to the bottom of this I mean not only all the stuff I
just listed but when we were doing our box for a hospital everyone was coming
in with some sort of weird sickness and there is sneezy extremely gross slime
now the one thing that we did find out is the bank manager was storing some
sort of piece of paper for the mayor inside the bank the only problem is we
don’t know the code to the safe also the bank manager is always in the banks of
Logan we need to distract the bank I mean the bank guy we need to distract
the bank guys so that we can pull off the classic Pappa Jake and Logan bank
heist how are we gonna get the bank I out of the bank
if we do get him out of the bank though we are still gonna need the code to get
into his super secret safe so if you haven’t seen our last video go check out
the part where he enters in the bank code and come and comment down below
what that code is why don’t we build something that the bank manager will
have to leave to check out what’s the one thing rich people love tax evasion
no Jake not tax evasion cars right Harv all right all right yeah I get it will
open up a box for a car dealership and then we can lure him out of the bank to
buy a car I have an even better we can give him a test-drive
go go in the car for like an hour that will give us ample time to break in and
steal the documents and whatever is on those if he’s hiding them in the safe
they must be pretty important so all we have to do is build a car dealership
okay come on let’s go to the store now remember Logan we’re just acting normal
which is normal people live in our lives in box fourth city buying groceries
building houses enjoying the Sun well it’s heading to the general store here
hello if it isn’t me two favorite Boise’s how do we do today to buy some
fun stuff we’re gonna be making our very own car dealership here a box for a city
ahh car dealership we need one of them so we’re gonna need probably like a
jillion rolls of tape I’ll need 17 orders of car war
got spine here we got lots of spiky like I said we update every single day here
but dude this is sick well I’m gonna buy this night-vision
goggles we don’t have all the money in the world the oculars motion detector
and whatever this thing does I’ll buy it we could use these two spots why I said
I wanted to buy all this stuff it’s not a bad idea all right before we build our
box for dealership we can get some reconnaissance on the mare you know
figure out her ins and outs find out what she does all day maybe dig some
dirt up on it and guys don’t forget if you want any of this stuff in real life
you better head on over to the Papa Jake store
cuz we got all this spy gear you can purchase in real life and if you use
cold city you get 10% off during serious all right Boise’s well what are you
buying we’ll take all of this i knots right here me favorite customers that’ll
be five thousand five thousand won’t you do fifty five hundred in your colony be
like those you Logan master of negotiations since we’re building a car
dealership ah we’re gonna need cars to sell is there any way to get those in
here I mean I know there’s a massive gate at the front door but because
they’re like an Amazon service here or something
ah cars those are hard to get into box port city but I do do special orders
into box port city for the mayor all the time
I mean disregard that no no nothing leaves nothing comes into box port city
but if you want those cars I can get them for you okay well I guess to start
we’ll need three three cars alright sounds good you start on building and
I’ll get you those cards well we got supplies to build and we got some spire
so I said we head outside maybe we track down the mayor before we start building
see what she’s up to Jake you think you have enough spy gear
Thanks oh look your way hold up I think I got visual on the mayor oh yeah there
she is she’s got some sort of lockbox what’s inside I don’t know I can’t
really see just locking it up though and she has a banana it appears to be she’s
struggling to get up Jake not to ruin your whole spy parade but I can see her
she’s pretty close to us and you need to spiky or else you’re not spying if you
just use your normalizer you’re seeing she must be really old where’s she going
though she’s going to the store buy something what’s this the store clerk
the lockbox I looked a little bit shady Jay looked extremely shady Logan you
know she’s eating the banana and eating it in a very very weird way Jake who
eats a banana like I don’t know arguably that’s more shady than the lock box whoa
whoa whoa did you see that you saw that right did she just jump and do a 180
she’s like a hundred and years old dude she couldn’t even walk down the street
and she just danced that was weird maybe the mayor has more secrets than we
thought in that box she dropped off to the store clerk I thought the store
clerk was a cool guy I thought his wound barb Rose apparently not it’s probably
working with the mayor and I don’t know about you but there was something in
that box I don’t know if you guys saw what it was
comment down below if you did but this is more reason looking we need to break
into that Bank I think we need to grab her supplies and build this car
dealership so we could get that bank manager out there and go in and steal
those documents I think it’s time start building all right guys it is now time
to reveal probably the coolest box for we have ever made in boxboard City the
world’s first box sport car dealership Jake why are you dressed like that I’m a
car salesman Logan I gotta sell cars are you dressed when you sell cars suit and
tie come on get with it hoodie as I was saying the world’s first card you did not mean to sack that
balloon so hard guys check this out we’ve got our very own car dealership we
got cars out front motorcycle inside we even step inside
the car Mart all right so as a customer I go oh hi Jake I’m looking for a car
and I would be like hold up I’m on the phone no actually I wouldn’t
do that that would be the wrong way to sell something I would say that’s right
you are looking for a car you’re looking for one of the best cars and you came to
the best place in town to buy yourself a car at the car market we got all sorts
of cars two-wheeled cars cars cars on cars that’s what we sell here at the
Karma inside here is of course the showroom this is where we’ve got you
know the place where you buy your car with the register and all that over here
we’ve got one of my favorites the KC 16 motorcycle
this baby’s fast furious and completely electric power this is the future Logan
we’re saving one tree at a time and guys check this out
we built the car Mart right next to the box for banks so there’s no chance the
bank manager can miss it and if you decide to buy the car you can
drive it right off the lot I mean this door opens up completely so you can
drive straight on out I like to call it put cars for those not looking for a
massive vehicle what’s better than a car that you sit in the car that you strap
to your feet yeah that’s that’s one of the main things we sell here guys oh and
over here Logan is my pride and joy this four-wheel all-terrain vehicle fully
electrical powered manual gear shifter one two gears three maybe I don’t know
charge this baby up she goes for miles this is the pinnacle of the car Mart
this is probably the nicest vehicle we have
the showroom right now all of these are gonna be up for sale and anyone from the
box for city can come on over and buy one hopefully one of those people will
be the bank manager just check this baby out Logan perfectly well put her into
first gear let’s give it a little test here oh yeah put it in the second and
she flies boo boo box four cities has never seen a vehicle this fast know what
Logan there’s not enough room to try this thing out here I mean this this is
this is a beast we need to go outside we can’t go outside we’re not allowed to
leave box fort City right no one’s allowed to leave bomber city unless we
call the mayor she let us outside to build the roller coaster maybe she’ll
let us outside to test drive this car cuz she knows that the more people that
see how awesome box were city is the more people that will come on in here
I’m gonna call her right now hi this is Papa Jake and Papa Jack’s car Mart just
calling to say hello to the mer-pup Papa Jake the guy that owns the car Mart
there’s a there’s a massive new new car dealership out anyway outlook we wanted
to test drive one of the cars I know we’re not really a lot outside box for a
city but I was wondering if maybe we could get you know just a special pass
to test it out and I think it would really attract more people ya know like
a lot more people okay perfect yeah thought that bass sounds great yet one
hour I thought that is great okay thank you so much mr. mayor I mean mrs. mayor
I mean miss mayor mayor Thank You mayor just like that dude we
got our permit we’ve got an hour permit to go outside box for City and test
drive this car I said we head on out there right now let’s see what this baby
can do alright guys so we got our our permit and now it is time to test out
our vehicle of course we’re gonna be testing out the off-road vehicle first
because every good car salesman has to try the car before you can actually sell
it all it looks like Logan’s coming we gotta sell this thing at the end of
the day dude you can’t break it leave this car is a little dangerous it’s an
off-road piece for real tired top speed we don’t even know that’s how fast it is
electric power this is like the Tesla of off-roaders of course once you get
inside the car you’ll notice the luxurious interior we’ve got plenty of
space for your feet we’ve also got this windscreen here which is protective
it doesn’t come with airbags but that’s cuz it’s so awesome you’re expected not
to crash put it oh yeah look at this thinking it’s bad extremely fast all right guys let’s try
taking this offroad shit in the first gear if we want to
slow down shits in Reverse if we want to break all the way in second for that
maximum electrical speed oh we got a little bit of a dirt path let’s try this
out guys that was extreme thing has been insane she’s holding up what are you
doing Logan I’m trying the off-roader this thing is awesome
we only have an hour we’ve still got a little bit more time come on
not really Jake we’re almost at our hour now where we go over by 15 minutes 20
minutes 30 minutes what’s the big deal when do we ever get to come out
test-driving off-roader plus we’ve been cooped up in box for City for the past
week long just a little bit more than we have to
go back extreme off-roading ball court state police moving in on
target we got two fugitives over there our pass
walking into intercept Jake stick to the plan remember catching the mayor especially within 5 meter range I am
fully camouflaged over you are the tree Jake why is the police officer behind
the tree I don’t know why is it looking this way ok what time is it fuck for
shit police hands up you’re over your 1-hour permit at this point European
label fugitives about for City trying to escape you a broken rule number three a
box for city no one leaves box for city you must come back with me this once or
I am authorized to use deadly force well we’re we’re just having a little bit of
fun we we totally forgot about the hour yeah we’ll come back right now we’ll go
back right now we are we are so sorry sir we did not mean to go over an hour
we’ll follow you right now Roger that suspects are obeying my
commands I’m on my way back that’s fine every new car dealership has to deal
with that uh sure as a peace offering we were thinking
since we sell a police motorcycle what if we were to offer it to you at an
extremely reduced price all right well I have been looking for a new vehicle an
extremely good deal you say I guess we could work something now why don’t you
show me what you got okay well Logan we’ll take you into our showroom and
show you around what we have yeah I’ll show you a vehicle that I think you’ll
be interested in guns all four guns oh I mean we usually say no guns
all right if we just open the garage door like this check it out it’s a
police motorcycle she is a beauty that is quite a nice vehicle if you want we
can take it outside what kind of mileage you got on this couldn’t couldn’t be
exact with you but it goes far it’s a diesel or gasoline it’s electric so
you’re saving the environment futuristic I like it wait what are those things
these they’re like little cars for your feet the old cars fearful what are they
gonna come up with next could you show me how they work
so these shoes will be especially good if you’re chasing after a bad guy and
you need some speed check it out yeah I think I’m just gonna stick to the
old-fashioned car for now it’s a little too futuristic for me you mind if I take
a first spin oh of course test drive it oh yeah well this is more
like it I can feel the wind in my hat you’re
under arrest you’re under arrest that’ll be $3,000 that was my discount
yeah it’s originally $5,000 right I will take the police vehicle thank you so
much sir you were serving the city a fine purpose thank you uh
thanks very much have a great day Jake we got our first fail what you sold it
dude Congrats that is awesome guys we sold our very first car I mean it wasn’t
to the bank manager but either way a sales a sale our business is taking off
I’m gonna put this away in the register he’s here hi mr. Bateman uh how are you
doing today seems you got yourself a nice car dealership going on I actually
happened to be looking for a car myself seeing as I’m the bank manager no okay
yeah we can we can definitely arrange that I’ve got why don’t we uh why don’t
we head on over to the lawn and we’ll show you what we have left that would be
great I’d love to see what you boys have for
sale Oh guys I think we’re in business

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