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  1. This is just like last
    September(2017,) when one of my high school classmates got hit brutally by the B15 and the bus model is unknown by not being told. So, he remained unconscious for few days until the 5th week of his recovery , he came back to school.

  2. I bet the mayor blames this accident on the scooter… so sad indeed. so many questions as to where were this childs parents? who was supervising this child on a motorized scooter in the street? was the driver of the bus texting and not watching the road? sad, sad, sad….

  3. how that witness said the boy had the right of way cause the driver had the yellow light? the light would still be red, and the boy shouldnt be alone,smh,but my condolenses the the boys family,may he rest in peace,its sad.

  4. Bus have cameras which will more than likely prove the bus had a green light and the kid motorized scooter slammed in the side. Same thing would have happened had it been a car; The kid shouldn't have been riding a motorized scooter outside of a park.

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