Brainstorming New Baby Yoda Merch (feat. Casey Wilson) – Lights Out with David Spade

Brainstorming New Baby Yoda Merch (feat. Casey Wilson) – Lights Out with David Spade

Nico and Chris,
welcome. -Thank you. -And Casey– It’s your
first time. -SANTOS: Yes. And Casey, it’s your first time. -Casey Wilson.
-It’s my first time and last. She’s on that–
She’s on that HBO show. -And your last?
-Yeah. Okay, that’s nice. You’re on the show,
Mrs. Fletcher, on HBO, -with Kathryn Hahn, right?
-Yeah. -That’s good, yeah. -Thank you.
-(cheers and applause) -Thank you.
-I just saw one, very funny. -Kathryn’s so funny.
-Yes. -Uh, and, uh,
I know your husband. -Yes. -And, uh, we’re sort
of friends, right? -Yeah. All right, let’s look
into Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda is the new breakout
Star Wars character. Oh, look how cute. But here’s the bad part. No merch on this little cutie will be ready
until April. Wah-wah. Walt Disney’s head is
rolling over in its freezer. Chris, you have
some nerd qualities. What do you think, uh,
what do you think about this? When I was growing up…
(stammering) There’s always, like,
a cute character that people gravitate to. When I was growing up,
Return of the Jedi was big and it was Ewoks
’cause they were adorable. And this– Baby Yoda’s great,
but it’s just like, “Uh, just (bleep) shave an Ewok and spray it green,
you know what I mean? -Yeah, it’s true.
-‘Cause, but also, it’s like, I’m-I’m waiting to see, like,
Teen Yoda. -SPADE: Oh. Awkward.
-Like force slamming the door. Like, “Understand me,
you don’t!” (laughter) Nico? Can’t you just pour water on
these things and make more? Isn’t that how it works? SPADE: You’re confusing them,
I think. (applause) I… I have never seen
Star Wars, all due respect. -And– I know.
-(Hardwick gasping) Calm down, calm down.
It’s okay. But I do feel like Star Wars,
if I may, like, Star Wars nerds
are into this little baby because they’ll never have them because no one
will have sex with them. (laughter) -I am married.
-I know. -I like that.
-And I’m… I’m excited
about going to Chinatown and seeing all the merchants
being like, “What you need?
I got Gucci. I got Dior.
I got Yoda.” SPADE:
Yeah. Baby Yoda is not even re–
you know this– It’s not related to the Yoda
that I grew up with. -The real… -Well, I think
that the jury is still out -on exactly what the
storyline… -SPADE: Ooh. (overlapping chatter) But I can’t wait for the,
♪ Star Wars Babies ♪ ♪ They’ll make
your dreams come true ♪ ♪ Star Wars Babies ♪ ♪ The force is strong
with you. ♪ -I’m just– something.
-I think this is -I would watch it.
-from a chemical accident. -Yeah. -I think that’s
the backstory. He looks– He’s fine. No, he’s super cute.
I’m going crazy for him. But there’s no… But there’s no official
Baby Yoda items. But we made some little cuties
here, like, so kids… They won’t know the difference.
So you can get… From The Today Show,
we got Baby Hoda. I like that. I like that. SPADE:
And we’ve got Babe Liotta. -HARDWICK: Fantastic.
-He’s grumpy. -He comes with Chantix.
-WILSON: Yeah, he’s mad. And, uh, of course, Baby Hova. Yeah. Um, guys, Kendall Jenner… -WILSON: Hmm. -You know
Kendall Jenner. Gorgeous. Uh, Bella Hadid. They were in Miami
at-at Fart Basel this week, and they were, uh…
Art Basel. What did I say? And, uh,
they were seen wrestling and flirting on a yacht. Of course a yacht.
Why wouldn’t it be? There was a big story about this
in The Daily Scissor. -What it was was…
-(laughter) Now, this is something that’s supposed to get
guys like me excited, -but it feels like this move
is getting old. -WILSON: Yeah. Like, two babes kiss,
and we’re all supposed to go, “Arf, arf, arf, arf!”
You know? It’s an insult to real hardworking,
day-to-day lesbians. Know what I mean? That are out there
grinding it out, and then they see these.
They get all the attention. And we’re supposed to go,
“Oh, they kissed.” Like it’s so weird.
It’s not weird. I want a pair of yoga pants that looks like I dragged my ass
through a Bob Ross painting. (laughter and applause) -Oh, it wasn’t dry.
-Happy little cheek. -Like, just dragging.
-SPADE: Yeah. Those work on her, I feel like. -They work just-just fine.
-Yeah. You had it with this situation,
or are you okay with it? I haven’t had it. I’m into it
and am attracted to them both. Yeah, that’s true.
I think we all are. -Yeah.
-Well, uh… -SPADE: Sorry to get mad.
Oh, you’re not. -Yeah, yeah. Okay, we just…
we just found something out.

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  1. Fckn Starwars. What adult still admits to knowing anything about starwars? It's prob just me. As a litle boy I loved Star Trek and Catholicism. I went to church, watched men being beemed to distant planets and was told my Jaesus born from a virgin, and I said WWWHHAATT.

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  4. They only made the new star wars to make little yoda to make billion dollars off of merch. Same with that new togo dog movie. Just to take our money.not cuz they careaboht the series

  5. David Spade I love everything you do. I think you are brilliant and are very humble not to mention very handsome! I just wanted to wish you a very MerryChristmas and hope you are very blessed with whatever your dreams are in 2020!!!!

  6. I just watched the original Star Wars trilogy. They were good, better than I expected. I've already seen most of the newer ones. (I'm a girl.)

  7. THIS shows their complete and utter IGNORANCE to what the title is even about… it's like getting a bunch of 8-year-olds together to talk about foreign policy!

  8. I have watched this Mandalorian Series on Disney + for something to actually do with my son ( who is 21 I might add, I'm 50) so I instantly called "HER" BODA ( for baby yoda of course )…and My son say's "NO, MOM NO GENDER< NO NAMES, you don't know what's going on YET!!!!" This is my geek squad son and his Star Wars Philosophy!

  9. The second David opens his mouth, you hear what actual triple A comedy is, and really highlights the mediocrity of most "comedians." Literally, everything that comes out of David's mouth is gold. David you're right there with Norm and Kevin and Conan.

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