Braun Strowman’s most jaw-dropping feats of strength: WWE Playlist

Braun Strowman’s most jaw-dropping feats of strength: WWE Playlist

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  2. I see Professional wrestling as theatre. You know it's rehearsed and predetermined but you enjoy the performance and dedication to the craft none the less.

  3. The world record for deadlift is 1,102 pounds. You're telling me that tantrum throwing Braun Strowman can somehow lift quadruple that? LMAOOOOOOOO

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  5. Does anybody remember when roman was so mad that he put braun stroman in the hospital truck then hit braun hit by the truck

  6. Noone can lift that abulance u can see the knock off decal and i bet the truck weights 200 pounds fake as wrestling

  7. Telling myself this is so scripted you can see at 42 seconds he was leaving the truck and it looks like something is helping him with the truck

  8. Cars now a days are supposed to be a lot safer when it comes to safety and dude just easily rips door off and gives one kick and pull on the car seat and pulls it off lol

  9. I am saddened for those in the crowd and fans who watch this. To be given such a wonderful gift as a healthy life, and choosing to spend it like this…it isn't really a life at all.

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