Breathtakingly Beautiful Japanese Tiny House on Wheels

Breathtakingly Beautiful Japanese Tiny House on Wheels

Across the world, Japan is famous for its down-sized architecture. So, what happens when Japanese design meets the tiny house movement? Today, I’ve traveled to Kumano, Japan to find out. Hi Rumi! Hi Bryce, welcome to our home. [Bryce] Thank you [Bryce] Hey Katrina, how are you? Good! It’s nice to meet you I have to say, this is quite possibly one of the tiniest tiny houses I have visited so far. and it makes sence being here in Japan, doesn’t it? So what’s this actually made from? What’s the material on the outside, because this wood looks beautiful. [Rumi] Since I didn’t make this one, don’t quote me on this one, but I believe its locally grown cedar. [Bryce] oh, gorgeous. [Rumi] aged by the craftsman who built this. [Bryce] And the roofing material actually looks really unusual as well. It’s not so often that I can just reach up and touch the roof of a home. but, yeah, this looks really unusual, what is this? [Rumi] uh, Tagami, who built this one, I remember him using… [Rumi] This is, uh, made for truck. Like a cargo truck, to cover material [Katrina] so it’s very waterproof. [Rumi] yeah, durable [Bryce] That actually makes perfect sense, but I’ve never seen that done before. That’s such a clever idea. I love how the roofs are separated apart in two sections as well Does that actually fall down when you travel? it does oh how clever [Bryce] Thank you very much. And this is unusual; is this actually a chimney? It is. Uh, he custom built a fireplace into this so we can climb up top and open that up and can have a nice fire inside when we get in. And I see that this is on a single axle as well, which is quite surprising, because you don’t often see single axle tiny houses. How much does this one actually weigh? Well, when you come around here you can see the side. In Japan, it’s the maximum weigh is 500 Kg. So with additional, maybe some items in the tiny house, probably roughly around 600 kilograms. So very, very light weight. And that container there, is that where the gray water’s going? Mmm, hmm. This one is attaced the the kitchen right there, where the drain goes to the kitchen. Right there, see, where the drain goes straight in. So there’s a fresh water supply on board as well, is there? Underneath this bench here, is a 20 liter water pan, and you open this one up and you just put, uh, water. Notice these white windows? Oh, yeah. The windows are lovely. The shelves are strategically placed to really extend the bringing outside. And if you are inside you really feel it. It feels like everything is really an extension. It’s really actually wonderful how the builder has done that. You can see all of these shapes and lines on the outside that have been continued, and then mirrored on the inside. And it forms this wonderful kind of dynamic, doesn’t it? Yeah. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? And is there actually more storage built into this part? Yes, there actually is.

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  1. I'm so addicted to this channel, I almost watched everything here. That's why I'm trying to search it on Netflix to look for more videos but apparently I think it's only available here in youtube😹

  2. I am seeing this video with a kind of fear, a tiny house full of wood even the electric control devices attached on the wood.

  3. This is my favorite tiny house! The construction is magnificent with attention to every cut on every board. I love how the wood is cut at the doorway and repeated at all the corners. So many secret compartment when you look closely but too many to reveal in this show. A pop up roof! This design will help me to think wisely about all space in my tiny home. Thank you.

  4. i mean i like the houses but some like this, i have a small cabbage in my garden, that is exactly like that. Nothing special. And i made something to sleep there when the lady thew me out lol

  5. Breathtakingly beautiful? It's hideous. Living like this must be very constraining not just physically, but mentally too. The monotony of the decor doesn't help.

  6. Beautiful little cozie and wonderful ladies was really amazed this was a wonderful episode Cringed little bit when I saw the fireplace with no screen in a cedar looking hut with a leather placematt

  7. Come on please visit Indonesia mate, here have alot kind of Wood, i am don't have a cabin or Tiny house like your but actually i am interesting to have.

  8. all asian be like “no shoes inside house!” lol … i love the design ! its like u can park in everywhere anytime it just as small as normal car omg i love the designer’s idea ! i love this movements and youtube channel this is very entertaining yet having like non stop learning thank you for sharing

  9. Its look beautiful yes with all the wood, but comfortable? Imagining sitting on hard wood for few hours every day working on computer, doesn’t sound appealing. Think my ass and back would hurt

  10. And here i am living with my partner in 100m2 flat in berlin that sometimes seems too small for both of us 😧.
    Just our wardrobe room is 20m2.
    This is really incredible, how people manage to live like this, i would love to learn this kind of minimalistic thinking.

  11. It's beautifully crafted, but it would drive me out of my mind if I had to live in it. There's no comfortable place to sit and relax, unless you take it all apart and change it into a bed. Claustrophobic.

  12. Too much setting up is tiring. Bed should be set up always. Everything should not be hidden. Stark empty look is not homey. And I do like tiny homes.

  13. After some time showing their property and mindful living, hosts asks, "…two girls, what about closet space…" The two women look at him, wtf are you talking about. I too was thinking, what a patronizing and sexist way to ask a simple question.

  14. Very happy for them, they love it but come on, it's a shed. It must be so depressing after dark. I would be having psychotic episodes if I had to spend the night in that. Although where do you actually spend the night in there?

  15. ‘Talking big in a tiny house’ lol he likes to gab. All we need is trailer size, weight and a 30 sec silent tour. Then after that do your 20 min video…

  16. 600 kg with their stuff! This could be pulled by my Prius. Might look silly but totally doable. lol

    It is so beautiful. I think the people saying they could build it for 5 or 8k don’t value their time much. This is art. I love it!

  17. "Really the tiniest tiny house, being that this is Japan, that makes sense, doesn't it? "
    Umm.. no
    He towers above both.
    Ohh. Beautiful setting. 30K must be the wood and like said, craftsmanship. Nice- thanks for the video ❣️

  18. I love these tiny home programs. The host genuinely presents every tiny home as though it’s the best one he’s every seen. BTW, I love this particular tiny home.

  19. I fostered a dog named Rumi. Awesome home. The Japanese sure do have some interesting and unique contributions. Craftsmanship like that for $30k!? That's a labor of love right there.

  20. I love how the people living in these tiny homes, in nature or on the road, sound like they have found their peace. Bringing it back to our roots

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