Bubble Buddy 4p – Low Speed Electric Vehicle for Sale, Built by Bintelli Electric Vehicles

Bubble Buddy 4p – Low Speed Electric Vehicle for Sale, Built by Bintelli Electric Vehicles

Hey everyone, Justin Jackrel here with a
video review of the citEcar four passenger bubble budy street legal electric vehicle.
Now this is classified as a low-speed electric vehicle. So in most states it can be driven on
any road that’s marked with a 35 mile an hour or less speed limit, but be sure to
check the local laws so you know for sure that this vehicle
is legal in your area. What I want to do is show you some of the
specifications and features that this vehicle has and if you have any other questions
please feel free to visit us online at citEcarEV.com or give us a call toll free
at 866-542-8677. Okay so just as quick overview I
want to show you that this is our four seater model. It comes with two rows of two seats in each row, along with the rear locking truck in the back. We also have this bubble version
available in two and sixty configuration as well. Now all the citEcar Electric Vehicles come
complete with batteries, chargers & controllers that are made here in the
USA and all these vehicles are built in the
USA as well. Comes complete with everything needed to be street legal
under low speed vehicle rules. Such as the seat belts, turn signals,
headlights, brake lights, DOT windshield, DOT tires, VIN number
and more. So now that we’re at the front of the vehicle, what I
want to do is show you some of the features that comes complete as a standard addition on this
vehicle. Okay so first off on the front of the vehicle you’ll see our DOT approved
windshield. This is safety glass, similar to what you have on your standard car. Some of the golf carts out there will
come with a plastic or folding windshield, those are not street legal. Under the low-speed vehicle laws you
must have this AS1 safety glass. You also have your windshield wiper.
You’ll see here that we have the headlights and turn signal just like you would have on a
car and then going around to the other side I want to
point out here, that we’ve got our aluminum rims. Now this four passenger model has a 12 inch
wheel and then we’ve got a three piece mirror set. You got one on each side and then
the center rear view mirror as well. So now I want to take you a little bit further back in
the vehicle and show you some of the other specifications. Okay so I want to point out that the
charger on this model is located underneath the front nose of this
vehicle. If you do want your charger mounted in a
different location please just ask your salesperson when you’re dealing with
them on drafting up your quote. You can use an extension cord that meets any of the
specifications included with the vehicle purchase. Now going back I want to show you the seat belts.
We’ve got 3-point safety belts here, that’s an upgrade over a standard two-point lap
belt that would just go across the bottom of your body. This is an upgraded feature included
standard with this model. Now underneath this first row of seats is where your batteries are going to be located. Once a month you want to raise these seats up and take the tops off the batteries and fill them up with distilled water. That will ensure that your batteries last
you for usually about three to four years on a residential usage side. Going back here you’ll see that we have
two more seats, ample leg room here. I’m about six feet
tall you see I’ve got plenty of leg room here. We also have a net that allows you to
store some some goods whether it’s a bottle water, maybe some papers. Now we do have a stereo system included
with this vehicle. You’ll see in the back of the vehicle we
have two speakers we will test out the CD player a little bit to give you an
example what that’s like. If you want to add additional speakers even upgraded
speakers we can do that for you as well. So I want to take you to the back and show you
the truck. Okay so here in the rear of the cart I’ve got the four way flashers on to
the show you the turn signals and hazard lights. We also have brake lights on the side
and this one up top which is LED. So if I can get DeAnte to actually put his
foot on the brake pedal you’ll see that those get illuminated. We also have this rear trunk here, this
does lock, I’ve got it unlocked here for you. And that’s great for carrying groceries, if you’re taking any goods to the beach you can put maybe a small beach chair in there. We also can fit the rain enclosure,
which will fit along the roof line of the vehicle and I’ll show you that a little
bit later. So let’s go ahead and go back and I’ll
show you the inside of the cab of the vehicle. Okay so here we are in the cab, the
first thing I want to do is let you hear the sound system that’s included, its a CD player and radio. Has great sound quality that’s included
with the vehicle at no additional charge. We do have our forward and reverse switch, when
going in reverse you do have a beeping. You’ll see here that we’ve got our hazard
lights as well. This is where we have our windshield
wiper and then our horn. Now the steering wheel included is a
leather wrap steering wheel with a wood grain
finish. We do have three pedals on the floor, the far left one is
going to your parking brake, middle will be your standard brake, right
is going to be accelerator pedal. You’ll also see on the glove box here this
does open, we’ve got storage on both sides, it does have a protective film on it right now. And then we have our digital dashboard that shows your speed your battery life and your odometer. Okay so the last thing that I want to point
out is going to be this track along the roof line. This track is for rain enclosure. Should
you choose to purchase that separately the rain enclosure will protect you if
it’s cold or rainy out. So pretty much what would happened is it would stroll
along the roof line, when you’re not using it he can either be stored up here
or you can detach it and put in your trunk. When you do want to use it, each row of seats would have its own role down door on each side and they’ll keep you dry or warm. We can
also install heaters, air coolers, anything you can think of. So
once again my name was Justin Jackrel from citEcar electric vehicles we do
have this model available in a multitude of different colors. If you any questions or would like to
customize a vehicle to suit your needs please give us a call at 866 542 8677 or visit us online at citEcarEV.com. Thanks for watching.

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