Budget Street Cred (Season Finale)

Budget Street Cred (Season Finale)

[Music] [Music] [Music] welcome to another episode of mighty car mods proudly supported by just car insurance not just another episode of mighty car mods but I’m mighty finale for the end of season 4 now street cred nobody knows exactly how to get it but everybody wants it so in this massive finale episode we’re going to be running a social experiment we’re going to be buying a car that nobody thinks has any street cred and then converting it on an absolute budget to see if we can get people thinking it’s awesome even though the car sucks alright so the first step Moog has to go on buy a car now I’m out again dude and I know exactly what I’m gonna get y’all so he looked on his way with our new car he wouldn’t tell me what it is but he did say he got an absolute bargain so I’m yeah hopefully we’ve got something that’s kind of cool that we can work on Moog I like to buy cars in the dark which never ends well mood just likes to not ask questions and just hope that the car will be magically perfectly okay this is the guy who bought a jeep bought a G didn’t loan it bought it and drove it what are we gonna do with that it’s a Volkswagen I know that like so much pedestrian cars ever made which is why it is the perfect car for our street cred episode did you you paid did you pay a lot of money though cuz you could get a lot of carport your paper now look these are usually around four to five thousand dollars depending on condition this one here has red Joe till May next year and was $1,000 I know what you’re thinking how did you do that but the story gets better Marty these rims have got brand-new tires I’ve already sold them in advance for $200 this total car so far has cost us $800 you got airbags power everything it works it’s been serviced that’s playing it totally works everything is there everything you need and it’s a Volkswagen which means it’s frickin awesome it’s fricking slow and it’s freaking ugly but yeah it’s perfect everything about it’s like air conditioning is called the brakes work it’s recently being serviced it’s like it needs a clean of course but it is absolutely perfect do you wanna go for a drive seat yourself you are gonna love it man it’s good to go yeah man that’s pretty good that’s not dr. Bai or anything fancy but it’s quite obviously it’s a Volkswagen make that’s what they do they drive nicely okay at best you know what it does you know it does have going for it compared to some other cars of a similar vintage it feels like solid yeah planted just stop it’s great and it’s comfortable look it’s there’s air conditioning there’s airbags on both sides you know when I’m when I got a dropped at my house I didn’t even look at it because I knew that it was $1,000 for a perfect car it was advertised for one and a half thousand dollars but they really needed to sell it I’m just like thousand bucks get it gone yeah just a few thousand bucks and everything works everything perfect yeah we just got to work on the hell is that there is no reverse that’s the one thing there’s no reverse if there’s no pocket the other foot one two three four and five work you’re going that way if we want to go that so we can’t park it you can’t get it rid jodan hmm we can’t do anything did you you bought a piece where are you going no it’s filthy and it’s smells sweet this is a mark three Volkswagen Golf and you’re probably thinking that it doesn’t look like it has much street cred at all and you’d be right with uninspiring performance and conservative styling it’s not turning any heads at all we made an anonymous poll online and after taking in hundreds of votes he came back with a street cred score of just three point two out of ten our mission is to try and transform the car and increase its street cred value so that the modified car community actually thinks it’s cool with a total budget of $1,500 and $800 already gone on the car we’ve got $700 left for mods okay the first thing we’re going to do is get rid of all the paint on the car but we want to see which method is the best for removing said paint from the Gulf so we’re gonna try a bunch of different methods and see what works and see what doesn’t work it’s gonna get nasty messy and ridiculously off removing the paint is gonna be a big job so we’ve got some volunteers from the Mighty Car Mods forum it starts and runs south and runs well it does everything it does everything doesn’t it does everything that you need a car to do what’s the one thing that you don’t need in a car cute pubes is one of them the other one is reverse oh yeah how often do I reckon in the total time you’re on your car how much of a percentage of time to use reverse less than 1% they’re heavy generally built like tanks which some people thinks a good thing except I think when you’re trying to go fast that’s not a good thing and the problem with Marty’s argument is that he was dating an expensive heavy euro at one stage they can look mean with a little bit of work Martin and our whole goal here is some street cred that’s what we want what is street cred who knows it’s an undefinable and liquidy kind of thing that changes and moves in time as culture and people mutate through their lives I don’t know what it is but our goal is just to get this cheap car for one and a half thousand dollars and actually turn up to a meet and have people turning heads and going wow that looks cool but when you’ve only got one and a half thousand dollars to spend and we’ve already spent more than half of it on the car you can’t afford to add things to the car so what we’re doing is taking things off [Music] [Music] even with a group of us using blinders is taking a long time so we’re gonna use paint stripper on the bonnet and see if that’s an easier way of getting rid of the paint okay so it would double gloving for extra safety paint strip art because of like what you do when you’re on a first date I heard people do that I was going to avoid a joke like that I thought maybe we’d get rise above that level for a change okay anyway so your double glove because this stuff is evil paint strippers the worst it will lead through even like your normal gloves you’d wear like examination gloves individual does eat straight through it and then thanks for a kind of paint that earns its living on a pole Martin looks like it’s not doing anything but soon it starts to sizzle like bacon this is definitely an easy way of doing it so we decide to bring out the car and do the rest outside oh well we’ve just been on gardening inside it sounds pretty wrong thought we’ve just realized that I we do have some paints to the left and it actually seems to be the most effective way of getting rid of a lot of paint quickly particularly on these curved bits that would have been really hard to go on so we are we’re just giving it a little bit of sanding with some some very gritty sandpaper so that the the paint stripper had some channels to sink into and then we have strip all the paint off that’s the plan [Music] [Music] okay so we are back at Mighty Car Mods headquarters aka Marty’s mum’s driveway now we managed to get rid of most of the paper they’re still a little bit more work to do before we move on to the next stage month that’s right I’ve never done a back to bare metal restrain for so it’s gonna look mad a respray yeah while we’re stripping it so we get like no reprieve we’re not painting it we’re doing something else man we’re doing something special that’s never been done in the history of automotive galactic engineering but I’ll tell you in a second what we’re going to do first of all we’re just going to finish cleaning off the paint that the paint stripper didn’t eat through so we’re going to do that and then we do our mad mad mad design work this is it [Music] [Applause] [Music] most of the plane is gone and we’ve ground through the galvanizing so it’s time to go to the shops some shops not a place you can buy beer we need Japanese beer we need German beer and we need Australian beer and that look at that Martin that is what we’re painting our car with with beets it would be we’re painting the paint mate which I would be I’m gonna show you what we’re gonna do we’re gonna get Australian beer we’re gonna get Japanese beer and we’re gonna get German beer and we’re gonna paint our car with it German lager we’ve got German beer we’ve got American beer we’ve got Australian beer and we’ve got Japanese beer and we’re gonna use that to paint our car mixed up the supermarket salt we need that Martin and we need a lot of it the old smart by cooking sauce salt and beer that’s how we’re gonna find our car with rock salt we reckon that’s like do you prefer that over R&B salt oh I do I like my hard rock salt it’s sea salt and vegetable seasoning look at all the goodness look at the nutrients why can’t I get some beef salt no okay time to head back to the driveway so in our quest for street cred and to turn heads we need an interesting paint job on the car so we’re gonna be exploring a totally different way of coloring up a car and we’re gonna let the thing rust now this is a culture that’s kind of quite common in some car scenes at the moment that stemmed from the rat rod scene people are rusting up their civics rusting up their different cars but most importantly it’s a popular thing to do with Volkswagens but we want to see which kind of countries water makes the best rust so we’re going to be putting beer on the car mixing that with salt and letting that rust and we’re doing it multicultural style so we’re gonna using be from America we’re gonna be using proper gdm German beer we’re gonna be using some jd/mba and we’re gonna use some hanging handmade BB which is very brutal beer we’re gonna be mixing that with salt and we’re also gonna be comparing the rust but each of these beers create on a different panel with our own special brew of liquid that’s already been through a human so Marty I reckon we’ve got to start with the driver’s side and I’m feeling a little bit of German beer because we need to encase this with with the German spirit because that is where the driver conditional German and imported from Germany that’s what the governor’s we’re gonna get mate so I’m gonna take that off it might take me a little while Martin tell us all a story Martin there we go that he’s gonna be awesome man German rust mad mad Japanese engine power awesome it’s like a fuel attitude Japanese rust Rudy yep this is awesome I can’t wait to see what the Japanese rice out slightly frothy it’s very frothy now Martin V babe yeah it needs to go on the ass of the car doesn’t it now passengers Martin Patton York and Budweiser because this is what all the u.s.a people are into this whole look yep that’s true on on here got another can of baby which is lucky I’m just gonna do there we go Oh Martin not only that this is the pen this is the panel that we are what this is the panel that we hit it on and we’re already seeing where he’s saying some quality rust there next up Martin and it feels wrong to do it we’ve got to put salt on the car to eat through the paint purposely put salt on something to rust it it just goes against everything I believe mine but do it throw it on there next week that will eight turn destroy a car just try it it’s not a good guy oh it’s pretty I’m not touching that panel I’m not touching it I do touch it [Music] it’s good about this Marty it’s like a whole paint God so like 15 bucks the cost of beer you can’t believe that here two killings of so learning custom dollar absolute but five minutes ago we finished pouring the beer on this car it’s already starting to rush you can see it change color right in front of your eyes particularly once we put the salt on there you can see on the camera but that’s gone from a very very silvery color you can see it starting to bronze up particularly in the parts we went heavier into the paint’s there’s less paintless galvanizing less coating stuff like that but funnily enough there’s a particular beer that’s in the lead and it’s on this side obviously the human juices by a long way probably all the acid and vegetarian foods that have coming out of it but this is Budweiser and VB Budweiser and VB and VB is smashing it okay so it’s been five days since we stripped the paint off the Gulf and covered it in beer and salt and this is what it looks like now the cars built up an amazing amount of rust in less than seven days the various beers from around the world have eaten away the metal and left us with this beautiful brown rust that looks like we don’t care even though we do for maximum street cred so kids on the internet told us that for real street cred we need more low and more stance so let’s get to it okay so we have just failed the shoe test in a massive way so it is time to get a little golf and get it lower so we’ve just had this package arrive these are 100% German quality coilovers that’s what the box is anyway now people often talk about how cheap our coilovers are that you can get from from overseas like feces and different brands like that they got nothing on the Germans these here this is a full set of height adjustable coilovers these were and 37 pounds now an Australian dollars that’s 210 dollars for a set of four adjustable coilovers now on top of that you’ve only got 20 pounds to ship them here this brand new from Europe I mean I’ve it’s I don’t know how they can do that because that is a quarter of the price that you pay for some Taiwanese ones do there’s nothing in the box oh I don’t hit no it’s just all or much littler than I thought so that there is a component if we divide that whole price by four that actual unit is around $40 that $40 and that’s gonna dump a little golf on its butt it’s gonna be mad the first step is to jack up the car get the wheels off and remove the stock suspension so as you can see by my use of multi grips I’ve only got one 18 mil spanner I’ve never encountered 80 ml bolts on a Japanese car before as always when you’re on doing these be really really careful you don’t damage your paintwork just sometimes they can slip and just cause lots of damage with the lower strut bolts undone the strut top can be rattled off and the whole thing can be extracted from the car [Music] the original struck top is bolted down to the new coil over and the center nut tighten now when you’re doing suspension a lot of the time people run into problems with not being able to do up these nuts you can’t actually grab the shaft of the shock absorber because you’ll ruin it with your rule on the seal so you have to do it a different way one thing you can do you can go and buy yourself a spark plug socket if you can farm on the right size in our case it’s 21 millimeters and it’s perfect and what you can do is put that over the nut then put your allen key through it and then with a spanner you can do off the nut that way the hub is bolted into the bottom of the coil over and everything gets tightened up we got some steel wheels for 80 bucks each but they’ve got massive offset and we’re not sure if they’re gonna fit under the guards the wheels fit but the guards are gonna need some work and we’ve still got to adjust the suspension the rear suspension is even easier with just a few bolts holding everything together it’s a good idea to place the nuts and washes down in the order that you removed them so you don’t forget how it goes back together we can’t seem to find a way of getting the new shocks out unless we pull them apart there’s no no an easy way to get rid of them alpha leader Sam it’s good yeah [Music] coil overs have various adjustments depending on which model you get ours are the most basic height adjustable ones that get harder the lower you go they have collars that you can wind up and down using a C spanner that comes with them by winding the spring seat up higher the ride height goes up with it for maximum street cred you want to make sure it’s almost undriveable with our suspension sorted it’s time to get some cosmetic mods but first we need a test drive which was all going well until this happened so sticker bombing is still pretty massive people putting heaps and heaps of different stickers all over panels of their car that is probably a little bit too expensive and we’re trying to do it on a budget so we’ve got this weird manga comic I have no idea what it is or what happens in it weird people and orbs and robots and stuff so we’re just going to cut the pages out of this and then stick them all over the front panel and it’s gonna look mad decoupage is practiced in nursing homes by elderly people all over the globe it’s the art of decorating an object by gluing cutouts of paper onto it it was first seen in East Siberian tomb art and later made its way to China in the 12th century from China to Germany and then on to Sydney Australia we’re now using pages from a Japanese manga comic book to add some JDM street cred to our goal the comic book cost 10 bucks and we’ve only used 10% of the pages so this panel has literally only cost us one dollar plus the glue the car used to be white and this white is not matching the color of the rust which means we’re not getting maximum street cred points so we’ve got to make it black we’ve only got a few cans of spray paint so we’re going to attempt a respray on the cheap [Music] full respray $7.00 50 we’re adding some street art inspired design factor to the number plate area by using a can of Brunswick green spray paint left over from the zombie car build we’re spraying it on thick so that we get extra paint runs this is the hot thing to do in Germany right now for that extra street cred when traveling on the Autobahn next on our list is the roof which is way to stop looking a few half-full cans of green copper and flat black spray Don’s are completely effect I think we’ve just got to make the bonnet look like it’s been stored under a tree for ten years in 24 hours view yeah we’re painting the bonnet in the colours of the German flag to show the Gulf’s true heritage what better to put on a car that is covered in rust and rust guard it’s very important to not let your car rust more and it’s already rusted well people might think that you don’t care someone told us that you have to click out your bonnet after you’ve painted it so we did [Music] all the kids are doing it these days mate you got busted sticker for me something dude I’m not actually doing it because I want to do it though Martin you got I’m just doing it because the that’s what the internet told me to do man our car has come a long way but there’s still a few things to sort out we’re in serious need of some camber for the wheels and more stickers are needed for maximum street cred next up we’re gonna stick on our plastic over fenders so are they called I don’t know my over fenders all I know is that there are $30 for four of them shipped from Poland that’s so cheap and actually like custom made in the bumper in the skirts and they were like yeah some heat helps the flares take the correct shape and a whole heap of Sikaflex sticks them to the car now you could use double-sided tape if you don’t wanna commit to Sikaflex we’re gonna commit to have them on there for the rest of the cars natural life [Music] so this year’s guard role otherwise known as offender reforming tool if you’re from the United States of awesome basically this attaches to the hub of the car and then that goes up against the lip of the guard and rolls it’s awesome you’ve got big wheels you can lip the guards and if you watch episode 2 of the original season you’ll see how not to do it with hammers or if you don’t have one of these but this is heaps better I’m going to show you how to do it the guard roller attaches to the hub and pushes back on the panel if you’re like us and don’t have paint to ruin you can go hard now that the wheels can’t rub on the metal we can install our plastic flares for more clearance and then add some negative camber to complete the fitment so this coil overs don’t come with any camber adjustment for what they do come with is oval holes on these bottom mounting so you can pull your hub out as far as you can which you give you just a tiny tiny bit extra camber if your cart isn’t just for parking hard you probably want to get this done an alignment shop otherwise have a mate or the bottom of the hub out as far as possible then tighten up the bolts we’re giving our rear guards the same treatment to get us more clearance then the flares can be stuck on oh dude it’s going into your pants I have to kick you you know so this would not be a mad custom euro ride without some add custom euro stickers so the first thing we’ve done is we’ve made a country sticker now you’ve probably seen these on lots of cars they say CH on them for Switzerland or Deutsch or whatever so we’ve made our own MCM one now the other sticker that’s very popular on Volkswagens and other European cars is Nurburgring stickers which is a famous track that’s in Germany you would have seen it on all your PlayStation games but it’s not really as relevant to us so we’ve made our own version of the Nurburgring and that is the Royal National Park this here we scanned of Google Maps it’s got an umlaut at oh just to show how much we love Germany and that is going on the back of the car just to show how awesome and Australian we are with our mad German car [Music] he does just ask him [Music] what have we done Martin laser we did the civic we did the zombie car and now we’ve done that I don’t I don’t I I lost for words like it just look at it while these lobby is that Japanese philosophy centered on the acceptance of imperfection and flawed beauty it’s a concept used by artists when nature is implicit in the transient nature of their work it’s hard to believe that this is the same car we bought just a couple of weeks ago over time the look of the car will continue to change and morph in the weather but what we need to do now is take it to the people and see if we’ve actually increased its street credibility Volkswagen taking the car home but we’ll see anyway so we are we’re on our way to Euro fest we should be there in about 10 minutes and hopefully it’s a very very mad day hopefully they like the car [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay so we’re down at Euro 2012 and this is Andrew euro fest terrific on the fest what are you talking about isn’t today isn’t today euro fest it’s a JDM yard meet all Honda’s I thought we were at Euro fest not wrong place wrong place oh okay we’re at the wrong meet I’m gonna just check and see when Euro Fest was last weekend oh really so we’re at the wrong mate awesome what are we gonna see today then there’s so there’s no euros here no euros here today so a lot of high-quality Honda’s a lot of B Series a lot of K series are you allowed to bring a euro here you’ve got a Honda motor I guess yeah okay he was not joking like some kind of strange nightmare there were Honda’s everywhere [Music] we’ve managed to turn up to one of the biggest honda meets in the country in a Volkswagen yes this is awkward [Music] well at least we’re turning heads that’s what it’s all about right we were directed into a parking spot away from the Honda’s and away from the people nobody cared about the golf we failed [Music] but then something interesting started happening as we hid away from the car so nobody would not was ours more and more people started checking out the golf [Music] soon there were more people around the Gulf than the other cars around it was it possible that the little golf had resonated with the people it’s human qualities of imperfections it’s flawed beauty it’s urine and beer painted panels we decided to pretend that we didn’t even know who owned the car the elaborate I hate it now looks sexy yeah yeah where’s your owner yeah hell yeah look if photos are anything to go by we had to go crowd favorite unfortunately a rusty gold seems to be the crowd favorite because the crowd the more they rule they speak and a rusty gulf seems to be their favorite you can rust German cars but not Japanese guys at our words yeah that’s how it is all right so so yes I know love it hate it in one word I love it look I reckon if you bought that for five grand and wheels and lowered and you actually spend money to make it rusty it probably owes I’m six seven grand yeah and so is it disappointing that it’s getting more attention than your GTR yeah it is disappointing yes it is it’s obviously all about street cred here and looking mad now this can’t be Honda’s he’s been getting a lot of attention this rusty Volkswagen thing all I want to know is out of ten street cred what would you give that part seven a seven or on what about you man you’re an egg yeah you like it this okay we’re good straight Kurt the Gulf out of ten what are you I can seven seven dude what do you think a point of interest how much would you give your own car street cred out of ten turning heads why you don’t see this every day so I think the first thing is people like all these get away with driving a car that looks like that alright can that’s because I just I’ll show you on this side as well we’ve got something that I haven’t I personally haven’t seen before either it’s some kind of manga decoupage thing you have you seen anything like it amazing opinions its sticker bombing to the magwell that’s like a Japanese comic that’s that’s what I said you can see they can take the bonnet and done the rough different layers but it’s taken time there’s a pool out of ten what would this get for street cred part nine definitely awesome and just enough at the top on I say attention wise probably yeah ten out of ten because you’re gonna get every photographer taking photo of this car today yes it had to be you guys well what do you mean it has to be asked why would you say that because you guys are just pushing it you know a lot of people at the Nurburgring stickers we know someone’s actually traced the rural National Park and uh that’s so cool I want that sticker that’s very cool so did you do this this this is my caramel toffee this is also this one here I really but it is very tactile you just want to touch it and you definitely do want to take a photo of it would you believe me if I told you that I’m me and Marty behind the camera we built that whole car for $1600 with Reggio til May next year including buying the cars of 600 that’s right does that change your opinion on our on its street cred score we started with a street cred score of 3.2 and we’re now getting scores of 8 9 and even 10 out of 10 all of this for a total building by cost of around one and a half thousand dollars and a couple of weekends hanging with mates on the driveway [Music] I’d rather lose by a mile because I built my own car then win by an inch because someone else built it for me your car is your story so don’t let someone else write the book [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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