Build & Battle: Whose Engine Starts First?? 13b Rotary vs LS V8 EP.6

– I hope not. – Whoa. – There’s a right tool for the job and this is not it. – Nobody’s cheating. Hey.
(engines revving) (organ music) – Welcome back to Build and Battle. Today is the first day of
week three of building. The last week of building. These guys have been going really hard. Both cars are in a really good place but it’s basically a race to find out who’s gonna break first. You know both of these characters. – Man, where not a heart attack, we ain’t breakin shit. Both of our cars run. Your the one who breaks shit all the time. – [Hert] Hey, hey – First of all, more than a host. Second of all, leave me out of this. – More than a host? Can you explain what
more than a host means? – [Hert] Host, with a T. – I said it, didn’t you hear it? Anyway, let’s get back to
the real people’s deals. – [Hert] Alright let’s see it. – Look, I got him working, kinda like Vargas does, John does. John’s got little Vargas
or is that older Vargas? – [Hert] The older Vargas, yeah. – I got Jose, it’s better than those (mumbles) – [Hert] Are you a little Brad? – No way. (Hert laughs) – His talent far exceeds Brad. – [Hert] Alright, alright. More than a Jose. – More than a Jose. We just got fuel lines, nitrous lines, tightening everything up. I’m starting with bolts. I’m going through and tightening everything
from front to back. Then I’m gonna hit the wiring hard and Jose’s gonna hit the radiator hard. – [Hert] So is today
the day we’re gonna hear this thing fire up? – That would be the ultimate dream. – [Hert] What’s up, Mike? – What’s up? – [Hert] Mornin. Good morning. (laughs) Hi, Mochi, hi Mochi. – [John] Alright, now
we’re gettin comfortable. – Finish up the hoses and probably run some core in lines. We still gotta pull everything back out at the end of the day because we gotta swap out the transmission because that was just a test one. Finish welding the cage, latter bars and all that stuff. Final welding, so we’re gonna have to take everything off
again, fully weld it and put it back together. So we’ll probably start it tomorrow. – [Hert] Oh, I like it and when you startin it, today? – We’re gonna try to start today. If we can get gas, we’re both waiting for gas, so if gas comes. I heard there’s a guy
that has a 55 gallon drum in the building, might be able to hook us up. I don’t know. – Not pointing fingers or anything. – [Hert] Where is he? – At least not your whole fingers. (Big Daddy and Hert laugh) (hip hop music) – So I’m just bein extra lee rent because I have some lines that go like up here on the body and my exhaust comes down here. So I’m wrapping this with all the lines and then I’m putting a shield against it. I actually like this stuff. It’s kinda cool. – How we lookin? – Solid as a rock. (power tools) – Looks like this thing has
like some type of coating or spray over the aluminum. So I pretty much just wanna get rid of whatever coating is on there or any oils and what-not that’s on that. So you pretty much wanna get
it clean, like super clean. If you try and weld on
aluminum when it’s dirty, you will get a big mess and probably end up messing up whatever piece you’re trying to weld. This is what you need to weld aluminum. Change the setting right here real quick. We were on mixed steel, so got down to tig aluminum. That’s it, ready to roll. The settings at 1/8 inch material but I’m using the pedal too, so controlling the
amperage with the pedal so if I need more or less, step on the pedal more or less. All I’m gonna do is just pretty much put it where I need it. Once I have the pedal
going then, you know, I’ll throw a dab on there and then I’ll just let it cool down, leave the torch on there so you can get the gas flow going before
actually taking the torch off. And then once I have that tag on, I’ll go ahead take this piece of tape off and then clean this area because, obviously, it’s gonna be it’s gonna have some of
the residue from the tape. So I’ll go ahead and clean it with some of that acetone. And then continue welding all around. (welder buzzing) So I got a tack 30. Brad was actually moving the truck a bit, so I kinda I almost
dipped the tungsten a bit. (welder buzzing) Just so you know, I’m not the greatest welder at aluminum. – [Brad] A lot better than I am. – Look who decided to show up to work. – How can you shit man, look. – [Hert] Prove it, show me what you got. – I got– – [Hert] First off, make Mochi shut up. – Hey, I’m the captain now. Went to H Streets, I got the four and 3 1/2 90 go from a
(mumbles) to in core piping. Aluminum piping for the
turbo and for the radiator. Okay we got our tires in. – [Little Vargas] And I saw the motor. – [Hert] Oh, you did? They’re comin? – The guy wanted shipping
post 266 bucks from Michigan, he’s gonna get the motor. – [Hert] How are you gonna ship it? – 1000 bucks, throw it on a
pallet, strap it, strap it. – He’s the host, you figure it out. – [Hert] More than a host, first off. more than a ho so figure it out. – [Hert] Second, not a shipping guy. – YOu’re making me uncomfortable
the way you’re (laughs) – Hert, you see this? – [Hert] Is this the Brad beater? – Brad doesn’t think a
24 inch tire can go fast. – [Hert] Yeah, these look
pretty small compared to his. – They’re not, they don’t look that small. Once you put air in them you’ll see. – What’d you say Hert? – This is not a small
– Said that they look bigger– – It’s a small tire–
– that they’re way– – But it’s not a small tire.
– bigger than yours – way bigger than yours. It costs way smaller than yours. – [Hert] (laughing) Hey Brad, calm down. – This one’s a Mickey Thompson ET Drag, so it’s just like slick. This is a full slick, that’s it. The only thing you can
do better than this is go wider, you know, taller. We only want 26 but a
lot of cars will run 28s, like height wise. The taller it is, you know, the more it will wrinkle and
the more traction you will get. But for what we’re doing, like we’re not tryin to do that. – This here is a 12 1/2
inch wide 28 inch tall 15 inch rim, it’s cheater
slick is what it’s called. So it’s technically
almost the same compound as their running but it’s
got a couple grooves on it so that you can drive it on the street, be technically DOT. Ultimately, we’re both
fighting for traction so I want the biggest tire I could possibly put underneath the car. I actually didn’t even
care if it stuck out. I just want the biggest
possible tire we could afford. If you don’t have the power, and you don’t have the
gear ratio to pull a tire, all you have to do is
kill your mile per hour and it’s no good. – Even though it’s not as big as his, it’s an actual like drag
slick versus a street tire, like they have. He’s running a street tire so he has a little bit of like,
slip, with the tires. These are not gonna give us any slip. These are just gonna hook and if your rear end or
anything is not up to par, you’re just gonna break everything. – This tire, we have an
eight eight rear end, if I put a 12 inch slick like that, I could bend an axle or break an axle. With this compound, I have a lesser chance to do that, so I’m buying on
the safety side of that also. – Given that we have the 31 spot axle, it’s a spool raining,
nine inch all that stuff, I’m not worried about
breakin the differential, so we can run tires like this. – They’re like a ballerina on high heels. She could probably dance
but she gotta be good. I’m just like a regular girl drunk on the dance floor ready to party. (drum and bass music) – [Hert] This is new. – Yeah, so it’s gonna be
the inner cooler basically. There’s gonna be no inner(mumbles) so it’ll be straight from the turbo to the engine. This turbo’s usually run
with a different radiator but we could find the right
one cause it’s smaller. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna block this one off, drill it to this side, so I can run the line around the turbo. But we got to cut this in half so one the turbos stand up. It’s gonna straight up. – [Hert] I noticed your cage is getting pretty crazy in here. – Just cause the latter bar set up, we have to reinforce the whole car. This is the same way in
Mike’s reboot is built, same ways besides the cage she has everything completely tied to the body. His is easy cause he has a frame. This is a uni body so we have to make, basically we have to make a frame for the (mumblels) to sit on. – [Hert] So what do you plan to have done by the end of the day? Where do you expect to be? – Hopefully, this finished up and all the piping finished up. – [Hert] You gotta go
get some parts today? – Yeah just getting the little stuff in case when I get fancy turn the car on cause you need to get spark plugs. (grinding) Cause the way, the way
the bend was designed, right now I’m matching this side first, make it go up and once I have it goin up I have to cut it, and then clog this cause
you need to go backwards. – Got to lube the shaft. Got to make sure your shaft’s lubed, you don’t want no chaffing. – Okay on a serious note, what do you got goin on down here? – We just hooked up the linkage for the transmission to shift and I’m putting a little
marine grease on it. Now I’m gonna go up and I’m gonna just check the adjustment and pull it in. So that’s first gear, second gear, third gear. That’s all you should have to do. First gear, second gear, third gear, done. – [Hert] Can you be wide
open on the throttle when you shift? – Wide open when you do that. Neutral, third, second, guess
you could do it both ways. – You finally got some shoes? You gonna stop wearing those fake ass clogs, you wear? (whistles) – No, I don’t got crocs on today, man. – Shut up. Really? Perpin like you’re fast now. (whistles) You got a go fast jacket. Too bad you’re slow. I can start goin fast now. – I know. – Look fast now? – Almost, maybe if Hert chase you, then you’ll be fast. What else we got? We got pant. – Pants, shoes. – Oh harnesses, they got that color right. What’s in here? – Window nets.
– Oh window nets. Look at the gloves, I like those gloves. Neck braces. Hey you definitely
don’t need a neck brace, your car ain’t fast enough. Helmet. Oh this one’s mine cause I so – You got the little boy one. Oh there you go. – Oh yeah. – Oh yeah. Hey can I keep this after the show? – Hey I (mumbles) loose on you man. (laughing) You need to put the helmet back on. – Aw, look it fits. – Now if I crash, I’m safe. (drilling) – So next, I’m gonna go there and weld the intake pipe. I actually have to cut it just to make a different angle on it, so it’s pretty much done. So all I gotta do is weld it. Once I weld it, I’ll go
head and throw it on. (welder buzzing) – [Hert] Hi Brad. – Hi.
– [Hert] Hi Jose. – What’s up? – [Hert] What are y’all doin? Y’all ready to start this? Are you waitin on us? This camera holding you up? – We’re putin the icing on the cake,baby. – [Hert] What’s the icing? – You can’t decorate a cake without some fine icing. – [Hert] This is a cake? – We baked this thing. – [Hert] What kind of cake is- – [Hert] What kind of cake is this? – Tasty cake.
– [Hert] Oh yeah? – Tasty. – [Hert] So what’s the icing on the cake? – The icing on the
cake’s the filter system that we’re getting to use. – [Hert] This thing? – Yeah, we get to use the K and N, pod style filter with the K and N oil filter. There’s a little nub at the end. You know how it’s hard to get off when your hands are greasy and oily. – [Hert] Oh that’s so you don’t have to jam a screwdriver in it? I woulda let you lead.
(Hert Laughs] Yeah, well they make this cool
thing right here for that. So we’re gonna go head put
on a brand new oil filter, brand new air filter,
hopefully keep our motor alive. – [Hert] Are you excited
you’re not goin turbo so you can be nice and simple? You don’t have to do anything
special, you can just. – I don’t know if I’m excited, I’m just cheap and I can’t
go turbo cause I’m cheap. If I woulda had a few more extra dollars, I would have gone turbo nitrous. But yeah, we’re broke. When you’re broke, all
you can do is bottles. – Once we actually have
it on there permanently– – [Hert] I mean that’s a worm clamp with unlimited worms, boom. – I’m happy with that, very happy. (classical music) (drilling) – Race car, don’t need spares. (classical music) (power tools buzzing) (tranquil music) – I think it’s like the show’s John and Brad arguing. – That’s what they wanted. – (laughs) Two guys working
and two guys arguing. – [Jose] Oh I’m not working? I did all the fuel lines, I did all the harness I did the welding. What else? What else can I telly you? I built the engine, huh. Fan shroud, fan. You spent eight days doing
the fucking roll bars. – [Brad] What’d you do the
rest of those nine days? – [Jose] What’d you do? Your shit still don’t turn on. – [Brad] You can watch the video. You’ll see, it’ll show you. The proof’s in the pudding. – [Jose] Yeah he’s cranking all the time. – Now we gotta swap out the transmission, put the oil pan on. I’m pretty sure this
transmission’s goin to Sergio. (power tools buzzing) – John is this the tranny
that’s Sergio’s getting? – [John] Yeah that’s the trade we’re doin. – Yeah, so we’re– On top of the money that we’re payin him, we’re givin him a transmission too. – [John] You givin him the bad one? – No, it’s not bad. It’s just missing bolts. (both laugh) Then I have to put the clutch on because we left it over there. So we already got all
the hardware we needed. After that we have to do the coil harness and then we can turn it on. After we run the fuel lines. (Laughs) I think we can do it. All in a day’s work, right? – We are getting close to
turning this engine on. Doing a bunch of just finishing touches. That is a fancy wiring diagram. Let’s see if I can read this, right. Stac, I don’t know. He was probably thinking
about a girl or something. This, I have no idea what it says. Fuel pump to positive. Fans to another positive. Something about a fuse. I’m guessing this is the shifter, Brad? – [Brad] Yeah. – ECU. This I have no idea what it is. – He’s doing actually really, really well from my chicken scratch. I mean like–
– And another fan. – I’m actually super proud. I couldn’t read somebody
else’s crap like that, I’ll tell you that. – This is the schematics. When we have a problem, this is what we’re gonna look at. – Trouble shooting guide. Trouble shooting guide. – Makes it easy, you know. Brad proof. (inspirational music) – Nice. – Take it off? (grinding) – Have em find us a belt. (inspirational music) – So we took the transmission out. After I lock the bolts and I set it to 50 foot pounds of torque. – Already did all them. They’re all at 50. So the next thing to do is before I put the clutch– When we inspected it, this came with the engine we bought. This, the threads are a little chewed up so we’re gonna have to go
get the tap and die set and clean this thread up. After that, we’re gonna put the clutch on, align it, put the transmission on, put the starter on, and then we can run the fuel lines to the fuel pump and technically we can turn the car on. (power tools buzzing) So this is a clutch alignment tool. So this is gonna center the clutch, that way it goes in easy. Alright so usually they’re more flywheel tran side, so it goes this way. And then the middle one that’s
for the pins, like that. And then start putting the bolts back on. These should go at 18. There we got it in. – Where’d your sleeves go, bro? – They got ripped off. How are ya? – Good man, what’s goin on? You changed your name to Lawrence? – Not yeah. – Not yet?
– Yeah. – What do ya guys think? – This thing looks nice. It looks fast. – Does it run yet? – No. Thanks. – What’s it need now? – Fuel. – What motor is it? – Hollis a five three. – Five three? – Can we see? – If you guys were building drag car, what would you do? – I’d probably just huff
that bottle right there. (all laugh) – Is that a bat mobile? – That’s what I’m talkin about. Wow, it’s clean, it’s nice. – Looks cute. – Gotta install all the beam. – Tubes through the fire wall? – Yep.
– Nice. – Cause his lateral marks. – That is no joke, nice. – So about a nine inch
strench pool 31 ? Axles, and it’s got a 457 here from Strange also. – These guys are doing good. Everyone’s doin good. – Whoa, that’s bigger than the engine. – In take’s semi rear flow we’re running six injectors total. 102 mm throttle body. Six 2200s. – This is a six cylinder? – Nah it’s a two cylinder. – How many injectors how many injectors– (cross talk draws out other sounds) Four to have 550s and 750s and we have 2200 (mumbles) – This things gonna fly. – Alright guys, back at it. Installing that Holly ECU, the terminator. Probably one of the easiest home brewn ECU fuel injection
system you could do. Got it all wired up. They say, we’re gonna show you guys how to set up or initiate
your first Holly program on your terminator and I
believe dominator also. We’re gonna show you how to turn it on, fire it up and get going. We’re gonna go ahead and put
our key to the on position. That lights up our screen, as well as our ECU over here. And we’re gonna start with– This is the screen that’s gonna come up when you first turn your computer on. You’re gonna start with your wizard. It does everything for you. You just gotta make some choices and with those choices
your engine should run. Multi port fuel injection. That’s the style motor we’re running, that’s what we’re gonna choose. Firing order. If you guys are unaware
of your firing order, you guys can always Google it. You can Google doctor,
you can Google anything. The firing order of an LS. That’s what it is, we’re gonna choose it. So I know this is a 5.3 liter motor. So we’re gonna go head and go next. And we’re gonna slide this
thing over to 5.3 liters. Basically how big is the motor. And now it’s gonna
allow the fuel injectors and all the ignition systems
to operate correctly. Target idle speed. This is an automatic, so when you put it into gear you want to kinda keep it up to around eight 50ish. We’ll start at eight 50 and if we think that’s low or high, we can always change it later. These are cam shaft specs. And this is basically your duration. So 235 degrees of duration is real low. That’s a stock cam. 260 is a mild cam. And above 260 is a wild cam. So these are actually cam shaft choices. We’re just gonna go with
the basic stock one. This is the reluctor wheel on this motor. This motor’s an 09. 09 we know, is a 58 tooth reluctor wheel so we’re gonna choose 58. We’re gonna go next. Now, injectors. This is Holly injectors, cause we installed those. You guys all watched
us do the installation of the Holly injectors. Car part number was 42 pounds So it was the 52 42 A. Now power outer type, of course. Nitrous, that’s what we have. Everything. I would love to do nitrous,
turbo, super charger just click em all but we don’t have that in our budget, maybe next time. This is it. It is now initializing the computer. It’s asking us to send this program to the computer which we’re going to. There it is. Boob-boob-da-boop-boop-boop. Pre-cycle the ignition
system to complete operation. So what we’re gonna do is press okay. We’re going to cycle the ignition off. Cycle the ignition system on. We’re not quite done yet because we gotta tell
this thing the throttle. These are very smart. And it’s called TPS auto set. That is throttle, position, and settings. It’s gonna say, “Make sure your ignition is on “with your engine is not started”, that’s what we’re doing right here. We’re gonna push start. Gonna say, “Slowly to press
the pedal to the floor, “then slowly release. “Do this twice”. We’re convincing it, where zero is, where full throttle is, where zero is, where full throttle is. TPS auto set is successful. And we’re done. Now we can go to monitoring the motor. And that’s all your gauges. And there’s all your gauges. – You like? – Yeah, big beam. – Gonna make sure it fits. Gotta drive shaft. – Put it in your (mumbles) – Nah, one of the washers came off that’s about it. – Well I’ll just make one really quick. 16th
– Yeah it’s like a little washer. I guess it fell off. – You guys have? Okay, Mike, I got it. You’re gonna put it on the wrong one. Just make one. – Okay. – Yeah, there you go. – I went and got some for 250 bucks for that expensive drive shaft. Kind of unfair, Brad paid 150. Same boy charged us 250. – That’s how I do it. – Brad didn’t get a Gatorade
bottle washer either. – Yeah he didn’t get
Gatorade bottle washer. There you go. That might be the difference between us winning and us winning. Nice, right there. – It’s a scorcher here in Long Beach but let’s check in with the boys and see how the build and battle is going. – Damn Brad, you put the guns out today? – You know I got them
one seven sevens out. – [Hert] Ew. – Lazy red riders, knock a guy out. Half of our used parts don’t work, like you buy em when you get em so– – [Hert] Oh no. – We’re having to like– We install the nitrous stuff and we were popping our cylindroid and a pair of our used cylindroid didn’t happen to be good. – [Hert] A pair? – A pair, so one gas
and one cylin one fuel. So we have four gas and four fuel. So one pair were not good. So I had to go look around on the ground and we found some good
used shitty ones that are hopefully gonna make us through the day because we can’t afford
to buy anything new. – [Hert] Is this your trash can? – Trash can clinoid. – Yo, that cylinder’s the nicest thing on that engine, the one on the back. – [Hert] That’s another trash can clinoid? – Pro trash can clinoid. So these are good for like 300 horsepower. – [Hert] Cylindroid, you got figured out. Luckily, you have a floor with a plethora of perfect parts. What else do you need? Cause, I mean, I’m tryin to
see who’s starin up first. – Well if they get gas we can throw power to the fuel pump wire
and we’re ready to fire. We’ve dumped our main tune in. So we have our base tune in right now. Our based tune is dumped in right now. If we get fuel to these injectors and we have no leaks, it’s fire time. – Cheaters. Hey Don. What’s up boy? John Vargas. – So we got this finished. Wiring the coils, Mike’s almost finished
running the fuel pump. – See you got your blow off valve. – Then make float wires, (mumbles) the fuel lines
and turn the car on. We’re gonna do M1 but for M1 we’ll need a
nos fogger for the top end but we can’t find it in
the ground, like Brad so we just can’t run it. We’re gonna run C16. Try to find out MF came with the car so we can keep the air
temps cold in the top end. – [Hert] Oh wait, should we
check in on your third guy? Your third their third man. – Third Vargas. – Third (laughter drowns
out other sounds). – You guys are lazy, you guys are lazy. – No it’s called having money. You have money, you don’t build you’re
calling in me to build. – I, I don’t know how to weld. You both know how to weld. – It’s not lazy, Max, it’s safety. If my life was on the line over some weld, I would rather have him welding. – [Hert] Yeah but. – Listen here motherfucker, I can weld too but I’m not tryin to do it right now. [Hert] Lazy. I do not trust them with
scissors and my body. This is not– (welding buzzing) – Ow, my arm. ♪We’re gonna ♪ ♪ Holy shit ♪ ♪ I really think he needs an ice cream ♪ ♪ Maybe an ice cream♪ – I hope not. Whoa. (engine revving) Hey, hey hey. – Whoa whoa whoa. – At last, we don’t have to warm it up. It’s ready to go. – Brad. (engine starting) – What cam? No cam. No cam. Do you hear a cam? No cam. No cam. No cam at all. – [Hert] It’s gotta little low low to it but you know. – There’s not cam in that shit. – [Hert] Maybe that’s just a misfire. – Yeah it’s got a play in em. (Hert laughs) – Brad. Jose. We’ll you guys win the battle on who starts their car first. – Who got their actual motor revving? Not the one that’s sitting on the side that they’re selling. Good game, get in the shower. (all laugh) – I’m allowed to hit him, right? – [Hert] Did you just square up with him? – Is that square? Cause it looks kinda round to me. – Find out you asshole. – I feel like takin him to the court play a little basketball. – Try it again, Brad. – Ba bling bling bling bling bling. I think you should hold your dog for a little bit. It might help. – [Hert] How’s it feel? – Good. It’s gonna feel better when he’s in this part of the mirror. – [Hert] Hey what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you? Look at this mess. What are you guys doin? – We’re working. If you work, you would
know how much mess it is. – [Hert] Eh eh eh eh. So literally, this is 90% done? – The rest of the work is gonna be to the car where all the wiring to do for the coils, the line lod, valve and the fuel pump. Goal tomorrow is have the car idling in here so no one can even work this. Make a lot of noise. – [Hert] Just ruin everyone’s day. Mike, how you feelin? I think you and your brother should rock, paper, scissors
for who gets to drive cause it kinda seems like you’re doing the heavy lifting here. – Well today, I worked more than him. Cause yesterday I took a day off and two days is Mike’s day off. – Did it look like I took a day off? (Hurt laughs) – The building battle is getting hot. I can not believe Brad managed to put this thing together in 12 days, obviously with the help of Jose. But their vehicle is on the ground. LS, nitrous, full cage,
full rear end package, full drag race prep truck in 12 days. Then you got team Vargas. In a really good position for 12 days. I think with a little more elbow grease they’ll be starting in no time. So the next episode, I expect to see both the cars running, both cars getting aligned and track ready, getting some style points aka spray paint. Stay tuned for the next episode of Build and Battle. I hope you enjoyed it. Brad say bye. – Bye. – John say bye. What he meant to say was bye. – Garage build against shop build. Here we go. – [Man] You both– – Keep em in a garage? Budgeting. – Who’s your daddy? Who is your daddy? – If you had to bet a thousand dollars– – A thousand bucks? – If this was stock LS. – Oh stock, LS, hell no. – Bone stock. – You should just name
this thing bone stock. – That’s what we’re gonna name it. – Got to do your livery around that

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