Building a Prosthetic Arm With Lego

Building a Prosthetic Arm With Lego

– [Narrator] Meet David Aguilar. – [Narrator] When David was born, his right arm hadn’t fully developed. – [Narrator] And while some would see this as a disadvantage, David
is just a regular kid. He likes EDM. He goes by the name, Hand Solo. Get it? He has an embarrassing dad. He goes to school. And, he can open doors with his Lego arm. So cool. Growing up, he was obsessed with Lego. So much so, he wanted to make
it a part of him, literally. – [Narrator] Unfortunately,
the Lego bricks weren’t strong enough and it
wasn’t for another nine years ’til he would try again. – [Narrator] That model,
the MK1, only took five days to build, of course,
like any good inventor, he got straight to work on an upgrade.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Any Kind Of Such Challenges Brings Out The Best In People…That In Itself Is Truly Phenomenal And Brave People Like Him Prove It Everyday In This World That No Matter What You Face In Life ,Whatever Others Say, There Is Always A Way To Overcome Challenges And Never Ever Give Up! Salute To Such Brave People

  2. Kid: Mom can I have a arm

    Mom: we have a arm at home.

    Arm at home.

    I don’t mean to offend, I actually enjoy this story!

  3. this kid need funding.. maybe one day everyone with a disability today would be someone who might have more ability than the normal person..

  4. i made something like that too. but i have acces to a lot more stuf than him so i coated it with a removable skin. it looks like. feels like and works like a normal hand. i lost my hand in an accident but now i'm fine

  5. That's awesome!

    "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability of making the world's first Bionicle man…"

  6. I know how you feel I have one arm and I am 9 years oldyou get bullied like everyday but still it's like pretty cool that I know what you're going through man and I feel very sorry for you ???

  7. I'm from Poland my english not good posłuchaj ta ręka jest super napewno ci ułatwi życie. Ja akurat mam obydwie ręce sprawne

  8. I get it. It's an inspiration story nothing else. But this isn't that special. For a number of colleges they make thier students do things like this but more complex every semester. Congrats a kid learned the basics of human electromagnetism. I hear colleges like ucf or Harvard do actual arm replacements. Not a 4 day build. I get it a idiot figures out basic legos but it's not something to be praised soccer moms

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