Bus Call – Episode 7 “When You’re Here”

Bus Call – Episode 7 “When You’re Here”

Now I can go to South America. You packed? You wanna show me? Yea I’m packed…fuckin been packed dude. Short socks, long socks, undies. Biggest essential – “chonies”, you gotta have a plethora of “chonies” in order to go to South America. Along with a plethora of socks. My sock bag burst up! That sucks So you know, you get to here, and then you just go….and then you just slide it right in. I do need to look up the temperature, like how much warm clothing should I bring. After a four-month break, the band and crew are in LA preparing for the
Latin American leg of the tour. With the extended break there’s a lot of work
needed to get the equipment in order and return to a performance ready state So we’re making sure we’ve got all our ducks in a row and we’re not carrying any erroneous crap that we usually build up over time. And fixing broken things. Which happens all the time. Every time I’ve heard this acoustic recording, all I hear is Danny. I can’t hear you on the chorus So try putting a little more gruff into it.. Vocally? No you back off, try sing it ….smoother and not so shouty. What’s made it feel better, is we’re freighting everything. So theoretically, that makes our life a lot easier Normally, they will fly with all their equipment
as checked baggage but many of the countries on this run have unique
customs regulations, so they have opted to send the equipment via air-freight. We’re dropping it off and someone else is gonna drive it to each venue for us. Which is great. And it only cost….a small fortune. This will be the first tour since Jesse
and Rachel’s daughter, Eve, was born in January. He’s gonna be gone for about a month, and she’s still so new so… Sorry. I just, I don’t want him to miss
anything and she changes so fast. that I’m afraid he’s gonna miss
some important things. In 2015 the band played a string of
festivals in South America. Although this is their second time in many of these
countries, it will be their first headlining show in most cases, which will
give them a realistic idea of the size of their fan base. After an overnight flight they have some time to get their bearings and do s ome press, before their first show of the following day I don’t have service. My phone doesn’t work. I can’t make calls. I can’t get emails. Data is not working. Texting is not working. I love the fact that I travel half way across the planet to talk to T-Fucking-Mobile all day. Most of the shows are two
days apart to allow for travel, press and promotion activities for the band, as
well as enough time for the gear to be packed up, trucked to the airport and flown
to the next city in time for load in and soundcheck the following day. It’s only been a day or two… The anticipation of leaving was much worse actually but we have FaceTime you know so.. already talked to her like four times… That’s the shot I like, there we go, sideways. My two girls She gives me reports on
how the baby’s pooping and eating and all that stuff so..I kind of feel like I’m
there without the smell I wonder what tomorrow shall bring As everyone gathers in the hotel lobby,
they learn the bad news. The cargo plane carrying all of their gear was held up
for unknown reasons and will not make it in time for the show Ehh..our equipment got “UNITED’ed” DYLAN: Ah…awesome. It got here?…It won’t be here? That’s Mo in a nutshell. He’s like
optimistic when clearly it’s..everyone sit down for some bad news So we’re gonna miss the show? No we’re gonna do the show. Backlined? Yea Oh god. Not only do they have to find and rent
all the instruments and gear in time for soundcheck, they also have multiple TV
and press commitments spread out around the city. It’s not a very usual instrument
to rent. Normal rental companies didn’t have an accordion so it was a friend of
mine who said, “my father used to play the accordion I think he has one somewhere
in his house” Thank you. Obrigado. Really nice. It’s a nice old Italian accordion. MIC: Nice one Nando, that was quality work. With one major hurdle crossed, they still have to integrate the rental equipment into their production Ah fuck. It won’t go into play/wait mode? I really hope it goes well because
Brazil – the fans are kinda nuts here. CAMERAMAN: Say hello. (Sao Paulo 2015) Hello Dylan, I’m trying to get hair like yours. (2017) Now I have better hair….my hair is better than Dylan’s A lot of them have been like looking forward to this
since the last time we were here so.. Technical issues. Not ideal, especially
first time back in the country That’s not the kind of impression you want to
leave..or it’s not the state you want to be in.. ..go do a show like that.. How was the show last night? It was awesome. It was very encouraging I feel like reminders like this
occasionally that we need that music and this career can be fun and enjoyable MIC: How the fuck did we get away with that, anyway? That was kind of a miracle. I mean that was just..everyone took pride in their jobs you know..and just wanted to make it happen We spend so much time like bitching and
complaining and dealing with bullshit you know, all business side of things but when we
play a show like that you just remember like Ahh..this is why we do this. That and money. Did you make some money? No. Following the close call with the gear not
making it to Sao Paulo the day before the band and crew are relieved to find
that everything has arrived in Santiago. *Doing vocal warm ups* I always sing that song before shows…I don’t wanna jinx myself by saying this because there’s so many fucking words
in that verse that I’m always worried about forgetting them so I just like drill it in my head like I’m studying for finals or something. *repeating verse lyrics* It doesn’t matter. It just sounds like mumbled gibberish so I can just be like… As a first visit to Chile, everyone is
happy with the show and the successful planting of a seed for future visits and
festivals So it’s your birthday tonight? In 20 minutes. So are we partying tonight? yeah Wait what? Lobby Call is not at 11:30am… did something change? “22nd: Travel to Peru” Nope It’s 6:00am. What time is it? It’s not 11am Lobby Call
it’s 6am Lobby Call What time is that right now? 3:19am fuck So what time is it Mic? 10 past 6. We’re waiting for the remnants of the birthday party to arrive in the lobby so we can make our way to the airport. How you feeling mate? Feeling rough. Really rough. Who’s next down you think? Is it gonna be G, Jason, or Danny? I think it’s probably going to be Jason. It’s Danny! Good morning. Morning, I made it You’re not the last. MIC: I can’t believe it. That’s unbelievable. G, how was the rest the night? You get some smooches? Jason, Jason, Jason! Geron’s just so happy he wasn’t the last one. My phone died. And I needed this girls number. So I pulled out my laptop and got her phone number on my laptop We fell in love after you left bro. 7:30am – Airport Lounge. What are you making? Some sleeping medication Morning. Bonjour. With the rare occurrence of no activity
or obligations prior to show day and having heard again and again about the
culture of food in Lima, the guys seek out a traditional Peruvian restaurant. I got the lips and arseholes , the guinea pig, and the blood sausage. This is like very fluffy Portugues e
potato ready. It’s fucking excellent. Chicken liver’s weird. Chicken hearts are a bit weird. Everything else is fucking great. CAMERA MAN: The guinea pig’s good? Yea man, it’s really good. It’s pretty good. You had it too? We choose to go out to
dinner altogether… Yea That is not normal as a crew. So
many crews fucking hate each other because some dudes leaving his bunk socks and other people’s bunks. We’ll get there. An idiosyncrasy of Lima, is the multiple
standards of electrical power across the city. Some neighborhoods are on 220 volts,
some are on 110, the venue appears to be on both. I want to make sure there’s no
voltage between his guitar strings an d his microphone. Ok, cuz there’s no ground. Because there’s no ground on the 110
but hopefully there’s a ground on the amplifier which I don’t think there is man. I hate today As the only one was
significant electrical training, it all rests on Mic to find a workaround to make the show not only possible, but safe. Well you saw the movie “Almost Famous”
possibly? There’s the bit where he walks on stage and they’re rocking out. And he walks up to his mic and grabs it and fucking electrocutes himself and nearly dies. And they pull the gig and all that. That could potentially happen here. So we need to make sure that we have a solid ground somewhere for him. Two languages I don’t understand today.
Spanish and electricity. I’ve never done the heart attack on stage though, but we’ll find out today. MIC: That’s not fucking funny. Picked the wrong week to quit smoking. One of the most enthusiastic crowds we’ve ever played to. And they just had such a good time. They were just like raucous, they
were just like having fun. It’s contagious. All the power issues were worth it. We thought they weren’t gonna be worth it, but they were. Thank you for everything, the concert was awesome, I love you! I love you all! Holy shit. That’s fucking amazing. Despite the lack of support from their
label back home, the band kept very busy with press and media coverage throughout Latin America. A great sign for their goal of developing a touring base there. Guys, thank you for coming out with me now in this interview. You’ve been planning that one for a long time. None of us have come out yet. That’s the first time I’ve had chills at
a concert in a long time. I honestly think that might have been the best crowd we’ve ever played to. It has been one of the best tours we’ve ever done. Just the consistency of every fucking city and country that we’ve come to. It’s just been incredible. I almost feel bad for Mexico… because like…well unless Mexico blows them out of the water but I just don’t see how they could. Hola Mexico, ‘que onda?’. We are KONGOS and we are here in Mexico City. I got a little gift for the baby. Something I could say I got from Mexico. Oh my gosh you’re breaking my heart. I ran out of t-shirts. Well I actually have
one spare in my backpack but I have a tank top… I was gonna wear that but Dylan’s already
wearing a tank top so… We have a one tank top rule in the band. I’m not kidding. Can’t have more than one tank
top on stage otherwise you’re the “tank top band”. Only one tank top on stage at a time..
Whoever puts it on first. It’s like a fedora. Like in a group of friends, you can only have one person wearing a fedora You can’t have two people waiting
Fedora’s. If you do… One of you has to die. If not both. One Fedora’s pushing it 3 minutes till showtime. This is our last show. Last show, in Mexico. How has the Latin American run been? Pretty fucking amazing actually. It’s been awesome, I would say one of our best, you know, crunch time tours as in like, you know,
crazy travel days and not much sleep. This has been far more intimate and
responsive I guess. We’ve really connected with audience and every day has been better upon better upon better. It’s 3:30..3:15 in the a.m. Does Danny know we’re all down here? Yea he’s there you can see him.. He has no idea that the windows like… Props goes to Danny for living life
to the fullest After a year of uncertainty, the Latin
American tour was a turning point for the band, and they returned home with a
sense of optimism and renewed energy I’ll see ya…If I don’t see you this weekend, I’ll see you in Memphis. Memphis, Tennessee. Next time on Bus Call. We’re gonna be booking it today, especially with the short hands with Mic and Mo being gone. We’ve gone weeks sometimes when 2 people aren’t talking or can’t even.. ..barely even look at each other and you still gotta go on stage. You started that Jesse, you made it personal. Go fuck off. It kills any potential for any enjoy. What’s it like having a band of brothers for sons? Shit.

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