Bus Conversion Vlog #7: Removing the bus heaters and old wiring

Bus Conversion Vlog #7: Removing the bus heaters and old wiring

this is stinking delicious and it’s pretty much irresistible usually when I open the bag I have to eat the whole thing but 10 ounces seems like quite an awful lot so I’ll try to spread it over about two hours what’s up everybody so we’re back at the bus today was an interesting day on the drive over from Kalispell it took me about three and a half hours to get here in comparison and normally it takes me a little over an hour and a quarter but the roads are really, really bad and there was a rollover accident that happened
with a young girl and her grandma thankfully they were both alright but…… watching that happen right in front of my eyes and then being able to stop and help
them and thankfully I had my first aid kit until the firefighters got there a few other people stopped but it was a it was an interesting day which… took a little bit of the excitement
out of working on the bus because I know there’s so many more
important things in life but today what we’re gonna do is take out the
heaters and reroute the coolant lines and then work on some of this wiring it’s been super super cold here I think this morning it was down to like minus one right around there so it’s been really, really cold thankfully though, there’s outside of the snow that I’ve tracked in there’s actually no water in here which is kind of surprising considering that, you know we had some we had some leaks in some of the seals in the windows the floors we’re gonna start prepping them so that we can Rust-Oleum on there but still have to get out some to get out these panels I figured out my air compressor situation
but we won’t handle that until it probably our next video so, today, heaters, electrical so what I’m gonna do right now is I’m
just gonna cut off a short piece I’m gonna link both together and tighten
up the just the clamp again that way they won’t leak with my moving them this process has actually been relatively clean so far i spilt more antifreeze removing the floor boards than I have actually cutting them and moving the heaters yesterday and my camera died and I
didn’t get to film the entire removal of the heaters and all of the coolant lines
and everything this is the net result of the removal of all the heaters and there was a smaller heater that sat right in that area where the the coolant lines are exchanged you can kind of see because it used to sit right here in a lot of the new buses it seems like the coolant lines run out from underneath
them or run from the motor underneath the frame and then up into the bus and then back into the heaters but in the 1993 version of this Am-Tram
International Genesis which is an amazing bus by the way they don’t do that they actually run underneath the instrument panel until they get right to the front of the bus and then they go down so as you can see I cut out part of this this frame which is part
of the instrument panel you can see that all the instruments
and everything are right there but I cut out this part of the instrument panel and got our lines back far enough away from this line so basically this is my build line this right here is the build line but what I did is I was able to get these lines far enough back away from there so that when I do build it if I do leave it like this I can build around it and still be okay, and I have
enough clearance so I just made sure to cut these
lines off far enough back one of the things that you’ll see is this power line runs to a light on the outside of the bus this led to…I believe a light these led the speakers this was for speakers and a light speakers and a light a whole bunch of just stuff ultimately what you get is almost all of
this wire… I can remove the crazy thing is all of half of half of this wire is that and the other half of this wire is four more speakers more lights stuff that we don’t don’t need stuff we’re not going to use this is again an outside light we’re probably going to end up removing these anyways we’re not going to do that today but you can see there’s a whole bunch of
electrical that is just plain unneeded trying to film and do work at the
same time is a challenge because you can’t carry the camera around everywhere so what we did is we took all
the wiring out it wasn’t applicable we have some other wiring that’s back here
that will deal with a little bit later this is the wire harness that kind of
connects all that it’s kind of a big gaggle one of the things that I had to
make sure that I did was on this emergency door I had
unplugged all the plugs when I pulled the lights out and then when I plugged them back in had to make sure that I had the right ones plugged in so that the emergency door
still alarms when it’s supposed to it’s a little fumey in here it looks a little bit wet but it’s not water what it is, is I sprayed down some rust
removal so it takes off all the surface rust
I resprayed the whole entire thing to get as much that surface rust off as I can it turned out really, really good the first
time I did it but I only did half the bus this time I did the entire thing everybody thanks so much for all the comments and messages that you guys have been sending to me it’s been a really great process to to get feedback
especially get the positive vibes of doing something that is really fun none of this stuff is super, super hard you just don’t want to cut the wrong wire or
cut the wrong hose and realize shoot I actually needed that so some of the stuff in here took a little bit longer and again sorry that the video is a little bit disjointed and isn’t as long as some of the other
ones it’s hard to work and film at the same time especially when you’re in
really tight places so if you would, if you liked the video if you liked what I’m working on subscribe to the page share it to friends and family let me know how you think I’m doing if
there’s anything I could be doing better I definitely will take that into
consideration and try to try to improve and try to listen to some of the feedback from people who have done it
before but until next time

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  1. I decided to keep my rear heater for heat when driving in the rear and it will be out of the way under the bed anyway. Keep them videos coming. Looking forward to your build.

  2. Great work. Don't just throw the scrap to the curb. Take the heaters and the wire to the scrap yard they will pay you for it. Reinvest it back into the bus. If have time to take the radiators out of the metal boxes you will get more money for them. Good luck. Subbed

  3. Love your videos!! Just laugh at really really cold (-1🤣) to I took my heaters and floor out (after watching all your videos!!) But it was -29 for me 😎

  4. So After You Drained The Heater And The Hoses, You Cut The Hoses All The Way Back At The Instrument Panel Then Connected Them?

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