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  1. The report indicates that the bus service is not a city government agency, but owned and run by a private company located in Ohio.

  2. adjusting mirrors should be part of the pretrip inspection…forget the union get the DOT and cite the people that wrote the letter. Excuse me while I check the Calif. law

  3. This is the very opposite of Chicago Transit. Hell you have to adjust your mirrors a very specific way so you can see. Its actually against policy to have them any other way but they train you on how it should be set. This case here is so bizarre. The Union will get his job back though.

  4. Unless u have proof of a work stoppage going on with all the drivers the company is full of crap In 2013 NYCTransit claim the subway union was involved in a rule book slow down with no proof after many passengers where getting hit by the subway trains and was about the take the union to court for violated NY State Taylor Law when at the same station not one but two trains injured two passengers killing one and shut down the Lexington Ave before evening rush hour after the accidents the NYCT withdrew their court action with egg on their face cause both train operated at normal speed when the passengers were struck

  5. First Transit, huh? They've always been full of shit from the get go. They're the ones always preaching about safety (that's only ONE thing I agree with) and you get fired for doing the right thing… that's safe. SMH… That's why I left my previous job without a trace and moved on to something better.

  6. yea, it's not your position to manual adjusted the whole assembly mirrors, that mean you got to lose up the outside mirror by screw and tight it back up. you fuck up

  7. I have worked as a bus driver for 17 yrs. You can't even make a turn without rear mirrors. Not many people know it ouside the heavy transport sector that big trucks and bus drivers never look over the shoulders. We only use rear mirrors for everything. A bus without a rear mirror is like a bus without rear wheels. The boss was apparently a newbie or found a good opportunity to settle an argument over something else. Probably Attitude.

  8. Im confused. Shouldnt the mirrors be adjusted before leaving the yard? If he was relieving a person and didnt like how the mirrors were adjusted then thats the issue. Apparently they felt he should be able to drive with the mirrors a certain way that he didnt like. And he kept doing it

  9. Under fdot during pre trip you are required to adjust the mirrors, that is the law. The only time maintenance can touch the mirrors is when they are damaged. There is more than meets the eye. He will get his job back with back pay.

  10. oh i should have known, First. In London First Buses disappeared in 2013, and they lost the Thameslink rail in 2014 due to their terrible service, this doesn't surprise me


  12. This company must shut down because driver have right to adjust mirror any time you want because safety because the bus operator keep both mirror with nice view make sure bus operator can see what's around him

  13. Because they fired this guy he is Spanish if white mane on this position of happened they not fired you know why whit people they fight for they right with big law suit but they fired this guy they might think if we fired him he might not know the law so let him go easy but my Spanish mane he fight until he get his job back I'm wish you best my friend good job Latino hard worker people with big respect ok for first transit shame doing this

  14. Coming in early 2 work helps the driver check out the bus, pre-trip, do all DOT safety checks and paperwork. Including any mirror adjustment which is a daily shift requirement due to many different drivers operating the same bus. Manually adjusting mirrors takes time, electric remote operating of mirrors is preferred.
    First transit likes 2 fire personnel in order to save wages by hiring new ppl at a lower wage. The union should have a reasonable expectation of returning this driver to work and getting his lost wages returned as well.
    I was a Teamster Union 542 steward and i was involved in the San Diego 2016 nine day employees strike that resulted in better health, medical, plus higher wages for Teamster 542 drivers, mechanics, and bus washers at 7550 Copley Park First Transit bus yard.
    Professional Bus operators deserve respect, good wages, and even tips from riders for safely transporting the public thru very difficult traffic and dangerous weather conditions. First transit provides all types of shifts, and is a good job for retirees not dependent on a high salary. Some shifts are 4 days a week, new drivers can expect 2 drive 200 miles per 9 or 10 hour shift. Want to travel? First transit has contracts all over the world, Panama, Las Vegas, NV, Washington D.C. & San Diego, in some places they operate trains.
    Extra hours are also available, drivers can work 6 days a week if that floats your boat. They always need drivers.

  15. why does the bus not have electric adjustable mirrors??????? you would think it would be standard equipment on any bus that size. commercial or private.

  16. I'm pretty sure in Canada big rig and bus drivers are required by law to adjust there minors during the pre trip inspection I no our local transit if they change drivers they always do there walk threw then ajust the minors if needed

  17. its First…aka Greyhound, First Student, they have idiot rules and think they know what theyre doing in North America…

  18. I hope he sues the company for wrongful firing and hope he wins. the company should have praised this driver for thinking of his passengers' safety, not creating a" catch 22" situation.

  19. That's an outstanding Employee right there, I mean that bus company is retarded, They say only maintenance can touch the mirrors. So when he went and got Maintenance to adjust them the way they told him too, He then gets fired for it.

  20. Mirrors have to be adjusted to suit the driver `s satisfaction so he can see clearly all around the vehicle he is driving. What use is it if someone else adjusts them? Some people are beyond stupid!!!

  21. A part of your pre-trip inspection is to adjust the mirrors. That is a part of your CDL training. Just goes to show that some companies value production over safety. A good employee should not want to work for such a company.

  22. is the mechanic driving the bus? fuck no. as a bus driver I adjust my mirrors whenever needed. all day. that does sound personal. I hope he sued them

  23. it's California. full of ignorant idiotic democrats. I hope he takes them to court over unfair termination and discrimination. hes just trying to make sure his passengers are safe.

  24. Sounds to me like the driver was doing a "relief" where he takes over a bus in the middle of a route. You have to readjust your seat, reset your fairbox, and adjust your mirrors, and go, usually on the minute this driver switch occurs. If the 1'st driver comes up to the relief point late then it puts extra pressure on the relief driver because he is now late right off the bat!! Perhaps First Transit should start a Pull Out – Pull In for all pieces of work and then the drivers would have the full 10 minutes to set up their bus properly and go!! I'm thinking that union may be kinda new and union busting First Transit is just trying to see how much they can get away with. I drove for Metro Transit ATU 1005 for 36 years and never heard of anything quite this stupid.

  25. MTA SUCKS TOO…. the problem is the hood rats climbing the later into management and not knowing what being a good supervisor or how to handle n manage.


    Thats why public transit gets these nasty ass unhappy non quality people on the team n the good ones get fed up n LEAVE.

  26. sue the shit out of them as its part of the training that all commercial drivers undertake before moving off ! i would of done the same thing as thats not a mechanic's job its all to do its a driver's responsiblitiy of a commercial vechile,

    this company knows that there in the wrong & they know it ! SAFTEY FIRST -> nothing wrong with that being safe !

  27. He was doing good job to save people any who ever takes this transite are stupid and don't deserve safe driver

  28. The stupid HR was drunk that is what I am thinking about or he is latino that is why he lost his job

  29. Why in the world would anybody want to drive for First Transit???? That company is so irresponsible and I would grab their bag period. If I was the driver I would never go back there. Go with a professional transportation company that understands Safety. And DOT should fine this company as well

  30. If businesses really want to keep unions out then they need to stop doing things like this. If it were not union they would get away with it sadly.

  31. What a black eye for the idiots at Pasadena Transit. Who ever heard of a professional driver who isn’t allowed to adjust the mirrors on his vehicle and then gets fired for doing so?!

  32. First transit that figures I drove a first transit paratransit bus picking & dropping off mentally challenge kids & senior citizens & quit after 3 months because they were giving me excessive hours with barely any time to sleep or rest 15 to 17 hours a day 6 days a week after 3 months i notice i was dosing up at the wheel so i asked the manager to cut my hours because i was barely getting any sleep and didn't want to cause an accident & hurt someone in the bus & they said because they lack drivers they can't do it so i had to quit rather than killing someone in the but in an accident never went back

  33. If other Bus Drivers were allowed to do the same thing, why not fire them as well? Why fire one Bus Driver for something so stupid?

  34. I file a lawsuit. I will file grievance. Go work 4 another company. If not safe don't it. The or the authorized personal can't adjust the mirrors. I will refuse 2 operate the 🚌.

  35. This Company 1st Transit has Millions of Dollars in Contracts to Operate Bus Service in the U.S. & Outside the U.S. & you Fire a Bus Operator Over a Damn Mirror Adjustment for the Operators Safety?

  36. Power mirrors would solve that problem.. drove n was a driver trainer on Big Rigs..had to adjust mirrors every time we changed drivers.. more to this than is coming out

  37. That's one of the most stupid things I ever heard from a company….. Safety is always the first priority fo a driver…. the way a driver set's up their mirrors may change from driver to driver.. and that comes from who trained the driver and what the driver has learned over any period of time. In this case, the ones who should be fired are the management all the way up to whoever runs the company and the union stewards who defend the stupid rule that they didn't get corrected during contract negotiations.

  38. Like everything else in corporations, they make rules, someone tries to work with the rule, but finds it unsafe, tries to make it right-Boom gets fired. I completely understand why he does it himself, He is the one Driving the bus, Therefore He should be the one Adjusting the mirrors !!

  39. As a busfanner, I find his termination and the agency's policy absolute BULLSHIT! If the driver wants to adjust the rear view mirrors, that's fine–it's just for safety reason. Whoever is running the company needs to get his-or-her head examined or they should get fired too! The driver's termination was simply uncalled for.

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