Bus Driver Uppercuts Female Passenger (Video)

Bus Driver Uppercuts Female Passenger (Video)

there’s a new video going viral and it
features a cleveland bus driver punching a female passenger and why did i simply
close attention to every single second of this video because every single
second is relevant let’s take a look and by the way a difficult video to watch if you’re
uncomfortable seeing man uh… physically assault the woman saheb great fits based on that hyatt and are my god so let me start by saying the
obvious he shouldn’t apply instead okay i’d know that there are a lot of
people who are saying although she deserved issues asking for it it’s also important to note that she did uh… i don’t know if she hit him or
what she sees it only has touched him first is that is often the case of nasa
let’s go back what happens is there are any backup for that ohio now
let’s start at about sitemap kind of the difficult part and i know what provoked
extended interaction between uh… this is a protect holiday comfortable with shikha card in the edward that were
actually three shotgun and they chose which is also part of a bitch to and hear was unacceptable and she would not let it go and then he says
your face to face and sliced up years or so oddly pitted and sliced up that makes the other partners who would
harm our and that’s what makes her angry initiate approaches that concede that
something separate cities other guys in the way but she deftly assaults and somehow and
that’s it that’s on the bus or just as it you’re going to tell now they’re
gonna jettison issues a softer head threatened that he does rocks or without
punch which is re ticketless and then she says that no you were going to jail
pitch and so i actually absolutely washing but that
doesn’t it just bc in eighty six it is something like the
scenes sizzled trashy at the seams on uh… let let me presents what we’re
about the same by mentioning that this isn’t something that we condone you
know people are somehow i don’t like this i know there are other people
people get a kick out of it let’s keep it real people get a kick out of it and
that’s kind of what bothers me about this story because people enjoy it people are talking about it which is
white suede buyer allot of people are defending the guy and i can understand why people are
defending the bus driver he lost his job he’s already been suspended and it’s
it’s very very likely that will no longer have that job uh… after this
investigation that is employers are gonna do but at the end of the day is the person who has more power than
she does in this situation and even though she’s being extremely difficult
united states takes a lot of patience to deal with someone that has that attitude and has not gasoline going hit you first
requisitions that they’ve been here without a sabbatical and this is out of
the victim uh… strength credibly annoying uh… ah the beginning the beginning i don’t know what happened
others once you have a chance to show up aunt marge schott options so little lady and then and then when he questioned
favor all my shot like that now mouse june holiday now peppers officials that
i got the boutique in the bag i and uh… logo i do i don’t condone what he did at all and i
don’t even condone the people who are expressing sympathy but i think it comes from comes from
this place where yet in our culture you’re we cannot have
won the west with a woman although we do pandas weightlessness advice and we have
to admit that out uh… but the you know the vast majority
of uh… won’t be there the bacteria back into that recorded
never had that were of re-entry out of the interface and stay there uh… you know we’re always told not had
not had not had and that in this instance uh… keep ticket and i feel like will somehow life source
hitting for all those guys who wanted to hit a woman but fitted
orkuted for one for one reason or other sellers cummock started began at the pentagon is and is
explaining why there was a outpouring of support for
him his action rejected his that of wrong you think you know woman like that
images so much bigger so much stronger you just said uh… but when he did i think some
people cheered him on for that reason you know you could call the authorities
and the up in the day you have to think about yourself right and i think about your job to you that i
think about you know what your priorities are and even if you’re so
tempted to do something to harm this morning you got a thing about what’s right and
what’s right is to call the authorities maybe you find a way to get our off the
bus even if you have to push off the bus i don’t know it is better off right
because she’s obviously provoking a violent situation and that you need to find a better way
to handle it and i feel bad because he didn’t start off in the wrong
you know and yes kinda like opaque just remain patient remain patient you can do
it you can do it you can do it and she was not stopping and it’s really really
dia you know the i do feel some level sympathy for him prior to the punch
because uh… you know you said about push off the bus if you push their she’s not the type to to just take it
right now so you know if you put his hands on her she was an attack and she
did that attacking but the most impressive to the whole
video is how she was a knock down if you
punched me like that i think i will be dead eileen knocked out we’re farrakhan
says i_v_f_ in a fetal position whimpering crying eyes she was tough
vichy pop right back and she attacked him again and they two separate that i
was really impressive how tough it was yeah she did get up and passengers had
to separate them because she would not let up uh… come by some back at that
guide although i know you know i i don’t think i am convinced that you know i
would just be out i’m convinced that that punch would kill me like you know like broken in that were
and that quote or again you can also he rated movie regardless doors so that that was a serious parts

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  1. Why is it alright for a woman to lay a finger on me and hit me in the balls and threaten me that she can beat the shit out of me and yet she couldn't and not expect nothing to happen

  2. That video was horrible, not the one whit the bus-driver, he did the right thing afterall he was atacked first, but this comentary. While yes, you should never hit a woman, you should be allowed self defense. Equal rights, wasnt it?

  3. That n** b** got exactly what she deserved. That b** was a provocateur an agitator and the aggressor she was the one who called the bus driver a n** first. And she also got physical with the bus driver first. The bus driver was just defending himself.

  4. she touched him first , but i beg to differ if he cant controll his behavor he shouldnt drive a bus working with the general public . hes weak as bfuck he was moire afraid of his imagae being dystroyed . now he looks even more weak actually like a bitch , well that is what she called him

  5. The young turks plugged in more audience reaction in the audio after he hit her. You can hear it without less noise in other videos of this when the bus driver connects.

  6. <Let me start off by saying the obvious. She shouldn't have hit him and spit in his face. Is that what you meant to say Ana?>

  7. She spit in his face, he told her you going to hell now.. He uppercut her, that's the most low down nasty thing you could do to a person.. Spitting on someone wil get your ass beat just like this.. 👊👊👊👊👊👊

  8. Any case women will be supported she asked for it and the news people are telling that the driver has assaulted the women

  9. Uncomfortable lol, people love seeing big mouthed women get their lights punched out, There's a difference between a lady and that animal. Don't want to be treated like a man, don't act like one! She hit and spit at him.

  10. but when a woman hits a guy there are less severe consequences. This IS NOT equality, but then again these two are wrong or restrain her which is preferred.

  11. Females always rationalize their behavior despite the biggest evidence of them being at fault. I would have hit a bitch who hits me first.

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Love it. Old Dude gave ZERO FUX! Poor TYT. Can’t spin the narrative when it’s the same race, huh?

  13. I don’t spit at someone unless I’m trying to get them to swing. In fact, I’ve never done that because it’s a bitch move. I would do the same if someone spit on me.

  14. Women: I'm a strong independent woman and I can punch you. EQUAL RIGHTS

    Also women: Men arent allowed to punch women even after they are assaulted first.

  15. The only thing that would have made that uppercut better was if he said, “SHORYUKEN!” as he did it! Lol! I don’t condone hitting women, but no one can deny that that uppercut was a thing of beauty! Lol!

  16. If you hit a stranger you should expect to get hit back- self defense is a genderless noncrime! However, the uppercut was over the top like George Foreman hitting Naturi Naughton but if she spit on him she deserved everything she got and more. Nasty Bitch

  17. She spat on him and asked for this

    But apparently it bothers you that we enjoy seeing somebody get what they asked for

    White Leftists in a nutshell

    Always take the woman's side
    She could've stabbed this bus driver

    This woman right here would still support the woman

    Every time

  18. He has every right to defend himself. Just because she's a woman doesn't mean that a man can't defend himself from an assault.

  19. She sat there and insulted this man, talked about his mother etc. He insulted her back and she couldn't take it. There should be a law stating that if she makes physical contact and the man does nothing, she should be charged! If he does hit back, she should be charged, because if it was another man, the driver would have never lost his job because it would've been self defense. DROPS MIC.

  20. The reporter said in starting "a bus driver punching a female passenger" in spite of saying "a rude passenger got kicked out of bus because of her bad behavior" this is the level of today's Media…👏

  21. I love how TYT are shaming this man.

    And everyone in the comments enjoyed that superb uppercut..

    She deserved every bit of that

  22. This guy said his so much bigger and stronger..
    1.hes like 50 shes like 25
    2.hes old shes young
    3.hes a hero shes a bitch

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