Bus Monitor Bullied (Update)

Bus Monitor Bullied (Update)

karimov klein act is gay sixty
eight-year-old bus monitor increase new york and uh… she’s fishermen video
where she’s being bullied by the middle school students for ten minutes now this video is
difficult to watch i think that it has cause a lot of of motions for a lot of
people who have watched this video but just look at the extent of bullying in
this video genovise when you have to address naa freight ho home home the may have handed that goes on for ten minutes the caller
fast a tell her that perfect when your family is killed themselves because they
want to get away from her she’s a widow now look uh… the questions or can be
done about this right now are the kids wrongdoings apts with
nobody gets his of course of course is like the word hideous right where they
do this for which is a bus monitor you know she’s but you can scan the vicious will give you the musical teacher kids the right things returning
to vicious little creatures okay we didn’t come to dominate this planet
by being nice guys that word at we’re terrible the lamps ok
and so and i’ve seen not this level but in my school you know you had uh… associate teacher that didn’t completely
control the classroom are it lighted mirror and so kids can be much worse than adults while
away was is fully over of course but in some
kind of weird to call boeing ’cause willing is usually
kids on kids has uh… you know no one of the did this to so and waiting to
happen well i want to get more details of the story before i talk about that what’s interesting is as that was
happening she didn’t hear allot of what the kids were saying there is you can
hear at the dance a vicious things like the one st holder uh… tell me where you live so i can
take a crack in your mouth i case basis so when you say but yeah i you know i
remember kids in school or vicious no now this is an extra level like this is this goes much
farther than what my experience when i was going to school and i think what
most people experience when they’re going to school atlanta reside is why do students feel empowered to do
things like this why do they feel like they can get away
with it that’s a real issue so anyway she’s hard of hearing so she
didn’t hear the majority will this also erica but later on uh… she found the
video through face book and she listened to what they were saying to her and she
couldn’t believe it now utterly lovely she doesn’t wanna see
these kids uh… you know arrested or thrown in jail or anything like that
she’s a cycle etc i just wanted to apologize it all you need right look this is a problem she sixty eight-years-old and they feel like pecan gang up on her
like that ed and tear her apart now and that’s what they did that to one
of their peers mean that’s a million times i don’t know
if it’s a million times worse but someone who is in a an adult someone who
probably doesn’t have to curse gave his insecure because their middle school or
high school or whatever it is and i’m sure they have you’d be shocked if there
was a first time we’ve ever done bowling if you look at study is at the risen since you our family in
neighborhoods like the clinton university and they looked in bowling specifically
and they found that one in four have been bullied at some point one in six are believed to be three
times a month or more thirty five percent of middle school in
high school students say that they want all the others they also
be a problem with it well i i think those guys amuse me away did the against the they’re bad guys
made other areas like there are i’d like to you know physically or italy’s
verbally intimidate people and make their lives miserable but they feel like it’s acceptable up to the point where at you know it’s
an anonymous questionnaire that they filled out but to the point where they
don’t really see it as an issue like notably others what’s the big deal now here’s the real problem right
because as you say maybe kids were top right you know what their kids maybe they
don’t know better without the administrators where the administrators
doing will quite sad seeing study out thirty percent of boys in grades
three through five i say that headteacher had done little
or nothing to reduce the bowling that number jumps to sixty percent when
it comes to boise grades nine to twelve all right now in the unisom is a great
pride so that look at the bullying to me his
produce refused because it if someone usually who has more power and could be
status in the school they could be personal strength in the school et
cetera in this case it was numbers rate in the
number of people that was there that piling on this poor woman right uh… begins the week the powerless
ekeus at the powerful against powers so i i couldn’t hear any more than i did that but i think that all-women’s administrators
have no idea in this case the students had told the teachers or administrators
what was going on and they did absolutely nothing about it but that’s a
real problem and that’s where the administrator
should be disciplined for not doing anything if there is a evidence that there is bowling happening on their
campus and it’s a repeated day it’s not something that happens once or twice isolated incidents but
it’s something that happens regularly and they choose to ignore it those people should be fired i don’t
wanna hear any excuses about it and sometimes not hearing about teen
suicides and tired of hearing about you know students say things like this but hey it’s a good point here made
these of cases where the administrators wanted brought it’s been brought their
attention and some kids they might have felt like
they didn’t have enough evidence but overall it’s you know that does not explain the depth
of the numbers and i agree with you and they’ve got to
take this more serious and i don’t know why they don’t know me maybe they think
it’s hard to don’t know but look at why wouldn’t you why would you go in do something about something initiatives
this serious in your schools maybe they got his being
kids that’s really responsible so the woman who was bullied uh…
actually received tremendous amount of money uh… someone from reading had posted
like the call to action so people can help her uh…
fortifications as you could take some time off to relax a little bit well it
turns out that people have donated two hundred ninety thousand dollars mora to dot klein online conduct cannot be a bus monitors
somewhere fifty so i feel terrible for in the beating
down me into a pretty good for her and i think what you went through but
got two hundred ninety thousand sq also as you guys could see from my
graphic the original goal was to raise five thousand dollars but the video when
virol you know people’s heart goes out to her so as a result they
donated eking out a way he she won some sort of uh… just this lauder and so got closer to everybody bond
fairly giving your money and they see what the numbers at least
would get a i mean paid out of our religious gives another update
method three hundred ten thousand uh… cooperative however is increasing
as we speak someone else precision-guided able to retire the adhesion regular jurors removed and
now that the people in the with his normally come let’s keep going it it because of what do you think are well you know that’s too much money
for what happened to press you move on to abandon the money by all means clock make it at that you
whatever you like and had to get your hearing fix that’s
ever that phil gramm for parag you know what this is justice in america internet stuff

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  1. If u raised any of these kids, go into your kitchen pick up the bluntest knife in the drawer and stab your eyes out 🙂

  2. one way to stop assholes, is to pull your phone out, & start filming an say "I am going to put this on you tube."

  3. She's too old for that…those kids have no manners but she is still too old for that to LET them do that.

  4. what kind of parents raise these kind of monkeys??? must be feeding them shit for food… foul mouth fucking pricks, dont think that could be someone's grandmother, mother, aunty etc…

  5. Wow. That is dumb. I hate people like that. Why would they even do that? and then have the nerve to post it online. That poor woman.

  6. This is someone's mother, sister, wife etc. If I found out about this happening to one of my family members I don't know what I'd do but it would be more headline news than the initial bullying video!

  7. that is why kids behave that way, because no one is pressing charges, and because parents have been trained to let the kids be superior

  8. Many people on here keep saying what they would do to these kids had they been there. Not calling anyone a liar, but I when I was in school I was bullied like this and worse, for ages, and not one person ever stood up for me, neither student nor teacher.
    So either people quickly shut down when they actually witness bullying or I just grew up with the wrong people :/

  9. 1800'2,shit in 1985 in UK we used ti get the starp in UK. it was barbaric.i could take it being a bi lad,but little girls,got it jut as hard as me.didnt stop anything though .it was banned a couple years later

  10. I can't listen to this without getting furious. Sometimes I just feel like punching people in the face. I don't do it because I don't like to touch people, but I always love watching when they picked the wrong guy and they get their asses whipped.

  11. Move to Canada 🙂

    Bill 56 here requires (by law) for any witness to report bullying federally.
    Depending on the seriousness of the situation, a minor could forcibly face expulsion, and an adult could face charges or forced removal of their employment position 🙂

  12. We all know these fucking kids will grow up to be absolutely nothing. They think they are rap stars and gangsters now, but when they hit 18, they will realize they are worthless.

  13. Was there no one there that could have helped this lady? Damn I wish I was there, I never see this kind of bulling where I live. I would have beat the shit out of all of them at the same time, no lie they sound like a bunch of weak ass little whiteboys.

  14. The only problem with this is if she were to say anything back to them, society would see her as this ultra mean and abusive adult picking the "poor little kids". That's the problem here. With ages gaps like this, the adults can't even verbally defend themselves, it ALWAYS gets spun as some form of "abuse toward kids" then.

    Obviously nobody should be hitting people over free speech, but when you metaphorically tie someone's hands on a verbal level? That's real bullshit.

  15. If I see that shit I know the kids would stop because my bro is against bullying and if he sees them touching her he would have threw them of the bus and let them Ass holes walk home

  16. The kids are fucking around and bullying. This happens to young defenseless children and it still gets ignored by administration at schools wtf. At least this time it was an old lady who should be tough enough by now to handle it.

  17. I'm so mad and sad right now 😭😡 the kids around those bullies should stand up for her… Bystanders -.- I would fuckin yell at the kids that are bullying that poor lady

  18. Wtf are these 2 morons doing on television…allowed to comment on social issues any more important than how high kids shoes should ride up over their ankles?
    These 2 knuckle-draggers are at very least, equally as lost and idiopathic as the sociopathic heartless "Future Losers of America" whose actions they are dissecting. A more perfect pair of ingrates could not be found to be put in the position of making this problem worse, of demonstrating the shallow depths of contemporary television's social commentary, and as a free bonus, to accompany the vile pukish taste they leave in the mouths of the intelligent–finally, they serve up quintessential examples of many of the very attitudes that breed so much of the ruthless impudence demonstrated by these wretched, hateful children

  19. Dumbasses there so immature they dont even noe how to insult nigga crap in my mouth i break ur nose just something ill say

  20. $310,000?  I'd leave the little pr*cks, the school district, And then say UP YOURS.  And laugh all the way home.

  21. I am a pacifist but if I ever saw these kids i would give them the biggest ass whooping of their miserable lives

  22. This is where we get when there is no discipline anymore and kids get away with everything when they have rights only but no obligations and they do not have to obey or show respect.

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