Bus Stop Cubes by Reconnect Rochester

Bus Stop Cubes by Reconnect Rochester

One of the questions we have is how
often do you take the bus? I take it ALL the time. Every day. To go to work. How often do you ride the bus? Every day. To go to school. Where do you go? M.C.C. Every day. Yeah, every day. Every day? Yep. And are you are RIT students? RIT, yeah. Yep, and you came to the public market today… ? Yeah. To do some shopping… or… ? Yup, to do some shopping. We actually missed our bus back. Oh no! You need to be sitting! [ from off camera ] Sit on the bench. [ from off camera ] No it’s okay, they don’t need to… SHHH! SHHH! Oh! I’m so sorry… [ LAUGHING ] [ MUSIC ] Actually, before we came out, I was trying to figure out, like, “oh man, we’re gonna be waiting a while” So I thought we’re gonna have to find someplace to sit, like a tree or something. But I thought this was like, awesome. [ MUSIC ] I was just saying to myself, How wonderful. How thoughtful, they’re thinking about us… You know what I mean? Cause we come to the market here, and we just stand… …in the snow and whatever. They’re improving a little bit, which is great! I think it’s great! Like I said, the last time we were here… …last time we were here we were looking for a place to sit over here. This is Reconnect Rochester. It’s not the bus company. We designed these cubes, these two here… and we’re putting them out to see what people think about them and then we’ll will go to the bus company we’ll say you know, we think we need more these seats and here’s why. So we’re interviewing bus riders to see what they think about them. How long do you typically have to wait? Ooh… Umm… about half an hour. Half an hour? Yeah. Sometimes, 10, 15 minutes. Or more. How long you usually have to wait Sometimes, like, it depends. Some days they’re quick. Other days they’re kind of slow. Like how slow? Like an hour. Really? Yeah. Sometimes, 20, 30 minutes. 45. Yeah. To an hour. It depends but usually it can be up to an hour. I think. Now on Saturdays and Sundays, oh my God… You’ll be waiting for hours. Oh yes. Is there usually a place for you to sit down? No! This is it right here. Yeah? Yeah. Is there usually a place to sit? No! Nooo. There’s no place down there on State Street where I live. Where is that? On State Street. Between State and Jay. And Brown Street. Almost downtown, yeah. There’s no where to sit. Where I get on at home, no, there is none. They have them downtown in the main areas, but usually on the side streets there aren’t any. Um hmm. And would you like to sit? Yeah! Why? [ LAUGHING ] Why? That’s an obvious question. [ LAUGHING ] Yeah but sometimes my legs give out. Yeah. It’s an honest question, I mean, it’s a real issue. If there were benches at more the bus
stops, what would that mean for you? It’d be a lot better. Because people could come out here with their kids and just wait for a bus. Um hmm. Yeah! You get tired… waiting an hour. I think having somewhere to sit down here is a VERY good idea. Ok, so what do you think of this kind of design… the “Cube” bench? I like this. Yeah? Cause you can get, two, maybe three people on there even? And it’s up high enough for me to sit. Yeah. I like the cube. I think we need two of em over here. Do you like the design? I like everything about this. Yeah. Is it comfortable? The only thing we need now is a garbage disposal. Garbage? Yeah somewhere to drop the garbage in. Usually it’s a mess. First of all, what do you think of this design? I think it’s cute. It’s adorable. Comfortable. Yeah. Very. Very comfortable. It lets people know, that that’s where the bus stop is. Yes! That’s what I said when I saw it. So this is very useful then? It seemed perfect to us. And a really good idea that we hadn’t seen elsewhere. Yes, I mean, you actually know where it is. Instead of just looking for the sign. We thought they were very cool, because they seem really cost effective way for us to have a seat And we were just sitting down about two seconds ago. Yeeeah. [ LAUGHING ] How does having a place to sit make you feel? Like the people are thinking of us. You know, the “system” or whatever. It’s better than standing up. [ LAUGHING ] Yeah. Yeah. MUCH better. How about you, how does it feel? Is a comfortable? Sheela! Is it comfortable? Yes! Yup. How do your feet feel? [ LAUGHING ] …REAL good! Alright. Great. Yeah, we loved it. It brightened our day. Cool! And would you like to see more of
them at other bus stops? Of course. Sure. Yeah. They’re nice and They help, like, in small bus stops. What other bus stops would you like
to see have a seat? There’s a couple of them… Where? State Street. The ones down there on Dewey and Clay. They don’t have any seats either. Main and University. Main and Union… The mall… Near Walmart or Target… Where else would you like to see one of these bus stop benches? Are there any other stops in the city that you think need them? Practically all of them that’s like this. Yes. Would you be more likely to use the bus if there were places to sit? Yeah, sometimes we don’t use them because like, on Sundays it’s like two hours we have to wait. Do you think you’d be more likely to
use the bus if there was more seating and amenities like that? Yes. [ MUSIC ] Yeah. I think it would make the bus more appealing. Yes. More likely? Yes, more likely. You wouldn’t have to stand there. I’m going to say yes. Because you’re smiling. [ LAUGHING ] I’m trying not to lead you guys. [ LAUGHING ] But that’s a good answer! It’s nice. That’s what this city needs. [ MUSIC ] [ SINGING ] Everything is awesome!

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  1. This is great!  Ever notice that public transit funding is not discussed in political debates or on the news?  Governor Cuomo has raided MTA funds for years.

  2. There needs to be these down Maiden Lane. That road stretches for so many miles, and barely any benches to sit down on. I walked all the way from Dewey and Maiden to Maiden and Fetzner, and I had to sit in the snow a bunch of times due to severe lack of places to sit.

  3. If you have specific bus stop locations where you'd like to see a cube/bench, we invite you to help us make contact with the adjacent property owners or tenants. To place a bus stop cube, we will need a letter of support from the surrounding neighbors or community association. If you can help, contact us at [email protected]

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