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  1. This is not a "sinkhole" folks, it's called a "washout". Some translator got it wrong and everybody followed suit like a bunch of lemmings. CCN needs a word a day calendar or something?

    Sinkhole (noun):  :a cavity in the ground, especially in limestone bedrock, caused by water erosion and providing a route for surface water to disappear underground.

    "This was not a sinkhole because the water did not disappear, it is clearly seen on both sides of the river."

    Washout (noun)

    1. an event that is spoiled by constant or heavy rain.
    a disappointing failure.

    "The video was a total washout after they used the wrong word to describe the event."

    2. a breach in a road or railroad track caused by flooding.

    "The road suffered a washout because they did not put the proper culver pipes under it to allow for flooding during the rainy season."

    It seems to me that journalists should know the difference between the two words and their uses? CNN's news coverage seems to be a washout that is falling into deep sinkhole, never to be seen again?

  2. Idiocy?  Hell the bus driver was smart enough to realize what was going on and thank GOD got everyone including himself off that thing just in time!  Pretty darn good thinkin' if you ask me!

  3. Never seen anything like that? Irl i hope she means. I c shit like that all the time… on youtube. Its common there

  4. You've never seen anything like that because you probably don't have a passport, have never been outside your country, and probably don't have internet access either.

  5. that bus was made really well you can see when it fell .that it went upright and floated that's bus Is Sea Worthy …….

  6. Intense flooding in Brazil caused an evacuated tourist bus to collapse into a sinkhole an was washed way by rapid floodwater.

  7. Iike I said our national inferstucter is on point for anything like this. I think it's odd how they sell this when they talk about it ..it's like a joke and humorous to the news anchors

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