Buy luxury used Cars in Qatar

Buy luxury used Cars in Qatar

hi guys welcome to my channel today I’m
going to introduce a car in my channel description and I see that it has
everything cooking travel loads and many things in at last I added that a cause
let me tell you my passion is about cars and I love cars very much and now this
is the right time to introduce you about a car which I’m using once I come here
being as a new country being fascinated by many cars like a you can’t see sports
cars SUVs and all the types of cars you can just see in a door
ok so now I’m just sitting inside my Porsche can it’s a 2009 model and I
would like to give you a review about this cuz you may think that ye this guy
is just giving a review about an old car really people are scared to go for an
old car like luxurious one like this Porsche can BMW and Range Rovers know
there are many hesitating factors fundamentally is resale value everyone
is just looking for easy value for this cars it’s really less
compared to their I was ok there is someone as well with me you
just come with me but she she’s an outside alright you wanna say hi show me
a flower okay no baby if you pluck your flowers
the plant will cry let me tell you if I just pinch you on your fingers you get a
pain and you’re gonna cry isn’t it you get a pain you get the same pain
the flowers and plants , okay , guys this is the look of my Porsche Cayenne 2009
model you just look around the new models have been changed on 2010 the
changes you can just visible on the friend headlights and the back tail
lamps there are some small changes you can just see around the grills as well
you might have seen one light just above the wheel arches on the friend which is
being changed around which is just a bow and a different shape in a 2010 model
and there is no much change is visible which is an outside and even interior
everything is changed but there is no much changes in that seats and things
the front panels and steering wheels have a change in that for the new
Porsche Cayenne after 2010 model it’s very attractive the the taillight is
changed ,and the exhaust is just get this a sporty look we can just see
that in side and this is a this is small 3.6 engine you can just open
this year and it’s draw inside comparatively a big boot space you can
see here is very vast area see that it has the spare tire on all
the tools here the spare tire as it has a stand here just put there it’s
gonna stay see it has a inflating motor here so that he can just inflate this
tire it’s a it’s only you can just use maximum speed of 80 kilometer on you
just need to get back to the normal type once it’s been repaired
okay and this is about the jack is different type of jack that which is an
angle to be difficult to remove a normal maybe in this car only I just seen such
kind of jack and by locking this this cars tyres are 255 55 r18 for the newer
models it’s r 20 and this low-profile tires gives a special look
for this car so let me open the engine bay covered all everything
oh it has a 3.6 direct fuel injection and other model is having 4.8 turbo
engine and everything is covered on this soundproof so you will get a very little
noise it’s a noisy engine but you’ll just get a very little noise into the
inside compartment so this is the second row if you just
come in inside and just see that the leg room is big enough and you can sit
well and there are interior lights if you just look around when the
there is one and in a backside you would see two lights one reading light here
and the back of a luggage compartment there is another one and there is hooks
for the for the luggage compartment net which has air bags here for the
passenger airbags in the rear seat and even if you just see the curtain airbags
for getting even you can just see for the front seat and about the
air-condition vents this is a special thing which have seen in only two cars
one is volvo another one is a Porsche a they have in the b-pillar they
do have an air-conditioned vents and even in
this center console you just see that does a air-conditioned band as well
there is control mechanism safe condition wind and there is a cigarette
lighter here now storage basis as well here this is the view which you get from the
rear seats and there are controls for the sunroof just mounted above the rear
view mirror and there are the lights for the front room as well if you just look
on the dashboard you could see that just been paneled by wooden panels and
the steering wheel is made of wood and almost everywhere if you just look
around you just feel that they just made this luxurious yes good quality
materials are used for the interior panels even if it’s a plastic ,other materials or
it’s a leather or whatever even the wooden panels and everything and Sun
roofs are not an added feature for all porsche it’s a standard feature and about
air bags they care about the passengers as well the driver even in front seat
passengers It was in the rear seat it has many box holders the power seats and a friend
both driver as well the passenger seats got power controls all the window
controls are powered and the front two are auto just next to the mirrors you
will see the control for mirrors and and let me introduce another feature this is
the key of a Porsche can it just exactly look like a posh car you’d understand
now I can’t just close it in this way see it just look like a Porsche just uh
normally almost every cars usually it’s the key slot is normally on the
right-hand side of the steering but here in Porsche it’s on the left-hand
side and now we can just see the instrument cluster there you could see a
welcome message of Porsche and almost if you just opened the door and ever you
get all the messages there and about the music system it has a Bose music system as
the stock system comes with a car FM CD aux and phone supports and everything
there and wherever you look you just see the wooden panels like a wooden control
panels even in the door trim and even the center console and almost every
materials are looking very perfect and it it’s not cheap even in center console
gear knobs and there is a leather covering s will you see and two
cupholders there and this is a centre Glovebox it has two compartments and one
is this and if you just open you can just all normal things like wallets
cardholders and things you can just keep there and the down one is a bit
roomy one you can just keep some beverages or something but there is
no fridge in this model and air condition has Auto options and
everything and about the radio of a Porsche can the reception of the signal
is very poor so if you just need to listen to radio definitely you need a
booster radio booster for the antenna I checked most of the online forums
everyone just complaining about it now just coming to the steering wheel
controls it has almost every controls for the audio and phone receiving and
phone in in call and all the facilities there then two knobs you could just see
in silver color which is just for the
paddle shifts normal cars which has paddle shifts but on one side but
as it’s a sports car it has on both sides plus and minus you can just see
there and you can see the options for audio control call end and call
accepting and mute buttons there and there’s a horn as well and the steering
wheel looks good and in 2010 models steering wheel looks different but even
though this is not looking bad this has its own look now just let’s just look
for the driving modes if you want to use it as drive mode or else you can just
use in a sports more like a paddle shifts you can just manually change the gears
and as it’s a powerful engine and still you need more power you can just shift
into sport mode in a sport mode the sound and the power of the car will
change as well and if you need to know the real power of this beast just put on
your sport mode and you just see that three shifting patterns or modes of
Drive the first one is for the motor way and down it’s it’s just for the motorway
and where you can just expect the normal all-wheel drive and the second mode is
where you need more traction like when you’re climbing a hill or descending you
can just put on the second mod and the third mode is for when you are just
using it for a real off-road Drive but it’s not a perfect off-roader it can
just go off-road and the four-wheel drive will all wheel drive will work and
that’s all I never try it on off roads I I thought to take my posh for offroad
Drive in a desert but still I didn’t try but once I try it definitely I will update you
guys okay now let’s go for a ride and if you
like my videos please like share and subscribe my channel for more videos it did not put my seat belt let me put
the seatbelt it has a beautiful exhaust system let’s hear the sound and the sound was from the parking assist you have
for this model you have sensors in the friend as well in the back the system
works like this it was the parking brake for this car it’s a foot depressed
parking brake and the newer models got electronic parking brake so just let’s
go when I just close the window you can even it can hear the sound the drivability and the comfort and the
maneuvering everything is perfect for this car and it just feel like to take this
if you want to drive this as a sports car you can drive it as a sports car as
a family car you can just drive it as slow it is and that’s in a comfort way
as well and the suspensions are soft for this car this and for GTS and other models
have an adjustment for air suspension in its suspension system so
you can just arrange it but it’s bit expensive for incase if it have any
troubles and if you want to replace it’s a bit expensive and it has some unique
features like its battery is under the driver seat and these are some
special things about Porsche Cayenne and sometimes as I say that paddle shifts are there on
both sides of the steering wheel you just find the paddle shifters so there’s
a chance for you either one or two times in the beginning like in the beginning
days or the salad days there is a chance you may unknowingly press on it
so and you maybe press the gas pedal and it will not change the gear you wonder
what’s happening but in the end you can understand that yeah and you can just
change it back from manual if not you can just change the gears by pressing on the
plus press button or just change the gear manually it will work normally and
that’s all about the features about this car and let me tell you it’s not very
expensive to maintain this car but it’s your best bet to buy a car without much
issues you must check about an authorized service or checking center
for the engine and gear and suspension as well the electronics parts electrical
parts and you must take care about if there are any previous accident you must
check about the accident history so if the things are okay you can just buy a
car and maintain well and you do not need to maintain the car inside the
agency you can just do it an outside but he must have an idea about cars
especially German cars and almost all the details you can just get from the
online forums these days and if you are a car guy like me the one who has interests in
cars definitely you wouldn’t find any difficulty in it and when you change the
oils and everything you can have all the details from its manual that is users
manual and rest of things you can just gain from the online for the normal
maintenance and here I review about the car which I am using and here after we
can’t just expect the cars which I’ve been used before I’m using now I’m going
to put the reviews so you can trust and these are I’m not a techie or mechanic but I love
cars so these are the things which I just feel about my Porsche can and still
if you have questions please add as your comments and I’m gonna reply on it thank
you very much and thank you for your time

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  1. I am moving to Doha soon and thinking of buying one. I like it very much. How much is regular maintenance and expendable parts like brake pads?

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