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car is basically a box with an engine design to get it up and put it in motion well obviously over the years not every box has been made the same but there is one iconic automotive box that stands out among the rest and that is the beautiful 2015 seventh generation volkswagen golf GTI they’ve made it more powerful and yet gets better fuel efficiency they’ve made it more comfortable roomier white or longer lower and badder than ever Volkswagen Golf is obviously an extremely popular vehicle worldwide they have over 30 million sold and as a matter of fact they’re celebrating their 40th anniversary this year now the Gulf comes with the TSI turbo stratified injected 1.8 liter four cylinder engine and that gets 170 horsepower 200 foot pounds of torque but the GTI that we’re in gets to point o leader with 210 horsepower and the big jump this year is 258 foot-pounds of torque that’s 10 more horsepower 51 more foot pounds of torque or comfy depending on the ass to me that means you know the GTI stands for get your torque in gear and you can you can go from zero to 60 and 5.7 seconds there abouts in the manual and 5.8 and for a lighter car like this that’s that’s pretty fun and now that’s a lot of fun you can’t get a 6-speed manual transmission which is fun big fun but you can also get the six-speed dual-clutch DSG transmission as well with of course the paddle shifters and the proverbial sport shift and that again I feel gives people the best of both worlds what’s nice is you can control the suspension system with a push of a button you have the normal setting you have the sport mode and of course an individual low that you can set up yourself you can adjust with the sport the throttle response the tightening of the steering wheel as well which is great or you can do that individually so you could have comfortable ride with a tighter steering combination which is great now being a front-wheel drive vehicle obviously you have a certain amount of traction and handling and of course you have traction control here but VW also gives you their cross differential control which is a system that basically on a hard turn will break the inside wheel allowing the outside wheel to spin a little quicker giving you a little bit better responsiveness but you can also get with the performance package larger brakes and a true limited slip differential which is amazing except I don’t know that for sure because we don’t have it out here in the states yet but as soon as it comes out I want to get my hands alize understanded BW is also going to be offering a dynamic chassis control system which will help adjust the dampening of the suspension system itself to give you an even greater amount of control on the highway and being a lower wider and long planted vehicle you can just enjoy the road more I think it’s even on bumpy roads you know you do feel it a bit but it’s not bone jarring by any means so now we’re looking at more power more horsepower more torque and better fuel economy with 25 miles per gallon around town 33 on the highway for a combined 228 and anything that helps improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle is a step in the right direction that’s why they made it a little more aerodynamic the drag coefficient is point 29 this year ooh that’s improved kitchen feel attention Felix now the big buzz this year is that the GTI is going to be manufactured in Mexico but when I looked on the window sticker it still said that the engine and the transmission were built in Germany so where they put it together I don’t think is this critical an issue because you know the baby’s going to have the quality control so right now I think it’s going to save us some money and make the volume of vehicles available the freighter then go for and pw go for it ha ha like I said the 2015 GTI is one box alicious ride and it really begins right up front with this honeycomb grille and with the adaptive bi-xenon headlamps with the LED daytime running lamps and the LED fog lamps it gives just a menacing appearance right up front now in the back you’ll notice the bright chrome GTI call out just like on the side of the vehicle and you have your dual exhaust with a chrome tip with a nice black diffuser in the back and of course the VW logo well but ex not only is a hatch release but also covers up your backup camera as well now in the interior you have twenty two point eight cubic feet of cargo space with the back seat up and 57.2 with the back seat down you even have a little pass through as well now check this out not enough cargo space pull it out slide it back drop it down now that’s not enough and you’re lucky enough to have the fender 400 watt sound system this is your subwoofer dude check it once you’ve settled into your sports seat you can certainly appreciate the refinements that VW is done in this vehicle with the well obviously the leather feel of the steering wheel and the seats themselves the soft touch areas that are really surrounding you and the beautiful brushed aluminum accents and of course your GTI call out dead center on your three-spoke steering wheel with the flat bottom it’s a nice enhancement you have your five point eight inch screen and you of course have your hands-free capability Bluetooth you have your adapters that you can plug in for your sound systems your iPods your mp3 players you have plenty of adjustments for your stereo system at fingertip control plus you can get the upgraded fender eight-speaker 400 watt monster system the gauging itself is simplified that’s what it is it’s simplified it’s got a tachometer you’ve got your coolant temperature you’ve got your speedometer up to 180 miles an hour and then of course you have your multimedia screen in the center that is controllable fingertip control you also have the DSG transmission here and your controls for the modes for your chassis system as well as your steering and throttle response plus you have your traction control button and nice storage area here little 12-volt battery action grew out plus amazing air-conditioned it’s also in the glove box there’s a special knob that you can twist that will actually allow you to keep your whatever sodas in there your your electronics in there whatever it is cool plenty of area holding you know got my bottle holder here so that works well and again arm rests grip even your manual madam handbrake feels wonderful so you have the nice chrome accent on your pedals plus the back seat folks they get more legroom and hip room what’s great is you also have your available touch start and touch stop and now a touch will open as well as close you’re moving rather than traditional now that used to them it’s obvious that BW has really spent a lot of time upgrading their interior with the subdued classiness to it and the creature comforts are here for those of you that want to enjoy so if you’re looking for a car that has plenty of sportiness money eruv eNOS and plenty of German engineering technology it keeps you safe and comfortable then the GTI is one heck of a great choice drive it you’ll see what I mean

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