Buying a $700 Craigslist motorcycle

Buying a $700 Craigslist motorcycle

a little kid dragging his bike these are super nice
they are nice yeah I like these, I need to get a pair of these just uh put your order. I’m going to buy a pair of these. I can’t feel like in his super fabric. all right so
here’s the UH here’s the plan. here’s a question I’ve actually had for a little
while can you buy a $500 bike and it not be a total piece of junk?
now you can’t buy one from us if you know if you buy one from us, if you
bought from one from a dealership a $500 bike it’s kind of a piece of junk. right.
It needs a lot of work because obviously no one could make any money on it but
can you buy a $500 off of Facebook marketplace or Craigslist or one of
those sites and and do well on it and I think if you were gonna have any
possibility of that happening it’s gotta look like this outside so me and Caleb are going to
spend the next like 20 minutes half an hour five hours five months three days
and try to find what we can find and then hopefully try to wrap it up today I
want to I’m gonna buy it I want to find it buy it
contact them obviously ride it what ride it of course ride it home of course
so let’s uh see how it goes oh my gosh never home track for a dollar
oh this is too good so cheetah it’s all I needs a battery
how far is New Castle Delaware always that if you like the like the og like st
yep kind of it’s very goofy it’s the same one no I’m saying that’s killer
though that looks great that’s an amazing
looking bike why they paint a frame that mounts on a new battery i aside oh that
looks but it’s easy to buy cosmetics over 500 other bikers a bad drivability
yeah it’s about trying to get on a buddy for five hundred dollars maybe just a
learner but good-looking bike yeah oh yeah always the motto take these little
bodywork shut the road but needs some work to be road ready I won’t do it then we’re gonna do with
negotiations right there man yep that that could be the bike that
could be the bike oh yeah I’m also trying to make money on this plane
I’m step I’m stepping it even higher dad they’re selling my 650 Maxim rode this
bike first season and they have brand new tires in the fall needs a few things
before the season perfect for something a little bit of time rough break a stick
tank has mildly old gas in it battery feels a little weak from sitting turns
over a problem haven’t tried to start it he was asking $1,000 title in hand
that’s got the titles in his name do that me falling what I like is that
always as I’ve asked my wife to spend this amount of money yeah I just want to
see what the guy’s gonna say fine yeah that’s fine I respectfully disagree with
your wife this is great no one disagrees my wife no no that’s stupid wrong yes really
oh you guys are so tuned oh my god you guys have matching denim jackets aid you
guys have the same team yo check it out first starting a brand new
GSXR 2018 250 for a 2007 Chisolm 5c 50 without pretty three of
squared Eagle yeah oh man she’s gonna be she’s gonna be mad
or be close at all is there anything more we can do I would be looking to
take the bike to get the bike out of your hair today let’s see what happens
well you don’t have to realize like we’re trying to get this done in a day
like we went from never looking at a bike to it a day can we get a bike for
$1,500 here’s a question do you think he gets to a point where you’ve annoyed him
he got is probably point definitely point there he’s teaching for a set
point yet no no I guess each person’s a little different hopefully not he could
show us the bike today but we’ve got stalemate at 700 700 I think she drove
her son right yeah might be a good bike for 700 bucks it’s pretty cheap I don’t
like about it is that it’s got that dent where the tank looks crummy from the
other side yeah we got this guy the man Maxim he’s preferment 700 crushing this
– this one’s called like y’all smell this
like caramel apple pie they like Apple so – all right how are
you just bite back okay diverse a whole yeah oh yeah where’s all right are these
straps two straps in the person all right so rolling maxing out wet weight
fried about 500 pounds we’re only hundred pounds over the max weight for
the first of all so we should be good cool this is your battery dead to order for tanks traps well done this guy said he I say I’m trying to start my Oh hey 24 leaves a lot
like soul mates which you know best friend’s bachelor yeah harrison should be set in texas of
best friend special birth now we’re doing it we’re doing doing I feel like it’s almost texted me this
time I tickets right right he doesn’t think it’s funny the baby’s not the kind
of guy with one of ours maybe something kind of guy who owned by
motors over from the owner by what do they have some guy you think number one guy the other day sent me a
kissy face I need to set hop back all right so I’m going to say you know
kiss face can I say AHA with the asterisks to be a know you like I like now I say we I think we’ve let it uh I sound like a Ricky basil forever metal coins
think of what you got going on back here this is super poseable there yeah here
yeah we just ruined that last night putting the garage door down keep that
but that’s already lost been second yeah as let’s take a second to be yeah the
guy that bought this the guy that had it before and like did all the frame mods
but like didn’t think anything out how to powder coat and I’ve never put it
back together so he got a country and he’s paying me to finish it one oh well
which has been fun correcting everybody else’s mistakes but it’s good that’s
what happens we’re in a cafe racer game yeah that’s a fun bike though move but
yeah it looks cool big old knobby tires and stuff yeah early yeah earlier this
anyway I’ve got 67 cool CB 77 I bought it from Ohio I blew it up on the way
back it’s gonna be nice oh that’s right that’s our garage track bike that’s our
loaner bike from track oh cool for the guy that doesn’t have one
exactly or the spare when everyone brings their own freakin around you’re
fixing your own yeah that’s for the I want to come up to the track oh yeah
it’s a month yeah yeah it got tipped over sitting outside it might have got
bumped or something but there’s pork ass on the side
it’s got new tires on it you can turn it over turn over gas just hasn’t been on I
imagine the gas that’s in the tanks pretty old so Frank’s just fine it’s got
good spark good compression just been sitting for quite a while and the front
brake is relatively in need of a reboot and it rolls but not well so haven’t let
it seep from like the like in the night travel case you should have taken the
sissy bar off there like that carpeting rear pad because that’s worth at least a
thousand but another Seabees like the Seabees like 935 yeah it’s something
like this but he could slide up yeah you know you could use it for yourself yeah
that’s a giant backrest let’s pick it out you guys just do all vintage bikes
no no like that’s a mm that’s a w6 v you that’s a Kawasaki speed trial huh and
then I have all modern bikes now besides my 68 I was 16 well what he was like 11
yeah a lot of entire bucks for something he wrote it he wrote it two seasons ago
all season last season for like three quarters of the season and then parked
it and then he actually just bought that gs500 off plus two days ago
oh yeah what now it’s too good for the maxim
yeah I love the Mac so my buddy has one like the midnight Maxim it’s just got
black wheels there’s no real difference that things like whoo man hon I didn’t I
thought just quick for a big heavy cruiser like they’re they’re a fun
little bike but yeah I think you just so he really happens like I’ve seen it so
many times you get a lot of these kids that like want to ride bikes and they
think like oh I’m gonna buy tops on our bike and it’ll run perfect cuz it starts
right now and then like the first season goes by and it like there’s a little
problem or they know how to use a choke and then they realize they’re not a
mechanic at all and they push through it though they kept on pushing through it
yeah and so it’s like it’s one of those things I think he just wants something
that starts every time and like it have to ever worry about it so he let it sit
and then tried to start it called me and was like hey I don’t think it’s gonna
start the gas smells bad I was like right it’s carbureted like there’s
certain things that you have to do every year and he’s like well what do I need
to do so I like I talked him through like what I would do if I was gonna get
him on the road and like a weekend and he was like oh I don’t know man I’m
saying all right all right I think we can get this for 21
I think we can get the bike back to the shop unloaded
and get it running before 5:00 yeah Harrison no we just said it out of courtesy yeah here’s the game plan
I’m gonna do what I did to every other bike I got running this year
bubble spray some guys can’t sleep right on the antenna sighs how was your dinner
was great cool cats what is sucking out I’ll smell it I’ll
take it I’ll taste it I’ll take a little sip
take a little go i skirting the old fuel girls hair on your chest feel like the
last kid on the bus yeah kids and I need the bus Grande and you you’re stuck
talking I mean how the kids like see you at school
no they’d be a nice help while they stop on you
they keep calling me son a little kid dragging his bike all right
this is the walking around video for the maximum trail and bike perfectly fine
the brakes I’d even see stopped on the front none if you’ve not you it a little
bit perfect 20 did you see this is now best wine from the top showing gives it a 10 out
of 10 no it hooks it up it’s whatever this is isn’t it maybe
father’s didn’t take to the car any funny is like how did this thing manage
to get wrapped he said it’s a little bit yeah how did that happen so what the
heck is maintained in this boost yeah
no I feel like little pouch nothing piece of book it’s like it’s
down here that’s down there that’s where you access it you do two squirts first
you got on stream dummy okay dude oh boy we can’t have nice things
yeah thank you yeah shooter towards the Viper so yeah so yes
new paint job back to the server thank you all right
that only took three cava so we can really have minutes okay yeah it’s a gas
on you turn the gas on well there you have it 700 bucks you can
get yourself a running motorcycle last year a tram pretty good a little bit of
love this bikes going to run perfect she’s riding it on the alright guys let’s do a little recap of
what just happened and the reason we’re making this video is because I want more
people to ride I want to show you guys that it’s not expensive to ride a
motorcycle that you can that if we can if we can find a bike within two hours
of looking online find a bike for seven hundred bucks get it running for ten
bucks and I’m currently driving it the next day I only have about two hours of
actually working on it oh I really did it the bike was I put new plugs and I
took the tank off I drained the fuel out I put new fuel back in and then it fired
up and we charged the battery but the battery was fine
all the lights work everything works it’s a great way to learn it’s a great
way to learn about bikes and learn how to ride and just kind of learn about the
whole scene and all this for seven hundred and ten dollars
do you have more time if you had a winner if you had a couple months to try
to find a bike then you could you could find a great deal fun trying to find a
closer to the bike you want or honestly you just find a cheap bike just find
something cheap find a good deal find something that runs what I liked about
this bike was that I had new tires tires are expensive tires give me about three
hundred bucks this bike already had new tires and it
has run in the past a year or so so that’s a big deal
if you’re gonna find a bike that’s not been ran in a long time just thing
you’re gonna put new tires and you know a lot of you gonna spend more money on
it but if I’m gonna get cheaper initially so I said this bike is a
success I’m cruising up the highway we’re going 60 miles an hour this thing
pulls good and we’ll see you guys next week I mean and I’m admittedly I was always
the guy that was like buying bikes in the snow like a boss

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Just got a 97 Honda shadow spirit V1100 wit original paint job was running great until something happened with my electrical system my 30 amp fuse blows when I touch the negative to the battery. I'm kind of lost because I've been riding it a whole week with nothing wrong. Go to leave work and battery is totally dead. Put the battery on a charge and tested the stator and regulator and I'm putting out 13 volts. Went to take it for a test run and all of a suddenly buy 30 amp main fuse blew. If you have any ideas to send them my way really please I could use your help I love riding in to see this beautiful bike just sitting here is killing me 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  2. Scored a 2000 Suzuki Intruder VL1500 LC for $800. After cleaning up the wiring and bleeding the brakes and clutch, rode it same day. First bike.

  3. I traded a set of SBC cylinder heads for an 82 Maxim 11 years ago. I was very surprised by the performance of it. Gave it a new paint job and I still ride it. Those are actually really good bikes.

  4. Never bought a used 500 buck bike but I got my FZ 09 used for 4k lol it's the first gen 2014 model and I cant want anythin more it pops a power wheelie in every gear it reminds me when I was a kid and had my CR250 haha

  5. And here I am with a newly purchased 2006 vtx r with 13k miles for $1500 and the only issue with it is a small ding in the exhaust 🤣

  6. … Good job on starting it. I'm thinking of selling my Kawasaki 800, its been sitting a couple years.

  7. But you still didn't ride it home for $500 750 taking home and work on it so this video was a a joke video it was entertaining thank you

  8. nice video guys! you cracked me up not knowing how a brake lever gets bent like that, it's dirt bike 101 haha 😉

  9. Owned an 82 CB750Custom with dealer installed Goldwing fairing and luggage boxes matching black with blue detailing. Had the sliding driver's backrest from KG.
    Beautiful bike which I rode for a decade or so and loved every minute of it. Best I ever owned.
    The early 80's bikes were awesome. Only downside was the charging system crapped out and was not cheap to fix. Ran 80k up on the motor with zero other issues.
    Still wish I kept her.

  10. The answer is yes. Bought a Yamaha virago 250 for 500 bucks and it runs like a champ and has for 4,000 miles

  11. I owned an 82 Maxim XJ650 for 5 years. Awesome bike. I rebuilt the brakes, carbs, adjust the valve clearances. Not that great for an all day trip on the freeway. More of a commuter bike. is a great resource for maintaining these bikes.

  12. i bought a 1986 honda nighthawk 450 for $300 was spray painted flat black but ran great only had 7,500 miles on it

  13. if you like hot tea then you should try PG TIPS from the UK…great with a splash of milk and a biscuit(cookie)…you're welcome 🙂

  14. I just got a 1985 kawasaki ltd 1100 for 300 bucks. My first bike and it runs amazing. Deal of a life time.

  15. Not seen a motorcycle under $1000 here. All these idiots thinking their bikes are collector items. I's really ridiculous with these guys restoring 1980's bikes and claiming they are worth more than the bike actually sold for.

  16. I scored a '99 Honda Shadow VLX (3 years dormant, dry tank) for $1 back in 2013. Soaked the jets in carb cleaner overnight, new plugs, new tires, runs like a top.In the last 4 years, I've doubled the 13K miles it had – Baltimore to WNY (Syr,Roch, & Buff) twice and once to Charlotte. Didn't ride at all last year, started right up first try in May of this year. Already put nearly 1500 miles on it in 2019.

  17. how in the hell did you buy a bike off craigslist? EVERY BIKE I've inquired about has been a scam, fart paste I just talked to a scammer yesterday from craigslist. They forgot where they posted the bike so when I contacted them they said they were not in the area anymore cause of a job relocation and that is why they chose Ebay to sell this bike. I lol them and told them good luck with their scam.

  18. I'm looking in to buy g a 85 Honda rebel for 600 bucks. It's been sitting for a year so what should i look for when buying g first bike? I haven t seen the whole video before i wrote this.

  19. Wanted my Harley but got a budget bobber project.87 Yamaha virago 700 for $400 just needed ignition switch

  20. So is Caleb Sean's version of Al Borland? As in the sidekick from "Tim the Tool Man Taylor Show" The sitcom Home Improvement starring Tim Allen and Richard Karn. Flannel Shirt the beard etc LOL

  21. I also bought a $700 motorcycle from Craigslist a few years ago, I fixed it, customized it, it's been in 3 motorcycle shows AND it's going to be on TV! It's still my daily runner… Never knock a cheap bike, learn to fix it yourself, totally worth every penny.

  22. I bought a $500 bike on Facebook… but I knew I was buying it to completely rebuild it. Still a great deal though.

  23. thats the way dems do talk about all these problems then nothing ever ever happens just waste of time bs talk

  24. I have two bikes and they've cost me so far for maybe £700 including repairs which i did myself, a lot of fun for not much money

  25. 1977 yamaha XS 750 purchased for $400 bucks in the fall. rebuilt the carbs and bought a battery. Rode it the next spring!

  26. Using fb marketplace and letgo and things like that are so hard for me Bc people in my area so technology not advanced so half of em here don’t even know how to use fb and letgo

  27. Got an 85 Suzuki Madura for 600 and it has been terrific!! Had 29000 miles and put 4000 plus on with zero issues. Great first bike!

  28. I bought a similar bike, 82 XJ650 Maxim. Barn find for $300. Its a can of worms because it sat since 98 but I have gotten it to run once and it sounded amazing.

  29. That thing is cherry. As for the guy talking about old gas…. people always freak out and worry about old gas for no real reason. I have run old cars with gas that has been a year or two old and ran no issues. Yes it is a good idea to drain a tank of old gas if you can but not the end of the world if you don't. I also like what you said near the end "I want everyone to ride".

  30. so uuuh, 300 years ago, i bought a kawi ninja 250cc for $700 , it was a 2007…had like 10 months of plates…..rode the crap out of it, for a week or two, then got bored with it..needed more power of course….then bought a 1981 yamaha seca 750 …old,heavy, super loud but damn, jumping on a 750 after riding a 250 ??? looked at the ninja 250 like it was a motorized bicycle …never rode it again…sold it for $900…one can definitely start on motorcycles for very cheap

  31. Hmm buy a bike for 700 and put 10 into it then sell for 1200? That's messed up . Talking I want more people to get into riding 🤣🤣🤣

  32. I bought a 2012 kawasaki ninja from my neighbor for $350. It had been sitting for 5 years and he said he never was able to start it. Drained the oil (it was full of gas), threw some new oil in, and I copied your spray bottle technique and I had it running in no time.

  33. I just bought a 98 Suzuki gsf600s Bandit for 900 dollars, runs great, looks a bit rough, but has upgraded sprockets and chain. Rides great. Has nearly 30k on the clock, but still feels tight. Brakes leave something to be desired, but works. It's the smallest cc bike I've had in 20 plus years, and it's a blast to ride. The engine sounds like it's screaming all the time, someone cut the exhaust down to a nub, so it's crazy loud like an F1 car lol. But I'm enjoying it greatly.

  34. Bought $600 1980 Kaw Ltd 750, 3 yrs ago, reposition frt turn signals, replaced rubber gaskets on top end, + misc… runs great

  35. I paid $34 dollars for an EX 500 and earned top mechanic of my motorcycle school with it and road the fucker everyday to college for years afterwards.. Gonna be hard to top that shit! I also raced the bike too. Theres a youtube video of my bro riding it. Fucker was fast for $34 dollars!

  36. I got a 1980 kz440 for $400 that lasted me almost 2 yesterday as a daily Rider. the most I put into it was a new battery and am oil change. Great bike, I miss it.

  37. Bought a 100$ craigslist 1982 yamaha xj650 maxim and after swapping on new turbo 650 heads (I ported and polished then honed plus dimpled the intake runners) the lower end started to sound like a cat in a blender after only an hour max of heat cycles of when it would run for a few mins at a time, has a fresh athena headgasket so now I just need to order the turbo valve cover and gasket then open up the lower end and see if its worth salvaging, if not theres plenty of ebay motors well under the 50k this one has but it just matters if itll cost 100$ to make this hopped up 650 run finally

  38. I bought a single owner barn find 1981 Honda CB650 that had sat for 3 years 5 years ago for $400 threw a battery in it and rode it from Maine to Ottawa Canada and back, then put a set of Dunlop 404s on it and put 23000 miles on it before the clutch plates(1st and 2nd were a little sloppy) needed to be replaced, I still ride it, definitely got my money out of that bike.

  39. I got my 1992 Yamaha xt 350 with title for $500 an only 8k on the clock how did you guy's @BikesandBeards get your going after spaying the carb with gas I will try that next but I'm thee only one working on the bike no help.

  40. You can find on for that much I sold a running ninja 250 for 400$ and I got it for 600 but it had rust in gas tank, dirty carb, missing plastics/signals etc. and I dropped it a couple times and so has one of my friends I taught how to ride, u just have to wait for the right timing to get a bike for that cheap but it will definitely take money to get street legal so it’s better to save up $1500 and get a decent running legal bike

  41. Picked up a 77 xs360. All original and garage kept and less then 9k original miles. Picked for $750 sold for $2,300 did not 1 thing to it. Buyer rode it home.

  42. I bought an 81 Yamaha maxim 650 from a barn for 500 dollars once. I rebuilt the starter and drove it to alaska and then to California! When i was 19! And it was nice to ride!

  43. I almost did this man.i Almost bought a 83 vt500 for under $200 and everyone blackslash me for trying to buy something it needed work as my FIRST TIME BIKE. I wanted to learn how to work it. Ugh

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