Buying a Car in Quito Ecuador as an Expat

Buying a Car in Quito Ecuador as an Expat

Update: SOAT is no longer the required insurance in Ecuador. The insurance system is now privatized and there are many options rather than just SOAT.

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  1. Damn bro I feel for you. I liked the Volkswagen bus good for sucks you can only drive your car on certain days that's crazy so it's cheap to live there but it ain't cheap to drive there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy New Year 😎
    That is my biggest concern about moving to Ecuador, I cannot function without a car but it is so damn out of whack.
    I also don't know how Ecuadorians can afford it!
    Also the matricula is a major pain.

  3. Just to see the comparison….went online and priced a Toyota Corolla on a random Irish website……2009……4,000 Euros with 152,000 miles done……..but Toyotas go for forever in my experience, Camry even better…has a Lexus engine….of course your across the ocean and it's a different world there. Cars don't hold their value here at all….the minute you drive a new car out of a garage…you can knock 5K straight off the sticker price. I nearly always use a website before travelling, called …..just to budget, or factor in stuff in my head….you can use any currency on it too. Interestingly….certain items, no matter what corner of the planet you are in….are almost always the same price…, levi jeans (not factoring in cheaper ones off the side street),a McDonalds meal for example…..I remember walking past one in Dehli, India…around Connaught Circus, they had a uniformed/armed security guard at the door…..looked in the window, and all the clientele looked like they belonged in a Bollywood film…as in the people with money…….while out on the street beside it, there are kids walking around with no shoes, suffering from visable malnutrition…….I really wonder about the human race a lot

  4. In Western Canada you see a lot of used cars imported from Japan. They have right side transmission. I don't know the numbers but some people think its a good deal. If import Japanese cars are not available in Ecuador maybe they are in Peru which seems to have a cultural connection at least to Japan.

  5. With the New Years almost here and Valentine’s Day around the corner, could you make a video about dating in Quito? Just in case one where to fall of the map and land in Ecuador.

  6. I dont understand why gri gos get surprised with the car prices in Ecuador if they already know we are not an industrial country, so it s not funny you make these type of vids… DISLIKE!

  7. Just finding your channel, thus is good information to know, thank you for sharing,
    Ok king forward to looking back on your other subscriber-:)

  8. Lol there's always a dog anywhere you go to eat in Ecuador but they have to eat too. Yeah Ecuador is a funny place to go buy a vehicle have to be a stick because of some of roads and hills and I do mean hills. And from what I understand the best place to buy a vehicle is at a auction but you have to bring a mechanic with you to check it out. I thank God that we still have family members that live there from my wife side that knows people like this to help us out. But it is also a pain in the neck because what you have to go through to just buy a vehicle and the paperwork that's involved but this is what you have to do unless you want to take the bus or taxi all the time. I hope that car works out for you and the family just be careful that you don't bottom out. 🚙

  9. Lol a $3000 early 2000's Mercedes C class in U.S is 40-50k in Ecuador. Id go for an old 70's Landcruiser. They are relatively plentiful and cheap down there. Also one of the only cars that are cheaper in Ecuador than in the U.S.

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