Buying a Family Car Tips, : Negotiating the Price When Buying a Car

Buying a Family Car Tips, : Negotiating the Price When Buying a Car

Hello! My name is Steve Kennedy, and on behalf
of, we are here at Warren Cliff Chrysler in London Ontario, Canada with
some tips to help you on your next buying vehicle decision. Now next in our game plan
of course it is always the least favorite of anybody’s itinerary is the negotiation,
where you actually have to decide how much you are going to spend on the particular vehicle
and of course, you basically just have to remember that what you are there to do is
get the best deal for yourself but the sales person is also there too to get the best deal
for you as well. It doesn’t help him if he doesn’t sell anything and if it is the
vehicle that you want and you have done the proper research and all the other steps that
we have talked about here, it should be a very easy thing to do. There is no real mystery
in it. You had a plan right from the very beginning, you know what you want, you know
the needs you are trying to fill, you know what you like about your other vehicle, you
know what you are trying to improve on and you know your budget as well. It’s those
simple things so you just have to be forthcoming with that kind of information especially because
you have already narrowed it down to the vehicle that you want. There is no sense in playing
a game. It wastes your time and everybody’s time because you already know what you want
because you done all the research, done the entire plan, you have all that confidence
behind you, you know your budget, you basically have to tell the sales person this is what
I can afford. This is what I am trying to accomplish. How can we make that happen and
it will save you a lot of sleepless nights and stress that usually is set up with this
kind of negotiation. There is no mystery in it. You have no power. You’ve done all the
proper planning so there is nothing to be afraid to this part of the time. You know
what you want, you know what you can spend and it’s up to the sales person to make
that happen for you. Just make sure you stick to your plan and it will go well for everybody
then because don’t forget he don’t make any money unless he sells you a car and that
is what he is trying to accomplish himself too. It’s got to be right for you, you’ve
done all the research, and you have a plan so stick to your plan it will go well for
both of you.

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