Buying A Motorcycle! New or Used?

Buying A Motorcycle! New or Used?

everyone Two Tired here and I’m having a
great day because today I get to talk to you guys about one of my favorite things
to do in the world and that’s buying a motorcycle like this one today I’m gonna
hop on my bike I’m going to do a motovlog for you guys and I’m going to
talk about the pros and cons of buying a new motorcycle versus buying a used
motorcycle to help you guys come up with a plan to get you on two wheels let’s do
it all right so I’m gonna take you guys for
drive down at the scenic Saskatchewan River oh and I will talk about my
motorcycle so probably the first thing you guys are going to be saying is well
Two Tired this video is kind of silly because I can’t afford a new motorcycle
which I’m going to talk about that a little bit more but obviously if you
can’t afford new motorcycles you can’t afford in a four cycle but I
mean there’s not the financing options and stuff like that and you know
everybody likes to be in debt so but anyway if you can’t hold any motorcycle
you can’t afford a new motorcycle so your value you’re going to want to pay
attention mostly to the use part of this and I mean just cuz you can’t afford a
more a new motorcycle now doesn’t mean you’re never ever going to buy one I
mean I’ve been riding for quite a few years this is the first motorcycle that
I bought new this 2017 f09 and I you know it was always a dream to buy a new
bike and I did and one day if you have that dream if you you know work argue
hopefully one day exceeds your expectations find a motorcycle and then
maybe this video will help you so yeah so we kind of touched on it there but
that’s the first thing that as I guess the first probe which is kind of who and
what obviously price is a big differentiator between new and years to
go out for walks and I stay or people at the beach down there um I get the specs
pretty easy anyways try seeing a big different g8 or between buying new and
used obviously new bikes are expensive obviously used bikes are cheaper so if
you know if the views of a new bike isn’t in your price range you’re
probably going to go use but that being said there are a couple things that
people don’t realize when comparing the price of a new motorcycle to the place
to be used motorcycle and the biggest one that I find is it’s kinda comes into
play when you’re buying a used motorcycle that’s not too far
off from from newvalue maybe like a year to a bike and people think or oh god
it’s three thousand dollars cheaper than new
so why would not and there’s a couple things that I would take into
consideration that if you’re buying let’s see you some hypothetical numbers
say you’re looking at a bike that’s used and it’s eight thousand and the new one
is ten thousand so i puts it pretty close and then your comment you’re going
to your stock holy is that two thousand dollars words am I going to get two
thousand dollars worth of value from buying a new bike versus two years like
and and there’s no real easy yes or no after that if there’s a couple of
factors and the first thing is I mean obviously with the new bike you get
warranty and with the used bike I mean if it’s a couple years old already it’s
probably off warranty you mean there’s a good chance not a good chance but
there’s a chance that you could be riding it and the engine could blow up
and then you’re looking at a really big bill to you know fix it and then all of
a sudden you’re going to be kidding yourselves about saying oh geez I should
have bought new and you know most Dyna ten times the guys going to buy a used
bike and you’re not going to have any issues with it and you’re going to catch
stuff on the back for buying a used bike it’s it’s all it’s all risk versus
reward what you’re willing to risk to save a couple bucks now instead of today
another thing that I like to talk about well first of all you guys are only
going to get this view today because being the dummy that I am i off this
camera and i left the card for that camera sitting on my desk so it has
covered in it but anyway the second thing i want to talk about is um saving
tax dollars when you buy this this only kind of comes in in when you’re trading
in a bike but when I talk when I talk trades like if I was going to change
this bike in for a new one what I would be talking is the difference I don’t
want to talk and I want to talk about altered or difference I don’t want to
talk about you know difference and then I don’t like comparing prices if they
like the new bike is 11 but they’ll give me six or my all bike
so I’m spending five grand that’s the difference I die and then why would I
like to talk out the door difference because I don’t like bees and
shenanigans that the dealerships dealerships if you want to call me I
like to tack on at the end of the sale when I say what did am I paying for this
bike out the door and I’m talking taxes in PDI freight dock fees whatever other
bullshit I’ll say that the dealer’s come up with to charge you I like to talk a
big role Brown number because I really don’t give a fuck where my money is
going like I don’t care I need to know how much it costs and and I don’t need
to I don’t care how much is going to a dock to get how much is going afraid and
how much is going to PDI I’m just going to go here because there’s traveling
luck but nice people too so anyways I don’t care how is period up I just care
how much to buy cost so I like to talk outdoor price and I like to talk
difference or in regards shade value a lot of dealerships like to play shell
games like the sticker price on this bike is twelve and we’re going to give
you five for your bike and then add on a bunch of shit and or you go to another
dealer who says hey I’ll tell you this bike returned but I’m only going to give
you three for your bike and it’s the same price but it’s it’s just laid out
different and that’s why I like to talk difference out the door so
hypothetically if I was to one upgrade this bike and let’s say the difference
between this see all I’m going to talk around numbers but the K I’ll value this
bike at eight thousand dollars the new bike I want is ten so the first thing to
think about is like I said is that worth it and the second thing to think about
is that’s not really what the difference is if I’m getting a new bike for 10 out
the door and this bike is worth a trade-in I’m also saving parked on
$8,000 trading this bike in so in this province that I live in at 11 percent
that’s eight hundred eighty dollars off of the tax that I would be saving so
that all sudden takes my out the door price of of the ten thousand dollar bike
down to nine thousand won twenty dollars so and then I’m looking
at a bike going well okay I have this dis bike now also not yeah now or
sometime I’m just just coming to terms with $1,120 risk mm so this there’s
things like that that you have to look out for and if it doesn’t make sense to
you guys feel free to ask me questions in the comments and I’ll I’ll clarify it
as best I can but that’s something to think it in regards to trade if you
don’t have a motorcycle that’s obviously not relevant to you but yeah anyways I
kind of touched on it a little bit warranty breakdowns yada yada the
biggest thing about buying a used bike is you never know you never know it’s
it’s a cost a cost thing and the safety thing I don’t know if Joe Schmoe who
owned the bike before me knew how to torque a you know an axle nut and next
thing you know I might be going down the road it might even be when I’m driving
on the dock wheel could fall off I could skate i could cash I could get seriously
hurt so I mean the I bought used bikes before obviously and I just make sure to
go through them and if you’re a less mechanically inclined person then all
sudden buying a new bike is way more appealing to you because you don’t
necessarily know what to look for on a bike what to avoid what to know what to
check etc etc so this yeah there’s obviously that big that big boost to
buying new for you oh yeah my buddy Matt but anyways yeah so buying new gives you
that peace of mind it’s warranty it also gives you a somebody who stands behind
their product once the vehicle is off warranty like this like for example I
have warranty on it if something happens with it Yamaha should care they buy this
do you know everybody’s experience is different with dealers and manufacturers
stuff with Yamaha should care and they should want to fix the issues that come
up if you’re buying a used bike obviously you are
on your own it’s off warranty basically but manufacture isn’t going to care and
a dealer is only going to care if you’re paying them to care so yeah we’ll go to
downtown south do an action here enjoy your coughing – those are kind of the
main big factors by new versus buying used price warranty standing behind
their product with your buying used a lot of times you also have to consider
the value of the other things you’re getting with the bike a lot of people
sell their used bikes throwing a helmet and a jacket and maybe some saddlebags
or you know maybe it has an aftermarket exhaust maybe has a wing shield on it
maybe it has different signals that you really like maybe that signals you don’t
really like these are all things that you could play into you know your
decision to buy the motorcycle so those are all things you need to pay attention
to I’ve found a lot of times that you know if somebody’s got a saddlebags they
put a windshield and exhaust on it they’re not really asking any more money
then then the bike would be priced at without any of that stuff
I mean comparable bikes use bikes sometimes you’ll get a whole bunch of
stuff thrown in just so somebody can sell their motorcycles and that that can
sometimes add up two to three thousand dollars worth of value just in in
furnaces so that’s something to think about and yeah I like this Ridge don’t
tell the cops what I like to do wheelies on it sometimes I don’t really want to
break another mount last time I was doing a wheelie with my little camera
mount there and it just when I set it down kind of hard I just snapped off so
I don’t know me picture we leave it in the future but I don’t think it’s today
because I’m gonna break my mount uh uh yeah um another big thing I wanted to
say I thought should have said this is beginning video but the responses I’m
getting on my videos is is huge like it’s way more than I thought it was
going to be and I want to thank all my new subscribers and
I want to thank everybody that’s giving me a like it you might not think it does
much but taking that second out of your life really helps content creators out
so there’s my spiel and thanks thanks to everybody thank you for watching this
thanks everything and I could also looking at me go on like you can do a
resume token so it’s a nice book a daily AK there’s stuff going on downtown I
tell you and yeah by new by news let’s kind of kind of what there is to know
now as far as as actually buying um if you buy a new bike you shouldn’t have to
check anything I mean the bike should be have been assembled by competent
individuals which is 100x the bike should have been assembled by competent
individuals the bike should be row ready it’s kind of why you buy from a dealer
so that you know this stuff as well as buying useful dealer any compass as well
as values from a dealer you kind of pay a little bit of a premium buying use
from a dealer but you get something in return and that should be roadworthiness
you shouldn’t have to worry about it and again you should have a dealer that
stands aligned the product that you bought I’m going to get it losing my
train of thought so yeah right a new bike
it’s obviously roadworthy its cetera etc another thing you get buy used you know
might need some parts it might be slightly blemished it might be something
something something there’s usually there’s almost always a hidden cost in
buying a used motorcycle unless it’s like a real okay extremely well taken
care of bike you might not you might get lucky and not have any issues but
there’s almost always uh some expense to it I mean there’s
almost always something that you overlook just a little something that
ends up costing you maybe five bucks maybe a couple hundred when buying a
bike I find so yeah this is this is what I think about new news I made the choice
to buy a new motorcycle and I like having the kind of worry free
saloon free uh you know mentality of if something goes wrong with my bike it’s
not gonna cost me a bunch of money but it already did cost me a bunch of money
so it’s a trade-off so I think that’s probably going to wrap this one up and yeah if you guys want to ask you
anything like I kind of consider myself fairly knowledgeable motorcycle
enthusiast if you guys want to pick my brain about anything go ahead and do it
down there in the comments section I don’t have you know I’m not I’m getting
a ton of views versus what I expected but it’s still not a ton so I mean I got
lots of time to dance you guys questions and respond and interact with the
community so let’s get a-goin with baccala stuff and yes there’s anything I
missed let me know if there’s anything you guys would like to see you do see me
talk about pick my brain about you know if there’s some interest me will do a
motovlog about a certain subject or if there’s you know a certain mod you’d
like reviewed or something like that you guys just go ahead and let me know
anyways thanks for tuning in this is Two Tired
peace out and maybe a little bit less of stupid exit peace all just kidding I thought when I started
telling this motovlog I talked about a little bit more time to discuss the
actual things to look for when buying a used motorcycle what to look for what to
avoid what to check etc I got around at a time at this one but if you guys have
anything specific you’d like to ask me do it in the comments and if there’s
enough interest I will do a whole a whole video on buying a used motorcycle
and tell you guys what I think is most important to check for it to look for or
maybe I’ll do a blog about it or something but yeah for now you guys just
have to ask in the comments if anything particular you want to know so again
thanks for watching

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