Buying A New Supercar EVERY WEEK!

Buying A New Supercar EVERY WEEK!

guys you gotta see this look look at
this this is crazy on the road right now in front of a cornfield honestly I have
no idea we’re on our way to go check out this insane car collection over at my
boy Omi’s house he’s another youtuber funny story yesterday was the first time
that I’ve ever met him before and I recorded the video where I literally
took the wheels off of his Lamborghini he got so mad if you haven’t seen it yet
go check it out in my previous video link down below to top description now
we’re just headed over to his house right now I’m not even kidding this dude
has over 30 cars sitting in his driveway craziest collection ever let’s go check
it out we had another Lambo roll up we got three right now we got Oh me and
Froy look we got we got another one in the back that’s a net that’s an
Aventador back there alright we’re about to pull up to a spot
I have seen in videos I’ve never seen it in person yet but I’m very excited guys
you gotta see this look look at this this is crazy now we gotta get out of
the car I’ll show you guys some more other Lambos rolling up the Aventador we
all vlogging out here yours is newer he’s got the 2020 Audi r8
your rears different too let’s let’s do a comparison let me i’ma turn the car on
all right we got his outie are a it’s grey next to mine this is 2020 as you
guys can see the difference in them in the backs let’s check out the front here
we go yo guys for real his car lineup is ridiculous let’s get
some b-roll showing all the cars you Wow there is a lot of cars here we have
a Corvette we have a Camaro SS we have an Audi a7 now DRA AMG GT 63s Hellcat
Acura NSX Lambo Lamborghini Eris the brand-new Toyota Supra I have never even
seen this in person yet this is the first time honda civic type-r we have to
hel cats in here GL e43 we got two jeeps right here this is actually the jeep
truck 392 durango SRT Chevy Blazer I got hella birds coming in wow this is
actually pretty crazy oh my gosh 1500 Hemi and a ram Rob and out here we got
another Lambo he’s got some more cars over here as well truly ridiculous this
is this is what I’m trying to be like Congrats man so dope
here’s the backyard you guys thought there was a huge car collection wait
till you see his bike collection I actually saw this on your video so I’m
excited to see it in real life the bikes really my friends oh my god
sorry to interrupt real quick but I want to let you guys know that we just
dropped our back-to-school merch line the new folders are fire literally if
you guys want any of these products lance210 not commerce link a bio let’s
get back to the video this is crazy do you even drive these bro 2018 but
it’s still brand new because I feel like I just stepped into like a Yamaha store
or something yeah bro we gotta go riding I got raptor steel yeah I got these kind
I got him in white yeah let’s go ride him I know it’s a little dark but oh my
guy he’s got a lot of land see that’s what I like I like small bikes bro
they’re so fun alright bad we gotta get gold froze in this ranch
alright we’re about to take the whip out we got all of our lights set up and set
out right I know we almost left going shopping that was fun this Toyota Supra there is
only 1500 of these ever made and a seat this is launch edition 473 of 1500 this
interior is beautiful oh my God look at that this is amazing this right here in
the front it’s pretty similar to in my m4 style I’m definitely going to give
this car spin collection I’m a big shoe guy to my man yeah look at this chandelier this is such a
sick spot we got an arcade let’s see how fat you are bro I have played 165 let’s
sit in 63 let’s see where I am 159 I just ate I’m really like 150 yeah my
dude has got a drone that literally has night vision on it you can see heat
spots and you can also see cool spots as well
that’s insane this is this is what it looks like like that that’s what it
displays as but he’s trying to find it right now
I can’t this is just like a basic drum I got like I’m advocates just a more
expensive version I’ve never seen that before alright so here is the drone this
is this is what it looks like it literally just looks like this but it’s
got these like goggle eyes on it I don’t know and then we got a giant controller
for it this is sweet I’ve never even seen this before dude
back to your own Oh check it out is bass me right now still currently under
construction a little bit but a sweet okay wait I hate construction fees yeah
I’ve never seen a screen like this ten eleven thousand long pcs that I just
built better off full of dust in house merch machines you’ll start printing a
zone we’re in the GT 63s right now this is this is amazing
crap dude Wow we do something the wrong how do I do they they hope
we hold the radish bag it seems like a bunch of Java yeah this corner here and
you can change all the colors to the whole color scheme up even even in here
yeah you can change these green huge one green you want to change this coming it is now the next day we were back out on these place a little bit better
lighting so you guys can see all the whips this is just crazy
I couldn’t imagine having like all these cars this is so surreal I know bro I
actually have an idea of when I actually get enough cars to do this with but I
have a really interesting idea of how I’m gonna choose a car every single day
we’re not gonna spoil the surprise just yet but I got a couple more cars we’re
gonna do it’s gonna be sick Hey oh he was gonna try and scare me now
you can’t prank me yo we take it so whips out today do I want to try that
super this Toyota Supra there is only 1500 of these ever made I’m definitely
gonna give this car a spin I’m gonna take this whip out all right we bout to
take out the cars right now I’m gonna drive the Supra this is the key he’s got
the NSX what you got he’s taking the Aventador out all right let’s try to
roll out whoa let’s get it check it out guys Mario let’s start her up that sounds nice right so Michael just
told me that imw actually made inside of this car and I mean I can see why like
this legitimately looks like it as well let’s get out of here later I’m taking
you away it was really quick I’m taking the NSX next whoa what a
beauty let’s see how this thing sound and sounds kind of weak but it also is
mostly electric so can’t complain too much but you’re gonna get thrown in your
seats that fast yeah prepare I don’t know already I think faster wow this is faster than
my already he’s got something I am driving the Aventador next ready go fast like real fire like some
fire oh my god look it is boat jeez
you ever take it out Wow y’all gotta go for a spin one time you
won’t get it it how quick sit go 185 for bull in the back let’s check these
propellers look at these things now those propellers did you cut your
finger on when he touches yeah they looks they love razor sharp yeah the
second one the third and fourth for these bad boys this is a guys this
property is honestly incredible I must say I was most fascinated by coming up
here through the driveway which I’m about to show you it’s really sweet here
is the driveway it would be a lot better to show you coming up through the car
you have all this land driveway starts all the way down there wraps entirely up
around and there is the house there’s also another house that is connected
over here both owned by the same people yo guys listen this has been an awesome
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post notifications are wrong Wow look at this Shelby gt350 Oprah that is one
bada$$ bike big boy now I ain’t doing it now he weighs as much as me even trying
to buy this one sit in here right literally water floor and lift it up
lift you put you Lambos up top drive all the way out to this cup of whites dude
you’ll be traveling to stop proof oh my god this is beautiful this is the best
part Wow citizen teary eyes beautiful oh
sweet the door doesn’t have to be open for the logo to pop up usually when you
open a door it comes up yes so wrasse just puts a dial on this too
headers up in the front yeah I said it’s pretty neat that sounds nice and it’ll
beat my co6 how much horsepower you pushing six seventy there’s six 7720
there’s a 6 vs 6 speed it’s a stage three oh ok sit on these rounds she’s
looking to grill three at one two or three at times you would stage this if
you look at the girls has a big yeah I saw a three on it I’ll show you guys
that real quick bio my dudes about the butters Mustang right
now jump in jump in go on a poop just made it back to the crib you owe me
right let me trade you my RA for a week ya week I’ll give you my slingshot for a
week what why I don’t want that thing give me give me give me take the NSX my
RA it’s worth more than that yeah this might a 180 ok almost 200
I paid 165 yeah let me get the years we get the Lambo the Aventador look I’ll
give you my all right you give me yours that is going to do it for today’s video
I hope you guys enjoyed if you did please please please smash that thumbs
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a new video and other than that I’ll see you guys next time

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