Buying a used Audi A8 D3/4E – 2002-2009, Common Issues, Buying advice / guide

Buying a used Audi A8 D3/4E – 2002-2009, Common Issues, Buying advice / guide

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  2. How about trying to follow the director and follow the camera and not look into space. Apart for the rest, who gives a fuck.

  3. It's really a great car , I drove it and it's very solid..unfortunately my brother bought a 4.2L v8 and eats gas like crazy.. and like that wasn't enough now it has probs with the air suspension

  4. Hey
    I have an A8 W12 2005…Bought it 1 year ago. 180000 kilometers.
    13000 USD. In Sweden. One owner. Full Service book.
    It's great. Drive smooth, drive like an idiot. It works.
    Check list:
    – All documents from service shops – Get it from VAG.
    – Get a VCDS or Ross Tech diagnose system. Money – 150 US Dollars
    – They are expensive, but nowadays You can argue about price. Claim You wan't a CAR with NO faults.
    – Get picky, find something that may not work. Let the sales guy pay for it !
    When it works – It Does !
    I'm satisfied.
    Oh, She's a Beauty 😀
    Good Luck !

  5. I have had a 2004 A8L 4.2L for 8 years now and have put close to 100,000 miles on it (153,000 total). As for the ride and driving experience, it is phenomenal and I love it. Maintenance is a whole other story. Here is a list of thing that have gone wrong over the years that I had to deal with. On poor roads front upper control arm bushings will wear quickly, I’ve replaced them twice and now it’s time to do it again (driving in NYC). Front sway bar bushings will wear as well, Audi decided to make them a part of the sway bar itself so you’ll have to replace the whole thing. Suspension compressor failed at about 120,000 miles and 1 air strut bag ruptured at about 145,000 miles. At 110,000 miles the transmission developed a light slip into 2nd gear, but surprisingly hasn’t gotten any worse since. MAF, crank, cam sensors had to be replaced after 130,000 miles as well as 1 VVT actuator. At 120,000 miles the head gaskets started to leak a little and occasionally you’ll see smoke if the leak is just right (not worth fixing at $2,500). Starter, and 2 motor mounts had to be replaced. That’s about it for the drive train. MMI control module, DVD player, park brake module, level control module, both HID ballasts all failed at some point between 120,000-145,000 miles and had to be replaced. Trunk motor works poorly at this point and the passenger folding mirror occasionally doesn’t want to work when it’s hot outside. There is an auxiliary coolant pump that failed last winter that is used for the interior heater. The sunroof drains need to be cleaned at least every 2 years or it will overflow into the car and damage the leather and electronics. Having said all that, it still handles like a dream and even at nearly 14 years old it still feels and drives like a high class and sporty vehicle. I’m at a point though where I’m looking to get a new one.

    A4 SEDÁN
    A4 VIEJO
    A6 SEDÁN

  7. Just bought one with 208000 miles runs and drives perfect . The mpg isn’t that bad seems to get better mileage than my 08 m35x I had even tho its a v8

  8. I have a 2006 Audi A8. 4.2 petrol.
    Blissful car – absolutely fantastic machine
    Its many years old – but doesn't feel it. Feels tight and well put together. Bose was a must – made sure i had that in mine. Teamed with the ami – fantastic music.

  9. As a regretfull owner of a 2008 A8L 4.2 my advice is DON'T. It's a money pit. I've spent more on this used car than my last 3 combined. A $100,000 car will depreciate making it affordable at some point and I love driving it but the parts and the specialty service required doesn't depreciate with it. Air ride stuck in lift position with 138k miles. Noone can figure it out. Appt with stealership to diagnose,$150, this week. Expecting a several thousand dollar fix just to be able to drive it again. You can't even do your own brake job on it unless you have a scanner program to bypass the electric parking brake or you'll blow the $1200 actuators. You can't have just any mechanic work on it or they can cause more damage. I will be trading it in ASAP. Never again. Over engineered, aka poorly engineered, and way too many known things to go wrong that do go wrong. Will have to replace a $400 tail light too just because the sensors get wet and keep triggering a buzzer warning that the bulbs are out and they aren't. They are sealed. But known to get wet and corrode the circuit boards causing bulb out buzzers and warning lights non stop. Very poor used car to buy. There is multiple fuse boxes all over the car. One I had to access is on the firewall behind the drivers dash. Had to remove part of the dash to even get to it. Who does that? Save your money and get a simpler car with less to go wrong.

  10. Hi, nice video, we have problem with 4.2 petrol from 2003, all of a sudden the dashboard is not going on and not starting. Did you ever heard of this? Kind regards, Tom

  11. It seems everyone that’s having problems with these cars are people who either didn’t take care of them properly or were to cheap to buy one with decent mileage. If you buy Any luxury car over 100k on the odometer you are looking for trouble in my opinion. I just bought a 2005 A8L fully loaded from a private auction for 9000$ clean title with only 35k on the odometer…it was a dream come true this car is bad fucking ass and man what style she has

  12. Oh audi ,audi,audi…
    Great cars to RENT !! Always something wrong. Had A6 and Rs4 but now I am wise! I drive CLK mercedes Requires nothing !!!

  13. OMG. I have an 08. By far the absolute worse car I've ever owned. Absolute junk. I can't get over what a piece of overpriced horribly engineered piece of expensive junk these are. What are the common problems. All over them! That's what. Here is what to look for before buying one…. Any other car. Don't. Money pit designed to fail on every level. This car is nothing but a money maker for the parts companies. There is always something wrong with mine. Also they are direct injection. Terrible motor design. Valves carbon up because fuel injector doesn't clean the back of them like port injection. Just spent$1500 to have them media blasted and a fuel injector replaced just so it will run. Btw. There is a timing chain. Not a belt as mentioned in the video, on mine anyway. That's about the only thing good. Anyone that would argue that these are even a fair car should research why they depreciate 70% in the 1st 5yrs. Having said that. Yes, they are nice to drive and beautiful. Dealer offered me $2k on a trade in. Paid dealer trade price$16500 2.5 years ago. Mine is super clean and well maintaned. 155k miles. I said really?! He said "Yeah, it's an Audi, who knows what will be wrong with it and how much it will cost us". Basically they didn't want anything to do with it.

  14. When you buy a car yo must be say for the car good things no bad when you say bad things don’t buy this car and buy i don’t know fucking ford KA

  15. I've had my 2005 A8 for about 3 years now, it was a deal I couldn't turn down (112k miles, $4000) and I really didn't think the car would last this long. It's a big car but with the all wheel drive and design of the car, this thing feels like you're flying. I haven't had any major issues (knock on wood), my screen had to be replaced (this is vital because essentially it controls your entire car's interior functionality) that cost me $500. Oil changes cost apprx $150 (for this car, it's not worth doing yourself, difficult getting to the oil filter). It does have some known weird electrical quirks (sensors will randomly go off every now and then for no apparent reason – I've learned to deal with them as things always check out and the warnings eventually turn off. I would suggest if you are considering buying an older used Audi, have a reputable mechanic (shop), one experienced with German cars, check it out for you first, have them run a full diagnostic and pay the $100-$200 they're going to charge you for it. I got lucky with mine…..hopefully you will too. It has been a fun, reliable daily driver

  16. I bought my 2004 A8 4.2 petrol 7 years ago. It has only 72,000 miles on her but you will still get things going wrong. I had my timing belt changed when I bought her and the gearbox oil changed 10,000 miles ago. Items that have gone wrong are level sensor, stuck Bonnet release, electronic parking brake loose items in the cabin but worst of all are the rear lights which crack for no reason and let water on. They are extremely expensive to replace and are just plastic for the most part. I did contact Audi support to make them aware their product was being let down by cheap parts but they where not the slightest bit interested.
    Now for the good points. Brilliant to drive, quiet, quick and comfortable for long runs, yes it’s a big car but easily driven around cities and it’s Quattro 4 wheel drive system will keep you driving when other cars including some SUV,s get stuck.
    My advice re buying one is, get one with the lowest miles/best spec you can. Get a good warranty with the car and budget some money for repairs /parts. Source a good independent mechanic as Audi garage prices are only for the very rich and check everything before you part with your cash.
    Hope that helps

  17. I have the audi a8 d2 and it currently has 264k miles and still running great take care of the engine and it's a pretty good damn one

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