Buying a used BMW 5 series E39 – 1996-2003, Common Issues, Engine types, SK titulky / Magyar felirat

BMW 5-series II 39 the last through five series you can decide it yourself however today I will tell you some really important information about this grade but older and already a used car this five series was made from 1996 to 2003 the touring version even to 2004 the build quality of this car is great you can’t compare it with the today’s new BMWs the interior can really withstand a lot it can look great even after 400 or 500 thousand kilometers on the other side the exterior often has a big problem with rust even the never crashed cars with original paint Auto the steel used on the body panels sticker than in today’s cars I would recommend buying an e39 5-series after the facelift so from 2001 however if you find a before facelift version which is in great condition then don’t hesitate and buy that one the great thing about these cars is that you can find great equipped cars too for example the e39 can have GPS navigation analog TV tuner heated steering wheel praying or light sensor fantastic comfort seats at front high quality leather interior leather wrapped meat tunnel Alcantara headliner electrically adjustable steering column even double glazed windows then you can find cars which have individual equipment which means that they can have special other color combinations special exterior colors leather red dashboard right stereo system or even LCD monitors in the front seat headrest the various electronic equipment in this car usually works which is great but you should try all of it before buying anyway you can choose various engine types in this car but I will talk about only the best engines from petrol engines I would recommend the 2.8 liter 6-cylinder engine which has 193 horsepower and it’s common in before facelift versions after facelift versions have two great six-cylinder engines the first is a 2.5 liter which has 192 horsepower and the second is a 3 liter which has 231 horsepower there are two a cylinder engines the first is a 3.5 liter v8 which has 235 horsepower before facelift and 245 horsepower after that the second v8 is the bigger VA and it’s a 4.4 liter which has 286 horsepower there are two types of these two v8 engines the older one in hit before facelift version and the newer one which can be bought in the before and after phase dispersions the older version of these v8 engines is better because it doesn’t have the bono system you can recognize the older version by the fact that it has mechanic accelerator not electronic from the diesel engines I would recommend only the 2 liter 6-cylinder which has 184 horsepower all the engines have timing chain but it can sometimes be burned even after three hundred thousand kilometers so you have to pay attention to this you can choose between manual 5 or 6 speed gearbox and then there is the 5-speed automatic gearbox the manual gearbox is reliable the important thing is that the automatic gearbox which is matched with the petrol engines is reliable enough because it’s made by that F however the automatic gearbox which is matched to B D truly the diesel engine is made by GM and it’s not very reliable and you have to repair it usually after 150 thousand or two hundred thousand kilometers so if you want to buy a three liter diesel engine I would recommend buying it with a manual gearbox also you have to change the oil in the automatic gearbox every sixty thousand kilometers before buying check the suspension parts bearings electronic parts the rear window regulators often don’t work the car should drive quietly so it shouldn’t merit link squeaking or humming noises also check the gaps between the body panels they should be approximately even on the left and on the right side too I hope that this information are helpful enough don’t forget to Like subscribe or comment thanks for watching

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