Buying a used BMW X5 E53 – 1999-2006, Common Issues, Engine types, SK titulky / Magyar felirat

bmw x5 e 50 tween the first ever BMW SUV car which is definitely not an off-road car so it’s mainly for drove use however it can withstand light off-road and the handling of this car is great even by today’s standards this x5 has some common parts with the BMW 5-series II 39 mainly the electronics and some of the engines but let’s check it out more closely this x5 was made from 1999 to 2006 the build quality of the car is very good the interior can really withstand a lot and it can look great even after 300 or 400 thousand kilometers the quality of the paint job is also great however sometimes you can find was mainly on the bottom of the doors or the trunk lid there is sometimes problem with the electronics navigation system screen parking sensors door locking window regulators heated seats and water leaking mainly from the sunroof the x5 can be equipped with the air suspension only on the rear axle or on the rear and front x2 2 however the air packs can leak and sometimes one of the head scissors or the air compressor is not working the all-wheel drive is a great thing however sometimes the transfer case can be more born mainly in cars equipped with manual transmission generally the f2 faces boodles are better so I would recommend buying a facelifted version the previous owner could choose from various optional equipment when buying this car for example the x5 can have GPS navigation and lock TV tuner heated steering wheel comfort or sport seats at front electrically adjustable front seats heated front and back seats electrically adjustable steering column double glazed windows and so on very useful thing is the hail destined control which is standard in every x5 you can choose various engine types in this car but I will talk about only the best engines from patronages I would recommend the 4.4 liter v8 which is 286 horsepower the new version of this engine even 320 horsepower another engine is the 4.6 liter v8 which has 347 horsepower the most powerful engine in the x5 is a 4.8 liter v8 which is 360 horsepower from the diesel engines you can choose only the three litre six cylinder which is 184 horsepower and the new version of this engine which is better as 218 horsepower all the engines have timing chain put it together sometimes b-word even after three hundred thousand kilometers so we have to pay attention to this you can choose between manual gearbox and the five or six speed automatic gearbox the manual gearbox is reliable the automatic gearbox can have electronic or mechanical problems so we have to check it before buying you should change the oil in the automatic gearbox every sixty thousand kilometers before buying check the suspension parts viewings electronic parts the car should write quietly so it shouldn’t make rattling squeaking or humming noises also check the gaps between the body panels they should be approximately even on the left and on the right side – I hope that this information are helpful enough don’t forget to Like subscribe or comment thanks for watching

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