Buying a used BMW X5 E70 – 2007-2013, Full Review with Common Issues

Buying a used BMW X5 E70 – 2007-2013, Full Review with Common Issues

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  3. thanks for having it in english. i was going to skip when i saw non English writing. but glad i got distracted before skipping it.

  4. Hi. I need some help and advise. I'm looking out to buy BMW X6 V8 2009 -80,000 KM done in good condition. I would like to keep this for next 2 yrs with not much to spend on Maintanance. Is it worth going for it ? Pls advise

  5. I bought an used X5 and after 30k the engine died. The dealer says the chain broke because the oil was not changed and wants 20k for a new engine. BMW are scammers and their cars are shit! Will never buy one again!

  6. Hi, I have a full equipped 2011 X5 E70 50i with 46k km. I have bought a new DME, injectors failure solved, turbos and catalytic converter.
    I really like the car, but in your opinion it is time to sell because of the issues? 2009 GTS edition 3 with 20k km it is a good

  7. I'm thinking about buying a 2013 X5, which model you recommend I buy? Also what do you think about the Mercedes GLK 350 compare with the BMW?

  8. I have a 2011 x535d for $13,000 nearby and has 190,000 miles on it. Seeing this is alot of miles how reliable is the diesel engine and what about everything else? Any help is appreciated

  9. Bought a 2008 e70 brand new, plethora of rattles, noisy suspension . Was Only good on highways, this is in Sydney. I'm so angry at this brand, som many visits to the dealership to resolve issues in the first 3 months of ownership mostly rattles. Front lower control arms had to be replaced within first 3 months. Owned the car for 8 years , fixing rattles all those years, mainly in the rear boot area. Coolant leaks developed with a cracked reservoir on the 5th year. 20,000km after 8 years as it was hardly used. Never again – BMW. Settled with a Toyota, a little boring but I have forgotten where the potholes were.

  10. i watch this video while high and the boice of the guy is amazing i mean i have seen this video 6 times already fuck this shit is good

  11. i bought one last year, no issue at all. I also have a 20 year old bmw z3, no issue at all. Just keep it well maintainance, bmw's are solid.

  12. Buy new and trade it in before the warranty expires, if you are loaded. If on a tight budget and planning on getting it used, expect major problems.

  13. I have to say that this is the best review video I've seen, I am upgrading from a 2005 4.8is and was looking at a 2010, can you let me know which would be the best one to get?
    I laughed so hard in this video as well, great job brother

  14. Bmw is nice.. but the shock and suspension is very strong… . They are not good for city driving… goo for toyota. Or honda… bmw think everyone road is perfect.. WRONG

  15. BMW skimp on quality of parts that are prone to wear, hence most parts are only manufactured for upto 100K lifespan. I have an X3, love the drive, but have to be on top of maintenance or else things start breaking. I also have a Honda CRV done 400K!! and still going strong, engine is really dry, never looked after it well, but it keeps giving.

  16. Which is the most reliable TD engine of this car? My father in law really wants one, but I'm afraid it will be in service all the time 😀 trying to find the most reliable possible. n/a petrol engines are out of his price range, that is why I'm searching for TDs

  17. My wife has the 2011 Diesel X5 with sport package. It's been a great car except for the shitty plastic interior that creaks as your drive down the road , the peeling of the black areas (BMW says its from having hand lotion but that's BS), and the guminess of the door handles that are rubber but end up turning black after awhile. Honestly… no major issues.

  18. Hi, I'm thinking to buy an used BMW X5 4.8i from 2008-2010 with lower than 150000KM or 2006-2008 LAnd Rver Sports HSE with lower than 120000KM. Can you give me some informations or recommandations that which one is much better? Thank you! By the way, I like your videos!

  19. Stiff ride, but we have great roads, so not a big deal.

    I got out of a loaded Tahoe LT and into our X5 with standard stereo and the BMW sounded a lot better. Maybe it's an upgrade, I got it CPO. But it holds its own.

    Few suvs handle so well, especially at speed. Very confidence inspiring and fatigue reducing on trips.

    Throttle tip in is sluggish (petrol I6)

    Brakes are fantastic

    Ergonomics are typical BMW, ok once you get used to it but not intuitive at all.

    Soft close doors are nice.

    Visibility is good.

    Sport seats are decent, but a little hard. Not nearly as good as Volvo.

    Passenger front seat legroom is bizarrely tight for this size vehicle.

    I6 struggles some under the nearly 5,000 lbs. Fine once it's moving, but not effortless acceleration, it works for it.

    Great looking

    Well built in terms of fit/finish and lack of signs of aging(garaged)

    Tires are expensive. $950 for a set of rears, installed.

    Runflats ride rougher than reg, but no spare on ours.

    Great overall size. Not too big, not too small.

  20. Hi there, I need your help! I found a 2009 BMW x5 30i with 87500KM on it. The price is okay, but there is one thing that I really worry about it! The airbag light on. Should I worry about it or no? It has an accident before with $3800 collision on the left. However, the airbag problem is on the right. Please help me.

  21. Hi, I listen you many times. Thanks you I have now a beautiful passat CC 2010 that runs as an arrow! I use my cars to travel in highways. I am curious to learn more about 2010 BMW X5M. Would you advice me about this SUV please?Thank you very much.

  22. As a former long term (4 decades) I an say BMW have a presence. However to own one out of warranty is an exercise in high maintenance with failures that should not be accepted in a vehicle of this stature! Our current 750Li is our last BMW, we have had it with such common failures across the line. Thanks for your honest review!

  23. Always had BMW's so no need to say declare I am a fan, however the last car I bought used X5 5.0 has only given me headache. Not so sure I return to BMW again.

  24. Hey buddy, you don't have to change transportation oil IT'S LIFETIME OIL . Please stop lying and all other issues ….. From some reason only you have them , maybe you should switch to bicycle there is no oil or timingchain issues!!!

  25. loved your video and the frank way you presented it. I was looking into buying a 2008 and like your country, my countries roads are really shitty. I might check out the Lexus RX, too many issues on these guys.

  26. Any suggestions on a fix for the display on my 2007 4.8i? It just went white one day and hasn't worked since. We also have random parking brake warnings, but it doesn't seem to mean anything yet. Love the vehicle after buying it used 2 months ago, but a little afraid of possible computer issues already….

  27. BMW makes an awesome 3.0 NON TURBO gas motor. All the years of that motor are fine. Your brain dead AF dude. As far as the transmissions on these BMWs go, just maintain the damn things. SMH. Google Google. Google. Buy a code scanner & figure $hit out. Absolutely DO NOT BUY ANY 8 cylinder BMW motors ( They are trash due to internal failures) The Germans can build anything except for a 8,10 & 12 cylinder motor. Facts. BMW fanatic here. I’ve owned em all. Ya gotta love what ya drive, feel the car… the Fukn car….enjoy it. BMW. The ultimate driving machine but yes, you must absolutely maintain this brand to the max or it will fail. Sea foam those intakes too. BMW recommends it. These aren’t regular trailer park trash pintos. 93 octane gas & roll on down the highway. The best or you will be towing it & talking shit about BMWs. Do your own work or it’s gonna cost you a lot. Peace, I’m out.

  28. Stay away from E70 4.8 V8 2007-2010 with the N62 engine – I missed to check for capital problems … so it happened to me too … was a $8k problem "water leak" in the engine … but I fixed it for $40 … so I survived the problem, but hated that BMW did know the problem for years… shame

  29. BMW 5 XL model vs other models
    I have been researching about the BMW X5, my preference is 2008 onward. I have come across an issue that may influence
    greatly my decision making, I realized that there are XL models, unfortunately
    there is almost no information about the difference between these models (XL)
    and the others. I have also realized that it seems to be a little bit difficult
    to find auto parts for the XL model. I would not like to import a model that
    will cause me headaches finding the parts. I also noticed that the XL model weighs
    1800KG, whereas the other models weigh 2100KG. Does the XL model weight have anything
    to do with the material used? Does it have more plastic? Can you or anyone else
    clarify me about the XL model?

  30. Great review i like your video and i am going to buy that x5 model! greetings to you Slovakian broethers from Serbia 😊 keep making good videos.

  31. my 2006 e53 x5 has lots of extras , panoramic roof , 20 alloys , sport suspension, heated seats steering wheel , with all this is more reliable car then the newer model.

  32. I got a x5 2004 ,changed same parts like door handels ,suspentions ,but is still one of the best i driven,and at 450k still drives fully loaded and a 2t trailer behind with easy ,my nissan with the same km,was half dead,
    But i belive diesel 3l are better

  33. Here is inexpensive DIY fix for the melting interior door handles in X5 E70 and X6, hope it helps someone

  34. Great video. Thank you. Wish you the best.Jesus bless. The Gospel is 1Corint 15:1-4,Rom 3:25, John 3:16 & Ephes 2:8-9.

  35. Don't forget 2011-1012 N55 spun bearings. Just spent 8k on replacing an engine because of this. Great car, but spinning a bearing for no reason at all is insane. Just Google it,, a lot of people with a spun bearing and nothing to do but replace the engine. The cost of replacing a shaft and piston is easily going to be the same as a new engine. 20k from BMW, 9k from independent BMW mechanics. And there are no N55 engines out there cheap like the N54. I literally have to keep a timebomb because I have 14k in purchase and 8k in an engine.

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