Buying a used car – Check engine (Vietnamese)

Buying a used car –
Check engine Now that it is time to start the engine, have a friend stand beside the tail pipe,
while you start the engine, preferably cold. You should be listening for any rattling type noises and how long
it takes for the oil light to go out while your friend looks for any smoke from the tail pipe. An oil light that takes more than a couple of seconds to go out… or smoke from the tail pipe may indicate poor engine condition
requiring expensive repairs. All warning lights must go out. If any warning lights remain on, this may indicate a fault that needs to be fixed. Test all controls such as: wipers, washers, lights, indicators, the audio system and the horn… ensuring they work. Don’t forget to test the air-conditioning regardless of the weather. Check: vent controls, all fan speeds and heater operation. Press the pedal. Does it feel: spongy? hard? or have too much travel? Don’t drive the vehicle if you have any concerns
and bring this to the attention of your mechanic. Check the steering for free play. This is the movement felt at
the steering wheel before the road wheel starts to move. Free play usually means worn steering parts which can be dangerous
and also expensive to repair. Use the steering from lock to lock. If fitted check the operation of all electric windows and mirrors. Before you buy, NSW Fair Trading recommends
the vehicle be inspected by a qualified licensed mechanic. Language assistance 13 14 50
(ask for an interpreter in your language)

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