Buying a used Mercedes CL coupé – 1999-2006, Common Issues, Engine types

Buying a used Mercedes CL coupé – 1999-2006, Common Issues, Engine types

[Music] [Music] Mercedes CL Cooper the ultimate luxury cruiser which is nowadays really cheap of course there is a very good reason why is this car so cheap but first let’s check out the price of this Mercedes it starts at 5000 euro for the cheapest ones and it’s going up to 40 or 50 thousand euro or even more for the low mileage models the price of this brand new Mercedes CL Cooper started at the time around 90 thousand euro this is basically a cooper version of the s-class w222 obvious for rust now the good thing is that this year’s body is made from the combination of steel aluminum and even plastic the bad thing is that it has also problems with the specific corrosion on the body panels but remember that it’s not the standard blast it’s a specific corrosion which can create for example paint bubbles on the body panels this Mercedes CL was made from 1999 to 2006 the build quality of this car is fantastic so you can’t use creaking or rattling noises in the interior after many years of using however the plastic buttons on the steering wheel can be more worn this TL as well as other luxury cars has a lot of various electronic equipment which can sometimes break for example there can be issues with the electrically adjustable front seats which are not working properly or the navigation system there can be also issue with the cables which are going to the front doors they can break which means that the seat controls and the window regulators will not work so you have to check out the electronics before buying these are the minor issues the biggest and the most expensive problem can be with the ABC adaptive suspension which when it works properly is fantastic this is a high pressure oil suspension which means that it has a lot I mean really a lot of various sensors pumps and parts which can break just for example the brand new suspension unit this is basically the shock absorber costs around one thousand and five hundred euro and there are four of them the good thing is that you can test this complicated suspension why are the origin on Mercedes diagnostic computer program but if you can’t or don’t want to go to the origin of Mercedes series you can somehow test it also yourself but it’s not the proper test if you know what I’m saying so you can somehow test it by raising the car five or ten times there is a button on the dashboard especially for raising the car the car should weigh is pretty fast so you can also fill it in the interior then the car should also stand perfectly in level horizontal this really is an over engineered car but it still is a fantastic piece of engineering and complicated things sometimes break you know how it is the optional equipment list for this car is surprisingly not that big because a lot of things are standard in the CL like the double glazed windows leather interior and dashboard soft closed doors and the APC suspension the optional equipment is for example the Alcantara headliner adaptive cruise control rear electronic sunshade alarm system fridge for the back passengers and so on you can choose only petrol v8 and v12 engines in this car all the engines are usually alright however they can have regular problems the interesting thing is that the engines have two spark plugs per cylinder it’s because of the better engine efficiency [Music] all the engines have timing chain but again sometimes we weren’t even after 300,000 kilometers you can choose only the 5-speed or from 2004 the 7-speed automatic gearbox in this car the gearbox can have electronic or mechanical problems so you have to check it before buying you should change the oil in the automatic gearbox every 60,000 kilometers before buying check the suspension parts viewing select tuning parts the car should write really quietly and smoothly so it shouldn’t make rattling squeaking or humming noises also check the gaps between the body panels they should be even on the left and on the right side too I hope that these information are helpful enough if you have some questions write them in the comments don’t forget to Like subscribe or comment thanks for watching

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  2. Major question? Can I retro a SClass rear seats into the CL500? I need room for 3 lil kids in the rear….
    Thanks for a great video!

  3. Very useful video!
    So between this model and previous model 1992–1998 which one do you recommend based on building quality? since the 80-90s S class is labeled as the "legend" and next generation as "a cheap made quality" …

  4. I found a 2003 CL55 AMG with 108k miles. I was thinking of buying it as I got the owner down to $10,000 dollars. Love your videos.

  5. I just bought a 2005 CL55 AMG with 93k miles on it for $6,000. It seems like a good car but still learning about it. It has minor issues. I am missing spare tire, jack, spare tire cover, radio comes on for 30 secs then just shuts down, needs an alignment & etc. I think for $6000 & 93,000 miles it was a good deal.

  6. The 500 CL starts from as little as £2000 here in the UK, which is so cheap, it's crazy! I was looking at them for sale earlier so thank you for this video as it gives some very helpful information as to what to look out for! That suspension is VERY expensive to fix if it goes wrong! WOW! Thanks for the info!

  7. I was going to buy a 2004, I went instead and bought a 2007 Xj L with 36k miles. The jag was a better buy but I love the styling of the cl 2000-2006. I still will get one eventually.

  8. One thing that scares me off to buy this car is the price of that hydraulic suspension spare parts. Imagine paying more for 4 of those shock absorbers than for the actual car, there's no budget replacement parts of those. And the service cost of this feature is not cheap either, you need special diagnostic equipment that not every mechanic have and prices at authorized dealer service are high.

  9. I bought a 05 cl600 bone stock 70k miles my abc suspension took a crap and did a coilover conversion for $1200

  10. I just foumd a 2000 amg cl 500 with only 53000 km . It has 0 scratches perfect condition with a spare tyre for 11000 $ . Is it a good deal or does the car cost a lot to maintain

  11. I have a CL500 2002 with 88000 mile on it I use this car for leisure only
    Cons: The biggest drawback with CLs are the hydraulic computer control suspension system and if it goes bad it will cost you lot of money to fix it..
    Pro: Great Body style, Good Power,, you are buying 90000 dollar car for less than 8000 dollar Recommendation,: Before you buy this car make sure you know a good Benz Mechanic that will not charge you a lot of money for repair ,,, if the suspension goes bad,,, do the conventional shock conversion at the end you will save lot money

  12. 3.57 I just noticed this is my exact car on this picture… ha ha ha what are the odds… I still own and enjoy it 👍

  13. I'm an old car dude and for years I just had to have one of these. I bought a beautiful 2003 CL600 that was a blast to drive. But then, the problems started . . . ABC $ystem went out, trunk lift went out, both front plastic fenders cracked, plastic radiator went out (both probably made in China) It cost me $14,000 one year just to keep it on the road!

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