Buying a used Mercedes M-class W164 – 2005-2011, Common Issues, Engine types

Buying a used Mercedes M-class W164 – 2005-2011, Common Issues, Engine types

[Music] [Music] [Music] welcome everybody to another used car review today I will tell you all the important information about a used Mercedes ML W 164 this is a big premium SUV which is obviously very comfortable safe and the design of this car is even today definitely not outdated so there is no disappointment in these things but what about reliability is the reliability of this SUV dead good as the right comfort or the image well there can be some issue with the engine suspension or the gearbox but first let’s start with the basic information this Mercedes was made from 2005 to 2011 the build quality of the interior is very good however in some cases the owners complain about rattling or squeaking noises from the interior I would say that mainly early production cars can have this problem the quality of the paint job is good however there can be some little rust mainly on the doors on before facelift models this Mercedes doesn’t have many problems with the electronics but sometimes some minor issues can also occur this ml can be equipped with the normal basic suspension which is usually alright then there is the adaptive air suspension which is great and very comfortable however sometimes one of the height sensor or the air compressor is not working properly the airbags can also leak mainly on high mileage cars the facelifted version of this car was made from 2008 I would as usual recommend buying a car from 2007 so not from the early production the previous owner could choose from various optional equipment when buying this car like for example leather seats and dashboard electrically adjustable everything Harman Kardon sound system adaptive headlights and so on simply everything you can imagine let’s move on finally to the engines I would not recommend buying a Mercedes ML with the 3.5 liter 272 horsepower v6 petrol engine and with the 5 liter 306 horsepower v8 petrol engine because this engine can have a big issue with the born timing chain mechanism which is caused by balance shaft failure this issue can also cause the check engine light illuminating misfire or the engine will simply stop running fixing this problem can be really expensive however Mercedes solved this problem after facelift so you can buy these petrol engines from 2008 if you still want to buy this Mercedes with these engines made before 2008 or you have one then I would recommend to check the timing chain every 150,000 kilometers [Music] from the diesel engines I would recommend mainly the six cylinders I would not recommend the a cylinder diesel engine because it is expensive to maintain but if you have more money to spend then you can also choose this engine all the engines have timing chain but it can sometimes be worn even after three hundred thousand kilometers in v4 phase dispersion even earlier you can choose only the 7-speed automatic gearbox which can have electronic or mechanical problems but if you change the oil in the gearbox regularly after 60,000 kilometers then it should be alright before buying take the suspension parts bearings electronic part the car should ride quietly so it shouldn’t make rattling squeaking or humming noises mainly from the suspension also check the gaps between the body panels they should be even on the left and on the right side too I hope that this information are helpful enough don’t forget to Like subscribe or comment thanks for watching [Music]

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  1. make video about model before W163 it will be big help because i want buy W163 and W220 S-klasse is will be good video too Thanks

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  3. There was a time long ago… buying a Mercedes was paying a lot upfront but driving cheap after that… Now you still pay a lot upfront and afterwards…

  4. Did they improve/ repair the balance shift issue after 2008??  I see that's a VERY common problem and also expensive, as MANY things need to be replaced while doing the job and the engine needs to be removed as well,thats expensive as you know

  5. Hi , awesome video … I am interested on buying a 2010 ml 350 with the v6 3.5 L .. Do you know if this engine has the problems you mentioned on the video ? or do you have any advice for it ? thanks

  6. you are so wrong… mercedes ml 500 was a great bulletproof engine . first models from 2005 up to 2008 i think had m113 engines and it was a great engine . one camshaft per valve head and very strong double row timing chain without balance shaft. it has a sprocket only without any balancer. models from 2007-2008 had newer engine and it was 5.5 liters engine with 388hp and this first engine had balancer issue. One more thing 2005 model of ml 500 with m113 engine was exactly same engine from mercedes ml w163 but in newer body w164 we had a little bit more of hp and torgue 😉

  7. check the rear compartments,they fill with water ,making the sam unit non functional,most electrical items fail,expensive to replace

  8. Hi, thanks for this awesome review. One thing I would like to hear is how expensive can the repairs be (I know its a lot to research) or what are good alternatives to each car.

  9. Wich one do you consider buying, the mb ml 320 d or the bmw x5 3.0d, both of 2.008 and160.000 km? Wich one is more reliable for an every day car? I also live in a place with many road holes. Greetings.

  10. I want to buy an 2008 ML350 V6 petrol. It has done 129000KM. and I saw some oils underneath but the dealer says its nothing. Can I go ahead buying it? and is the fuel consumption on this model? Please help

  11. I have been very happy with my '06 ML350, now with 133k miles. Just routine maintenance and oil changes. The power steering did have a leak, I bought a $4 O-ring from Mercedes and changed it myself. It was at the power steering reservoir, very common issue.
    I have owned several MB cars through the years but this is my first SUV from them. I love the way it rides, the roominess, and it is one of the safest vehicles on the road.
    I plan to upgrade to the updated 2012+ model, just waiting for that model to depreciate a little more😊 before pulling the trigger.

  12. In the video you said the ML500 had a balance shaft issue, and you showed a picture 113 engine. I think you meant the ML550 with a 273 engine. The 113 was not known for having balance shaft issues. The 272 and 273 engine were known for having balance shaft issues. And most of the vehicles equipped with those engine were given a full coverage extended warranty specifically for that issue.

  13. I use to have a 2005 ml. The Last w163, it worked very good. I pushed her to the limit since i used it to go on firefighter runs and carrie my firefightinh, paramedic gear. Now i got a GLS 450 because of the much room needed. In my past car, never had anything mayor, hope this one goes the same, but inhave to tell you, when I switched from the grand cherokee to this ml, the way these car responded to high velocity stop and go and sharp turns was a hughe difference, before the jeep i had explorers of different generations, supper wobbly. These car with 4matic is a different experience when you are speeding on turns. Quality issues were ok, had a problem with the MCS screen, got that replaced from another unit, but i think i was Lucky and also it was the end of a generation were the mayority of bugs were worked out, the video of these car ibhave it here on YouTube.

  14. Turbo issues with cdi/bluetek include actuator fail, turbo inlet valves sticking $3-7k, Steering issues including rack and pinion failure – have to remove front transaxle to get steering rack out $2k-3.5k. these are all very expensive to fix. make sure you get one that has these dealt with.

  15. Hi .. am gonna get a benz today 2008 ml350 , with v8 engine and mileage of about 175000.. no accident, one owner, can i get an advice within an hour please…🤗

  16. How can I find out the interior colour of my 2006 ML 350 W164? It has two colours. Dark grey steering wheel and top of the dash I believe its MB tex gray and lighter coloured grey. Any help would be appreciated.

  17. Please i am a kind of confuse here..i want to buy ML 350 probably any time from this week which year and engine is advisable..plz its urgent sir
    Thank you..

  18. There is nothing wrong with these motors. But the 7 speed auto was the one thing that failed. But my dealer covered this 14k job for free off warranty with a “good will” or something like that. And replaced panoramic sunroof and navigation system. And air suspension gave out after 11 years. But overall a great car for the luxurious ride you get. Front end was hit by a deer I thought it was totaled all it needed has a hood and bumper. These are real tanks and built to last. Still on original belts and components. No leaks either a solid vehicle.

  19. I bought a 2011 ML350 4matic as my first car just over a 1.5 years ago and good lord was it a great purchase. $18,000 and 85k miles on it, cloud grey with new wheels, brakes, and fluids. I've already put over 15,000 miles on it. The performance and ride comfort is unparalleled. It feels like a tank, and rides like a cloud. Only sometimes I wish I had the V8 550, but then the engine hits 3500rpm and I forget such silly thoughts. It looks so sleek and beautiful, my coworkers often envy and my girlfriend loves it just as much as I do (ok, maybe not as much but she still likes it a lot!). Most people ask me if it is a 2015 or 2016 model! They're blown away when I tell them to go back another decade. I feel safe driving it in any environment, and confident taking it to the middle of nowhere, knowing it'll get me back home without breaking a sweat. This car works perfectly for my everyday driving to school and work, but it thrives as a roadtrip king. I can eat up mile after mile in my ML without noticing, and it only gets better mileage as well. A few weeks ago I went on a 650 mile roadtrip roundtrip, and averaged 22mpg and only going through 1.5 tanks of gas.The space is perfect for me, I've taken it on a few camping trips and I'm able to load everything I need very easily, and it's nice knowing that in the future I can add a trailer to it or some nice roof racks as well. I won't lie, I've even been tempted by the ram bars because little kid me saw them in Jurassic Park like that, but I want to keep the clean look instead.

    So far I have had only one unexpected issue with the brakelights. Apparently the wiring harness on them is weak and known to fail on many MLs, but the fix was only $150 from the dealer. Since the engineering is so smart too I was still able to drive around as it used the tail lights as a backup brake light. Look up how the repairs look on youtube and you can spot if it has been done to an ML you want to purchase, as it will likely need changing at this point in time. In addition, I had my service A, transmission service, and spark plugs done since I've owned the car. Service A from my SoCal dealership cost $250. The transmission service I was originally quoted at $626. I used an online coupon, and because I made my service guys laugh on a early Saturday morning, they only charged me $300 (that was possibly the luckiest day of my life, next to meeting my girlfriend). The sparks I changed myself from watching YT videos, and only cost about $100 after buying all parts and tools. Dealer was trying to charge $500. It did eat up 6 hours of my time though, but was well worth it. Soon I look at replacing my front rotors, tires, brakes, and replacing the air filters and swapping differential fluids. All costly, but I was aware this will need to be done in time. And it will be well worth it to keep my beast on the road for many years to come.

  20. I have found a 2012 ml350 bluetec with only 50k miles and one owner. do you recommend it? If I buy I like to keep the car close 200k. I also plan to take it for inspection to dealer but I am afraid of future reliability.

  21. may be we should buy an Indian car instead of a German sophisticated technology .eh..??according to you .

  22. If you're deciding ML350 to Porsche Cayenne? Well don't the cayenne has no competition on snow with ML350. My cayenne often got stuck in my driveway every time there was heavy snow…. My wife ML350 had no problems.

  23. Thank You so much for the info. So to confirm, a 2007 320 CDI with about 123,000 miles is a reliable vehicle?

  24. if you want w164 you should find ml500 instead of 350 or 550. Very solid car. My mother in law has one, already for 8 years, any problems with it. I love this car

  25. In video you say dont buy 3.5 and 5.0 engines becuase of balance shaft probleme. 5.0 m113 dont have this problem, this problem are on 3.5 m272 and 5.5 (5.0 285kw) m273 engines.

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