Buying a used Porsche Cayenne – 2002-2010, Common Issues, Engine types, SK titulky / Magyar felirat

Buying a used Porsche Cayenne – 2002-2010, Common Issues, Engine types, SK titulky / Magyar felirat

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  1. Hi mate, I'm having a bit of trouble understanding your accent, could you please tell me which V8 engines you said had less probability of problems?

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  3. Would Anyone recommend a 100k / 160km Mileage 2005 Porsche Cayenne, with routine Maintenance Done.. I do not want to be in the Shop every week.

  4. Overheating was not the issue with the V8's.
    It was a plastic coolant pipe that leaks and once upgraded its not an issue.
    The V6's are like trying to give a can of coke to a gorilla with toothache, (crappy).

  5. Pretty good review in general, got the engine issues right pretty much. However, I don't agree on two things: The airbags don't leak. I've never ever ever heard of anyone who had to replace a strut on their car – unless they damaged it offroad or something. Compressors can go, but that's about it. The air suspension on the Cayenne is super reliable compared to almost any other brand. Secondly, while rust issues are not bad – there are some. One common place is the seams on the rear doors.

  6. One more tip; never buy your used car in Germany it will have fake mileage and you have no way of checking it. German government helping German dealers to cheat in order to get rid off their old polluting cars to Eastern Europe and Russia .
    Don't buy from Germans, they are liars . You welcome .:)

  7. I learned very hard way, never buy a luxurious suv though it is cheap, ended up very costly maintenance. Thanks for the video.

  8. Thanks for the warning. Just a hint, when doing a video in english try and make it understandable.

  9. I'm looking into a 2008 cayenne s but it has 180,000 miles it's $7000 the dealer says it had its head gasket replaced. Should I stay away?

  10. Great video, very helpful. Any thought on buying a 2010 Porsche Cayenne S, with low mileage of 24,000, v8 engine. It appears to be mechanical sound and in mint condition. Buy or No Buy?

  11. Hi anomi mouse, you have no idea what is going to happen with you if you fake a odometer in Germany . Your comment has nothing to do with reality . The german law is so strict with this issue, there is no comparison with any other part of the world , it is protection the customers. I don t know where you get your information , but it is false.

  12. Keep the reviews coming my friend! Very insightful and too the point. Just technical enough to make an informed decision….I'm looking at a 2004 4.5 V8 and your engine information is useful. P.S. Dont worry about your accent, I understand you just fine!

  13. I would add that there is a joint between the front and rear drive shafts that can also wear out and this make the car clunk when putting the power down. So if you are buying one, make sure you put your foot down in it during the test drive. The joint is not a big fix, and you can buy new ones on Ebay for about £200 then there is some cost for labour charge to fit it, DON'T go to Porsche for this fix as they will charge you more than the value of the car to fix it.

  14. Great review btw and ignore the ill-mannered individuals mentioning your accent, the people who have criticised it are most impolite, they should try speaking your language…:)

  15. When you say it is basicly the same as a touraq you are so dead wrong. They share thing but it is soooo devolped by porsche it is a complete different car in experience

  16. This is the worst engineering ever from Germany. Same junk as American cars… Doesnt look like it was build in Germany. Same as AUDI and VW SEAT etc. … Cayenne is just and only expensive Touareg nothing else nothing more.. Volkswagen just play game as HI luxury cars to look good as Mercedces and BMW but its very far from them. Look for better cars than from VW corporation..

  17. FIRST off i wanna say great video but to all listen up.
    i puposely bought a 2005 cayenne S with 157k on the clock cuz thats what i was lookin for.
    i would never buy a low mile one of these. if u get one with high miles you can rest to sure that all the recalls have been done and it has a lot of new parts on it,
    or trust me it never would have made it to that 156k mark without some trouble. second i ran the vin number the dealer confirmed!! all of what a thought, all recalls had been done. the thing runs great!….. now it has 211k on it and i can still whole shot AMGs. look for the ones with high miles…. if u buy one with low miles betcha nothin was done 39k, i wouldnt touch it. also run a good full synthetic like LIQUI MOLLY 5w30 plus a engine treatment cylinder filler by liqui molly as well just poor it in the oil smoooth as glass now had it up to 151 mph didnt miss a beat..oh lol k&N filters and went from bosh to NGK plats the engine said ahhhhh thats better now i can breathe.

  18. No bad thing really sharing chassis.

    The new platform caters for the new Bentley, VW, Lamborghini, Porsche etc so smart being the same company

  19. Would you recommend a 2008 cayenne turbo with 135k miles? I checked the servicing record and the only thing it’s had as a repetive problem/necessity is the break pads every two years since it was bought by initial owner. It’s listed for $12.7k

  20. IAM planning to by Porsche Cayenne plz help me IAM buying a model of 2006 yrs how much did the market value in yrs 2018 and how much cost I pay to the owner

  21. Turbos and V6s are broadly trouble-free apart from the V8’s original plastic coolant pipes under the inlet manifold, which should have been changed to the later aluminium ones. Each spark plug’s individual coil pack can fail, too, leading to a misfire. The big problem is the S’s Lokasil cylinder-coating failure. It starts with a sudden appetite for oil and an increasing knock, followed by a misfire as the bores and pistons are shredded. From first signs to death can take as little as 500 miles, and the problem can strike from around 70,000 miles. Turbos and later S models have a Nikasil coating which gives no trouble. So turbo engines from 2003 are trouble free due to different engine coating

  22. Very good review and an honesty one. i thought of buying a used turbo s 520 bhp for 13k but it might not be worth it after all if all i have to do is pay for unexpected and unnecessary expenses

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