Buying a used Toyota Prius Hybrid

Buying a used Toyota Prius Hybrid

Right we are going to another County Bedford to look for a car for Natalie We have got for Google Maps trying to find this place and they’re all pointing in same direction all giving different times of arrival. We’re here after some incredibly bad Map reading let’s have a look at this car This is Sam the car dealer. “Hiya” We just drove all over the place using four different maps to get here Google maps So you gonna be on YouTube I’m gonna make you famous yes? Alright. Let’s have a look at this one Sam first here’s the car one one two. There’s a lot car’s here right let’s see you this one here Main battery’s fine small battery a small battery in the back. People do they disconnect it. See this was the reason why you need that battery charger. There’s a thing called a little trickle charger you put in the back window and if the car is going to sit for a length of time you just leave that in there and it trickle charges that small battery. Is it? But these things are notorious two weeks and the battery’s gone. Sam “Two weeks!” Because it’s only a small tiny battery. See now we having problems because the battery, the small tiny battery in the boot has run out of juice because it’s been sitting here for just three weeks. Three weeks and this is why you need that trickle charge battery that I said. It’s a problem because now we can’t get into the car so you can get to the battery There should be a lever down by the feet the battery in the boot has probably gone flat so now we’re trying to get the boot open so we can get to the battery. Jump start? You can but we don’t want to It can damage the battery in the process meanwhile back at the car Sam put a jump starter on there to get it going because this is a problem with these hybrids. Not a problem it’s just people don’t know about it. You know. Alarm sounds! There you go Now it’s working. See you have to let it sit for a few minutes. It should open now this boot should open. There we go because of the battery. These batteries. They last two weeks, maximum three weeks If you’re lucky and if it’s been sitting for three weeks This one will be flat because it’s running all the computers in the system its running, It runs all the alarm system and central locking the whole thing. There’s water there as well! What is wrong? There’s water I’m concerned about the glass Water dripping over there. It’s where the window was smashed. I’m concerned about the broken glass. Well I’m concerned about the whole thing. There’s a lot. There’s a lot dirt and stuff. There’s quite a bit of rust on it yes there is. There is water over there Luke as well look What has happened to this car? loads of water in it yeah Maybe the back window was smashed or something Yeah! looks like it yeah big glass was yeah a lot, okay you can take that off of there now. Now the engines running it will charge that little one up It’ll reboot. Shall we just shut it and give it a spin around? There’s a dink in the back there as well. This things been a bit rough handled this thing, even though it’s done not much mileage? Was the window replaced before you got it? Sam “Yeah we don’t do any work on it” This is what you don’t want to do. You don’t want to go and leave your car for a few weeks without that trickle charger. Because you’re going to be in trouble. No cap on the front there either for that fuse box? Have you got the cap for the fuse box? So when it goes on top of this there should be a plastic cover on there. Sam yeah yeah that’s it. Running nicely. Prince is going to show us now another way to start the battery when the battery’s flat and it’s been sitting there. In this case the customer left the boot open and left the light on. So it drained the battery So Prince is going to show us a new way to start the Prius from the front under the bonnet (hood) Oh yes you can okay okay stand back so just to hook it up to the body work. Starts I think you have to leave it for a couple of seconds to let it boot up. Press the brake and start button please. See everybody. Okay nice well done Look at that. I never knew that one That’s a new one on me Excellent okay well done Prince That’s a new way of doing it because look at the mission you have when you have to get in. If the things died and you have to get the boot out to get the boot open to get to the other battery that’s another way of doing it Skills I like it. Well done. Thank you So this is the third car now we’re trying This is a silver Prius using the old foot brake system down on the floor. Put it in Drive let’s go I put it in Drive. I wanted to see if it started up afterwards? The lenses on this are knackered the wheels are rotting yeah loads of scratches and issues. Done half the mileage of the other one but it’s got a lot more problems Okay so now Big scratch on the side of the door here It’s got a scratch on the back here It’s got a scratch on the top of the door Right here’s the silver one. The Silver cars lights are okay on this. The lights are look like they’ve actually been replaced Rusty wheels It’s like totally worn through. Open that side The carpets actually totally useless Can you open the boot can we look underneath oh It’s got that same thing look Thats a scratch it’s been scratched Check the windows. Everything is working all the electronics are working Carpets are very dirty Is there any rust underneath there Luke? No Open the bonnet. What’s all this rusty? It’s what you call surface rust. All in agreement that this car is fine We’re is agreement. We’re in agreement No Luke! Why? We have been here for two hours What are you doing? We got all the figures and everything’s fine I need another 2 like £250 off of it So I give you £250 and another £40 you’ll buy? Yeah! There signing the papers now There you go We got there only took four hours but we got there This is the car we settled on in the end So there it is. Pretty good

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  1. That English Prius seems like a very strange animal! My Prius has a battery under the hood ( translate as bonnet). Have gone away several times, once for a month, and no problem. I do carry a small charger just in case though, lol! As usual, dear Michael, you don't seem to realize your steering wheel is on the wrong side. To make matters even worse, you're driving on the wrong side of the road! Love my blue Prius, and it's been a real workhorse since 2009. Really good in snow too, but I haven't yet tried it out in floods. Best of all, she's a real gas (read that as petrol) miser. Small gas tank, 30 liters (or litres) and that fill up costs about C$20. It lasts a long time, and we can travel a long way on that. They are sort of pricy initially though.

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