Buying a used VW Touareg – 2002-2010, Common Issues, Engine types

Buying a used VW Touareg – 2002-2010, Common Issues, Engine types

[Music] the first-generation VW Touareg is still a very safe comfortable and a practical SUV it’s also really affordable today it has the same suspension body frame and platform as in the first-generation Porsche Cayenne the only modification is the detour it is the suspension edges to more comfortable than the gain this first-generation Volkswagen Touareg was made from 2002 to 2010 the build quality of the car is great however you can sometimes hear rattling noises from the interior mainly on really bad roads there is also no rust on the body panels and the quality of the paintwork is also great the electronics is actually quite reliable but sometimes the radio navigation or the door locks are not working properly datura can be equipped with the normal basic suspension which can withstand a lot then there is the adaptive air suspension you can choose between comfort normal or sport mode however sometimes one of the head sensors or the air compressor is not working as it should the air suspension units are reliable enough the old wheel drive is great however the transfer case can be more wrong in early production cars so I would recommend buying a car from 2005 or the facelifted version from 2007 the previous owner could choose from various optional equipment when buying this car for example it work can have GPS navigation TV tuner heated steering wheel electrically adjustable front seats heated front and back seats electrically adjustable steering column climate control for the rear passengers great didn’t have the isang system leather seats and dashboard wood or aluminium trim and so on you can choose various engine types in this car but I will talk about only the best engines from petrol engines I would recommend the 4.2 liter v8 there are two types of this engine the older one has 210 horsepower and the newer one which is f SI injection produced from 2006 has 350 horsepower the most powerful engine in the Tuareg is a 6-litre w12 which has 450 horsepower [Music] from diesel engines I would recommend only the 3 liter TDI v6 engine which is 240 horsepower some of the engines had timing chain but it can sometimes be worn even after two hundred thousand kilometers so we have to pay attention to this in engines equipped with timing belt you have to replace the timing belt every 120 thousand kilometers you can choose the manual 6-speed gearbox which is reliable or there is the six-speed automatic gearbox the automatic gearbox is usually alright however it can have electronic or mechanical problems so you have to check it before buying you should change the oil in the automatic gearbox every sixty thousand kilometers before buying check the suspension parts viewings electronic parts the cars right quietly so it shouldn’t make rattling squeaking or humming noises also check the gaps between the body panels they should be approximately even on the left and on the right side too I hope that this information are helpful enough don’t forget to Like subscribe or comment thanks for watching [Music]

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  2. Hi . I would like to request reviews on volvo's . Especially the s60 till 2008 and xc90 , as there are many many for sell with very interesting price … Thank you i've watch most of your reviews i really enjoy your honesty and how you organizes yourself !

  3. The VW Touareg was never made with a W12 engine. The most expensive and rarest Touareg was the Diesel V10, awesome if you can find it, super rare, and very expensive even today. And I could be wrong, but I do not believe you can get the Touareg any longer with a V8, they are only now available as a V6.

  4. Just a heads up, the automatic transmissions in the Touaregs are sealed with "lifetime fluid", so the ATF can't be easily changed (and it's not stated in the maintenance schedule). Great review though!

  5. I bought a 2005 brand new, fully loaded minus the V8 and air suspension. Beautiful car, pretty advanced for 2005, very sure footed on the road, handled very well for its weight (pretty heavy vehicle). The only problem was that it was the biggest piece of shit ever. I had this car for 9 years and it was at the dealership at least twice a year for unscheduled repairs. The carrier bearing on the drive shaft went bad like clockwork every 1.5 to 2 years. You can't buy just the bearing from VW, they only sell the whole drive shaft assembly for $1,800. The variable valve timing for the valve train cost me $4,300 to repair. The tiptronic shifter responded way too slow to driver input so it was worthless and the automatic transmission shifted gears at too low of an rpm. And for some reason they felt the need to suck all the pep out of the normally spunky V6 in favor of fuel economy. It was the opposite of quick. The tactile rubber coating rubbed off all the switches, the wood trim on the dash wouldn't sit flush in the dash, one corner was a little too high. The car ate up tires and tires are about $230 a pop which isn't super high but when you only get 20,000 out of them it gets old. I loved the car I just wished they built it better. Hopefully the new ones are better quality.

  6. My experience all round good car but had these problems with mine 2010 3.0 TDI V6 altitude (bought brand new and problem occurring in 1st 3 years of ownership):

    water leak pump leaking – needed replacing
    door hinges rusted – needed replacing
    Rattling noise coming from engine at low speed (VW said its characteristic?)
    Back boot cover panel shaking and squeaking when driving (VW dealer said they cannot fix it)
    Rain water leaking inside from rear light when opening boot
    Little bit of crabbing with steer on full lock
    Tyres completely bald after 25K miles (normal driving city and motorway)

    Apart from this good drive but I will not buy VW again..

  7. I bought a 2004 V8 with air suspension. It was not cared for very well and I sold it because it needed too much repair. It needed intake actuators, vacuum lines, a thermostat (which is behind the timing belt and it must come off), one catalytic converter (of 4), had power steering and oil leaks, parking sensors didn't work, the spare tire well kept filling up with rain water, and the transmission was hard shifting. It was gone as soon as I got a repair quote for $9,000 USD. It was a lovely driver and had plenty of power but it is a money pit even if well maintained.

  8. hows the R50 or the V10 TDI im from aus and The R50 is still quite expensive so is a higher km one ok like 250k thanks 🙂

  9. Thinking of buying an 05 Touareg V8 with 91k miles. It needs $2700 in repairs just to pass inspection at this time. My fear is it will need more after I purchase it. Thoughts?

  10. What about 3.2 liter version from 2003?There is one near me with instaled LPG,some 280000km,and minor cosmetic issues on right front and back doors.Price is 4700 euros.To consider or not?I'm not into speed,but safety on the road,reliable automatic transmission,and some off road if needed.

  11. The first generation Touareg is a piece of garbage. You can find stories of electrical issues and every other part in the truck breaking. Do not buy one no matter how cheap you get it because you will pay first service

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