Buying & repairing a used downhill bike – Is it a good value? | A Glory 2: The Hypnotoad

Buying & repairing a used downhill bike – Is it a good value? | A Glory 2: The Hypnotoad

spent the last few months rebuilding my rotted out truck camper, sealing and painting the
exterior before gutting and rebuilding the interior with more clothing/kitchen storage
and a bigger fridge, just in time for a trip to LTX19 in Vancouver with my loyal feline
companion, Scoop. This week’s episode of Biking with Panda is
about my downhill bike – specifically, a 2017 Giant Glory 2 I picked up on Vancouver Island
for just $1400 Canadian. But was it a good deal? Let’s take a closer look. The starting point for this bike is $1400.
Right out of the gate, I had to change the crankset since the protective bushing stripped
out while removing a pedal – I took it to Cowichan Cycles to fix anything else.. they
“modified” the bent chain guide, adding $85 to the build. The bike had basically been
through a battle – the brakes were completely destroyed, the levers bent and requiring modification.
The bike came with the original Giant saddle which was cracked, so I replaced it with a
Titanium SQlab. The pedals were also done, so I went with Raceface Chester. This brings our total so far to $1944 before
considering that the rear wheel is also cracked and needs replacement, landing us somewhere
around $2144 for an extremely capable steed. I loaded onto the ferry headed for the mainland,
when I realised I’d actually forgotten to pick my downhill bike up from the shop! At
least I had my Trance with me, so I did what I could.. getting thrown around and bucked
over everything. Riding park on the Trance is generally a scary experience, and it’s
even worse when you’re not in the right head space. I had a weird moment here on B-Line
when I needed to adjust my glasses, and then not too long after, I crashed hard and destroyed
my gimbal, prompting me to buy the incredibly expensive Hero 7 Black and switch to helmet
or chest view. But, my bad luck continued, with my rear brake pads ejecting as I hit
a bridge on Blue Velvet. Had to ride the rest of the way down with only my front brake.. On that note, I went back to the island to
pick up my Glory and visited Mount Washington up near Cumberland, BC. I’d never been here
before and I’d never ridden a downhill bike, so it was a completely new riding experience.
The mountain peaks at 1590 metres (5,216 feet) with about 507 metres (1663 feet) of descent.
Not as much as Whistler’s 1500 metre drop, but just as easy to love, and they’ve done
really well ensuring you get a lot out of it. The trails here are great for all skill
levels, but I didn’t yet work my way up to double black yet. Just before leaving for LTX19, I had a lesson
with Next Level Riding on Tzouhalem in Duncan where we worked on cornering down Double D.
I wanted to see what it would be like to plow it with the Hypnotoad, so I pushed to the
top of the mountain.. my brakes were still making noise from accidentally squeezing the
lever while the front wheel was off, but I fix that later. The downhill bike is definitely overkill for
Tzouhalem, but I’m here to have fun. For some places, it is definitely worth pushing to
the top, but in my next video I’ll show an example of when to leave the double crown
bike at home before returning to Whistler for redemption. So, until next time, you know
what to do – go ride!

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  1. Bought a 8 year old 26” DH bike this year. I’ve done nothing to it but ride it. Previous owner installed new Zee brakes and a new fork. So good so far. It takes a while to become comfortable with what a DH bike can truly do. Keep at it.

  2. Nice. Welcome to the downhill side of things. ..and yes they get princely. I have a 2003 intense m1 I use and old but heck it still sends. And yes the go pro 7 black. I got one for my birthday but yet use it yet nothing worthy of it. Plus I use under visor. Easier on downhill. When or if ya crash your camera safe a little instead of being on a chesty

  3. Next time you're at LTX you'll have to go on a ride with Steve from Gamers nexus. I keep telling him he needs to drop the tech channel and go full time mtb youtuber.

  4. FYI you can find new unused take-off parts on Pinkbike buy/sell much cheaper than new, or find good used stuff.. I.e. pay $30-40 for a new saddle, no reason to buy Ti rail DH saddle since you never sit down on a DH bike anyway haha.

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