Buying This Ford is Stupid

rev your engines Simon says scotty what
do you think of a new 2020 ford ranger 2.3 liter ecoboost ranges are good
vehicles I’m not particularly a fan of the small four-cylinder GDI turbocharged
engines because they will not last as long as the nine turbocharged ones
period but if you want that kind of horsepower you buy something like that
you want to change the engine oil filter and use full synthetic oil I mean change
it every 5,000 miles with full synthetic not ten or twelve or fifteen change it a
lot to keep it clean it can last a long time but if you’re the type of guy
that’s gonna get something like that and since it’s so big you’re gonna drive the
heck off a drag it and drive super fast it won’t hold up over time you’ll burn
the engine out I wrote tested them and yeah they work fine when they’re new
when they get old they wear out faster and if you really beat them and drive
out you already even faster so you’re gonna be conservative driver go ahead and buy one if you drive a little faster don’t go for the GDI turbo EcoBoost cuz they
won’t hold up over time love lowers power those zip around yes but it won’t
last as long pet says 2010 FJ cruiser 140,000 miles is it worth it
thinking of buying one they were great vehicles doesn’t have 140,000 miles
that’s a lot of miles but they pretty much hold their value because they don’t
make them anymore and they’re popular I noticed lately the price has been going
up on so it could be a very good vehicle you wouldn’t want a mechanic like me of
course to check it out before you buy don’t trust anybody when you’re buying
two used vehicle you got no idea what’s going on with it but they were very well
made vehicles for what they are that’s I believe they really stopped making it
more or less because of their low gas mileage and that was bringing Toyota’s
corporate fuel gas mileage down so they got rid of it now they’re talking about
building a smaller version of and that doesn’t have the big v6 it’s got a
four-cylinder engine and I never even talking about putting diesels and some
of them for a better gas mileage so but don’t know why bell vehicles it was
taken care of you just don’t pay too much with that
kind of mileage, Pookie says I want to buy a small car for city driving what do
you think 09 Honda Fit manual transmission of 130,000 miles for 3250
yes I mean snap it up if it runs the engines in good shape those standard
transmissions I got a customer one of those 325 thousand miles those things
are solid well-built if you like it where you look at it you must like it
and it checks out with a mechanic buy it you better hurry up because it’s
probably a bunch of people if they see it they’ll probably buy it before you
buy it yourself Paul the last go I got a 2008 Volvo s60
2.5 turbo is it a good family car I mean the first kid want a safe car with good
guess my way no no that’s kind of an oddball situation you’re in it was brand new it was extremely reliable but it’s twelve years old now the 2.5 T is a 5
cylinder in-line turbocharged engine all turbocharged engines are less reliable
as they age period if it’s a little mileage it could still be a decent car
for a while but it’s got a hundred and forty hundred and fifty thousand miles
on it no wouldn’t be a smart thing to buy because you’re gonna spend a fortune
maintaining them and realize Volvo got bought by Chinese corporation it says in
2020 they’re only gonna make electric cars and hybrid electric cars and
they’re gonna give up with regular gasoline cars so unless you got that at
a really cheap price I’d look elsewhere for a reliable car for a family because
it could end up being a money pit if it’s got high mileage on it but I mean
if you find one with 50 60 thousand and get it cheap enough they have horrible
resale value you could have a fun car for a while Hummer guys says what’s your
opinion and 99 are older suburban okay yeah back in the day they made pretty
good vehicles I’d customers are those things they get two hundred something
thousand miles out of him pretty much trouble-free if you don’t mind a big
gigantic gas hog and of course if it’s got a lot of miles on it now you can
have to do it over the rear ends go out to transmissions go out eventually the
engines burn out too now the modern ones no they don’t last all that long but if
you didn’t mind buy an older one that he’s into been completely redone or buy
an old one and put another engine transmission rear end in it yourself or
pay a mechanic to do it that’s not all that bad of an idea but don’t pay a
whole bunch of money for one they’re not worth that much money they’ll never be
collectors items so if you can get one cheap enough with no rust you want to
fix it up go ahead go seven seven seven says how our Toyota Venza
like are they worth them anymore but it wasn’t because there
were pieces it was junk it was because they were marketed in a wrong segment a
Toyota Venza is in between a Toyota Matrix which they also don’t make
anymore and a fancy Lexus SUV they cost more than a matrix and less than the
Lexus they didn’t have all the luxury a lexus had but they had more luxury
than the matrix but it turns out that they didn’t sell all that many of them
it was kind of in the wrong stage of marketing there’s absolutely nothing
wrong if you can get a used one at a good price hey they can last a really
long time same thing with the Toyota Matrix they stopped making them but
they’re great cars and then two Toyotas things like I say a lot of this stuff is
marketing they now have the Toyota Corolla hatchback well it’s the Toyota
Matrix originally the Toyota Matrix was even called Toyota Corolla matrix then
they shortened it to Toyota Matrix so space you can just bring back the matrix
but to call another Toyota Corolla cuz everyone loves Toyota Corollas it’s a
largest selling car in the history of mankind I don’t know forty million
something of them sold so far so why not use a name that everybody knows
anyways they should have just kept it to yo to control the matrix the name but
now they brought it back so there’s nothing wrong with them so they’re good cars they just don’t make them cuz it was kind of a marketing flaw in the middle
but buy one it’s not like a problems or anything banker says can a timing belt be
replaced with an equivalent timing chain well you could do anything you
want if you want to spend a small fortune the reason they made rubber
timing belts is guess what cuz it’s cheaper to make the cars that
way a belt cost less then a chain it’s a rubber belt versus the metal chain and
then the sprockets that drive the rubber belt they don’t have to be a strong cuz
they’re rubbing running on a rubber belt so the sprockets can be made cheaper why
are you going to a timing chain you gotta have stronger sprockets you also
have to have it encased in an oil bath so that costs more money to make if you
really wanted to you could figure we’re putting a timing chain but then you’d
have to have an oil lubricating it will cost a small fortune you better off just
buying an engine it has the timing chain in it then changing it over cuz it
would be a really expensive thing they just did it because it was cheaper to
make it that way and if you look at all the modern cars almost all went back to
timing chains because the handles variable valve timing setups were they
Rev high and since the cams are moving with the
variable valve timing the rubber belts couldn’t take the strain but a timing
chain can so now good they’re back to change which I looked in the first place
because they’re better made they last longer and there’s less maintenance to
do one well what chores Scotty I got an 07 Scion tC whenever go over
seventy smell burning popcorn what kind of possible you name bernie popcorn well
maybe somebody spilt some popcorn on your exhaust manifold and it’s starting
to burn you only smell when you’re going over seventy and you actually smell it
in the car you probably have valve cover gasket leaking it will drip on the
exhaust manifold and then you’ll smell it burning because if it’s something
coming out of your exhaust you’re not gonna smell it at 70 miles an hour cuz
the exhaust is in the back and going 70 miles an hour that wind is gonna keep it
behind you now if you smell it when you come to a stop ya the wind can blow your
exhaust back into the front and then you could smell it be gone salvage you’re
only gonna smell air that’s in front of you and what’s in front of you is the
engine under the hood and if oil is dripping from a leaky valve cover gasket
it’ll smolder and then you’ll smell it Bernie perhaps something simple like
that because anything else can get complex and expensive but it’s usually
just a leaky valve cover gasket you can change that yourself I know four
cylinder engines it’s it’s no big deal pretty easy to do graded bacons says are ex cop cars good for teenagers as a first car one
thing they’re safe cuz they’re so freaking big something do hit something
they’re probably gonna be safe inside on the other hand they are so big and it’s
a new driver learning how to drive they might end up running into a bunch of
stuff and they also have very fast engines so the teenagers are going to be
driving faster now it’s a teenage girl they seem to be more conservative
driving there’s a teenage boy I wouldn’t get him a car with an engine that’s that big cuz they’re probably gonna wrap it around a tree now they might be safe
inside but he’d be better off not such a large engine so they can’t get in
trouble from going too fast YouTube observer says Scotty I still
feel a hot air coming out of the vents even when my heaters turned off any
ideas there’s no seven Jeep Grand Cherokee there’s not matter cars work
they’re not like cars in the olden days the only days you turn the heater on or
off and there was a slide you pulled the slide modern cars the heater carts off
always has hot air there’s no reader control valve when you
turn heat on and off is there a heater box plastic box and when you turn the
heat on the little actuator doors open that box up little bits at a time to let
the hot air get into you and the more heat you ask for
put it up to 90 degrees they open the little doors more some more airflow
stone when you turn the heat off the doors are supposed to close entirely
your doors aren’t closing anymore and it’s a shame you got a Jeep because
the last time I fixed one of those and had to change blood door actuators it
was over a thousand dollars taking that entire day apart it’s one of the poorest
design heating the air conditioning systems I’ve ever seen in my life but that’s just how chrysler products have been for quite some time even in the 70s
they were horrendous pieces of junk and now they’re even worse than they used to
be dog says Scotty I got a 2019 honda civic 1.5 turbo GDI should I switch to the new
0w 16 when it comes out yeah it’s supposed to come out middle of 2020
definitely switch to it that is gonna be the bee’s knees for oil I’ve talked
about that in the video they had to come up with a new oil for the GDI
turbocharged engine because of oil dilution problems we’re on the timing
chain we’re on the cams they had all kinds of problems excessive oil
consumption and this new oil is gonna work a lot better they but a lot of
research and development I definitely would switch to that when it comes out
with that engine so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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