Buying This Truck is a Huge Mistake

rev up your engines
orlando o says Scotty what do you think of a 2016 Ford f-150 v6 EcoBoost is a good
truck thanks well the truck itself it’s a very good truck Ford is very good at
making trucks now the v6 EcoBoost I personally am not a fan of any GDI
turbocharged vehicle because they’re gonna wear out faster that’s just how it
is there’s extra pressure you got a turbocharger you got GDI
injector spraying and things will wear out faster if I was gonna get a Ford
f-150 truck I would get a conventional v8 engine they want to get better gas
mileage ratings and yada yada yada yada yada but the v8s are gonna last a lot
longer but now let’s say you don’t put much mileage if you’re buying it and
you’re putting you know eight or ten thousand miles a year on it you probably
be happy with this v6 if you don’t mind a way that it runs cuz it’s gonna last
quite some time but if you’re the type of person that puts twenty thirty
thousand miles or more a year on it I would definitely never get to v6 and I’d
get the v8 that’s normally aspirated no turbo and no GDI injection all that
stuff just get a normal one, 320 says Scotty many cars a smart key that you lock
on your car do you recommend any products working around a signal from
being released so nobody can unlock my car well I’m an office meters away from the
car you can get all kinds of little devices
that are sealed that won’t let anything come out of them like a little lead
lined box you could even do something like wrap your whole fob thing in thick
aluminum foil and it won’t come up but here’s the kicker somebody really is
following you around with it smart key and they’re you know hiding behind a
tree or in the same parking lot they can’t get your mess when you unlock and
lock the door they can get that signal and then it doesn’t matter what happens
to your key they don’t need your key anymore they got the signal they can
come in and steal your car I watched a video the other day and they stole one
of those things took got 30 seconds to steal the car so you know but if you’re
worried about anybody getting any RFID signals yeah when you’re not using then
you can make a little box and line it with aluminum foil and just get foil and
put it on but still if you use them to get it out of the car if anybody’s
getting that message on now if you’re buying a newer car some of the brand new
cars have a system that when you leave the car you push a button
and it’s smart locks it out so nobody can get in and steal your car and then
when you get in a car you push another button that turns the system back on
that’s the way a lot of the new car manufacturers are starting to go cuz
people were complaining you’re getting a car stolen and there’s a lot of cars have
that system on it now they bring a new one so it’s just another thing you got
to remember to do when you lock the car you gotta remember to turn it to the off
position so nobody can’t steal it now these are supposed to be convenience
keys a real convenience take it and turn it open it
start it up I’m still into keys myself really good technology did you notice to
think about anything except keep the key and don’t lose it 911 I got a 99 audi a6
the battery dot my dad got a new battery and connect with the wrong way and a
fuse burned off ran fine for a few days the alternate kind of wines it goes to
14 volts and I rev it I put on a load like the air conditioning goes to 12
volts do you think it’s a little problem like the bearing and the alternator or is
the alternator shot, let’s pray it’s just your alternator you look that
backwards you can destroy the computer system and on those vehicles the
computer system ultimately charges it regulates the alternator charging it
could have done all kinds of damage what I would say is take the alternator off
take it to a place like autosum where they have a machine you have the alternator
load tested by itself praying that it fails the test
because if it passed the test and the computer or the wirings been damaged in
the car those things are so particulars those audis and their money pits as it is
anyways the battery up backwards there’s so much damage that can be done so pull
the alternator off take it to like an autozone have them load test it and pray that’s
the only thing that’s wrong you’re lucky if it is, Camry lover
I got a 2000 camry it has a battery light that comes on power windows are
slow but it gets a highway speeds after about five minutes the light
nadech disappears my headlights are at full power not dim
generally that is an alternator you want to have them load tested but here is a
warning anytime you got a charge it’s just a problem the first thing you want
to do is disconnect the terminals from the battery put a battery tester on the
naked battery test the battery because if the battery’s weak on any modern
computerized car it can create problems down and the only thing wrong is it’s the
battery now if the battery tests okay then you put the terminals back on then
you load test the alternator fails the test replace the alternator but a bad
battery are even corroded or loose battery terminals or any wires they’re
loose can do the same exact thing so I always check the simple things first
though test the batteries check for loose or corroded terminals all over the
place just to see if hey if the wires not on tight or it’s corroded and lose the
same thing alternators aren’t cheap you don’t want to change one unless you have
to always test don’t just guess, eddie says Scotty I bought a 2010 Altima with
a bad transmission I’m getting a new transmission do you think it an
aftermarket transmission cooler helps it last longer not really modern transmissions
are made to run at a certain temperature and
there are some modern ones that actually have heaters to warm them up faster so
they warm up faster if you actually had your transmission run to cool it could
create more problems these engineers put a lot of thought into how those things
designed now on the other hand it’s an altima it’s got those crappy Jatco
transmissions and it probably wouldn’t matter how you maintain them on we’re
just gonna fall apart cuz they aren’t designed and built that well in the
first place I mean I would have never bought that vehicle especially with the
bad transmission but if you got it super cheap and you can get another
transmission port and then for not too much money just baby and see how long it
lasts but putting a cooler and who knows what actually would affect cuz this is
engineering stuff some of them have to run warmer and if you did have a coolant
ran to cool it could have problems but I would not just throw a cooler on it I
mean who knows what the engineering ramifications are,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
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