Buying Used Royal Enfield ? 2 important points to Save Money

Buying Used Royal Enfield ? 2 important points to Save Money

If you are planning to by Used Royal Enfield that means generally we call Second Hand bike Then I will tell you 2 imp points Related to Warranty.. so that you can negotiate it’s price.. u can reduce the price if owner has not taken care of these poins ok let’s move on to Topic now you all know that.. whenever any such deal is happening about used bike.. then the owner of the bike always try to.. put forward positive points of the bike so that he can justify the price tag he has put on the other hand , potential buyer of the bike tries to identify some issues related to bike So that based on those points he can negotiate the price.. So thats why I am going to tell you these 2 points.. the reason of telling these 2 points specially is I have seen people are not much aware about these points.. These 2 points will be applicable only if.. The used bike in consideration has run less than 30000 KMs or not older than 3 yrs.. So the first point is… If you read Royal Enfield Owner Manual.. You will find details about 2 kinds of Warranty.. Normal warranty and Emission warranty in BS3 models.. in BS4 Models there are 3 kinds of warranty.. Normal warranty, Emission warranty & EVAP warranty Lets not think about EVAP warranty in this video context So first point is Related to Emission Warranty.. We know that BS4 bikes warranty is 2 years or 20,000 KMs whichever is earlier.. but if you read owner manual carefully.. then you will understand that the Emission warranty is valid for.. 3 years or 30,000Kms whichever is earlier.. and the Most IMP point here is.. this emission warranty is applicable to any owner irrespective of change of ownerships.. if its not older than 3 years and not run 30,000 KM then you are eligible for emission warranty even if you are.. second owner or third owner or fourth owner.. so if u have any such bike into consideration then you can ask owner to produce.. service history of 4 free & 3 paid services from Royal Enfield Service center why?? bcoz Royal Enfield Owner Manual says.. if you want to avail emission warranty then.. you must produce those documents of completing 4 free & 3 paid services if owner does not have these documents.. which will be the case mostly.. coz mostly people will do 4 free services but.. when it comes to paid services they will go to local mechanic to save money.. so if owner has done so.. you wont get paid services bills and thus you will not be eligible for Emission warranty either.. if you decide to buy that bike.. so you can state this point during the deal.. and you can ask owner to negotiate price based on this.. so this was the first point.. second point is related to Normal Warranty.. and it is applicable only.. if the used bike under consideration is currently under warranty that means 10K Kms or 1 year in case of BS3 & 20K Kms or 2 yrs in case of BS4 in this case if owner.. justifies the price tag saying bike is under warranty and you will get benefit for it.. then you can show him a point in Owner manual which states.. that Normal Warranty is applicable for only first registered user of the bike.. so you can state this point and ask for some negotiation.. so these 2 points are really important.. coz generally people who buy used bike.. they are not aware about these points.. as they might not have read owner manual so they will miss out on these small but important details… so I thought these 2 points are important & need to be shared with you all… so that it will help you when you are trying to negotiate a used bike.. Pls remember one thing in this video I have talked about imp criteria for warranty.. but there are other criteria as well on which you can do similar checks to know whether you will be eligible for emission warranty or not.. in order to make you aware of those criteria.. I am putting BS4 owner manual link in video description.. you can read warranty details from page 41 to 46 so that you will understand it better.. I hope you found this video useful, if so pls hit the like button if you are new to my channel pls consider subscribing..

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  1. Bro mai aaj hi Royal Enfield classic 500 chrome black 2nd hand leke aya hu…. Muje ni pta k owner ne pehle royal enfield me krai hai service ya nai….. Or bike 10000 chali hai…. Bike jada tar khadi rehti thi….. And 4/2014 ka model hai…. Please muje kuch points btao check out krne k liye…. Taki mai usee bol sku…. Please Budding Biker

  2. used RE Electra aur thoda modification jaise alloy wheels, long punjab exhaust k upar ek video banao. plz maine subscribe aur ghanti daba dia hai.

  3. My ThunderBird seems like imbalanced on highway at stable speed I mean I feel like it's automatically moving left or right and mostly I feel it's little bend on right side

    My bike has no accidental history it's just 2 yrs old and 10000 km

    I asked service center guys but they are saying everything is well there is no problem at all, bt I really feel it

  4. normal warranty is only for 1st owner, is this policy for Royal Enfield only or do other brands like hero, nonda, Yamaha, Suzuki also follow same policy or do the paas on remaining normal warranty to 2nd owner ?

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